Saturday, July 3, 2010

Questions for Real Immortal Vampires

I have always believed in vampires, immortal vampires.  I don’t care if some of you don’t believe in immortal vampires, but I do.

Many people on this page say that they are real life vampires and lots of them say that they are immortal or that they can live for a long time. I would really like to learn more about real life vampires, but not human vampires. I have some questions for the vampires on this page. It would be really nice if I could get some answers on the things I wonder about.

1. Are you immortal or do you only live for a long time? Example: 200-300 years?

2. Is it painful to get turned into a vampire?

3. Do all vampires have fangs? Or get fangs when they feed?

4. Does sunlight hurt you or are you just more sensitive to sunlight then humans?

5. Do you kill humans to feed or do you have donors?

6. Do vampires have pale and cold skin?

7. Do all vampires look attractive to humans?

8. Are all vampires slim or look well trained?

9. Does the body or appearance of a vampire change over the years?

That’s all the questions I can think of right now, but still I want to know: how can I meet a real immortal vampire? Is there a way to make them notice me? Or a way I can tell the difference between a human and a vampire? It would be really interesting to talk to a vampire face to face, if it’s possible. I myself want to become a vampire , I don’t like being human so I’d really like to meet a vampire and become one, but maybe that’s just a dream of mine that won’t come true.

Sent in by Angel, Copyright 2010


  1. I don´t know if vampires exist,but,as a Taoist who follows those streams which teach immortality is feasible ( even though only for those rare practitioners who struggle enough in the path of inner alchemy and can pull it off reaching the highest levels of this spiritual science ), I think that anything is possible.
    I also hope the theories of parallel universes from modern Quantum Physics turn out to be true and time travel as well.
    I´ve seen a special on History Channel in which eyewitnesses who reportedly saw beings very much like werewolves passed the polygraph (ie,lie detector) test completely ! Thus, they saw a being who, by no means, could either be a bear or Bigfoot.

  2. heeeyyyy ;D
    1. well, you must understand that body is not forever. just like all stuff. let's say - everyone has two bodies. one being soul another being the physical body. the soul is immortal but the body is those "200-300" years.
    2. darling, no one bites you like in movies. you drink blood till it triggers you to start changing. then goes the freaky parts, that may scare the hell out of you, also happy moments that your hearing for example becomes more and more advanced. alot of these changes will be also painful, like, headache because of many new sounds in your head because you hear beeps that only dogs hear, for example.
    3. well... you KINDA have fangs. but as i understood they are supposed to come out fully when you bite. and they just grow with you.
    4. once i died because mother left me in sun. long story. but once i was put in cold [because my mother just couldn't think of calling ambulance], my body gained strength back itself. eyes hurt a little. some say you may get migraines. it's enough with a few minutes on sun to burn skin [meaning, unnaturally fast and dark tan]. well, i myself get my skin cracked and bloody and very very dry as i face the sun in first days of spring, it's very sensitive after sudden sunlight while it was in cold and dark for 3 month. it's like, i don't know, maybe immortals do work as "undead". it's like, becomes disgusting in sun. i really find this thing too awkward to strongly talk about it.
    5. everyone chooses their own way. that has nothing to do with being immortal.
    6. any simple stuff - emotions, body function - change temperature. but usually, cold feet, hands, nose. but never the whole body. otherwise, you'd drop dead, you know, like dead COLD people ;D
    7. well, depending on what you do. you can make yourself very unattractive to person or attractive. it's like - people will either hate you for nothing or like you a lot. some people actually were attracted to me, but couldn't stand being next to me because they couldn't dare to look in my eyes longer than few minutes - they described it as strong feeling that i see through them, get in their head and that just isn't cute, is it? ;D
    8. honey, once again - your body, your choice. no one is born superman. yes, vampires do have some stuff in blood that make them superman in awkward situations. but to have this thing in your 24/7... hell, no. humans use somewhat around 30% of their muscles, and vampires use more, but if you use 100%, you burn your muscles and die or live painful life that will end in suicide anyways.
    9. well, you have choice to age as human, eat human food, poison yourself and only be proud that you lived 100 or so years. BUT i you choose died of blood and raw meat, and choose to not age, then... well... you live long long life. Elders for example lived thousands of year [by help of potions and magic too].

    Well, just, please, promise us all you won't go looking for one. it's like - a rabbit is lurking at wolves, thinking how beautiful and strong they look, and one day thinks that he should go and say "hi"... well, we all know how it all ended. sure there are vampires with "moral values" and kind heart and blah blah blah, but you may step on the wrong one too, you know.

    1. your an immortal vampire? how did you become one? can you run fast?

  3. Why don't you want to be human anymore?

  4. Greetings beyond i have no intention of joining this particular discussion but you are extremely correct the "rabbit" should most certainly never seek out the "wolf" regardless of the attraction.

  5. I'll simply agree with Beyond especially with the whole rabbit/wolf explanation. Simple and clear... No rabbit should go looking for his predator anywhere no matter the admiration.=/

  6. Beyond

    I was wondering if I went looking for you, would you do more than hurt me. I have a high tolerance for pain, anyway I would rather be taken out by a vampire or werewolf rather than some gang member, drunk driver , or some crackhead on the street. At least for vampires and werewolves it's in their nature, it's more forgivable. By the way can you change people into vampires if they asked?

  7. As for the "rabbit" seeking for the "wolf" thing, it applies to things such as serial killers too. =/

  8. Winter solstice -
    first of all, i'm so opened here because i do not think that anyone can actually find me, unless you're able to get my ip address from here, but i'm moving in a few month anyway.
    Depends on my mood - if i'm bored i may even talk to you for hours about anything, like any normal human being.
    I admire people who don't wanna die simple death. It means you understand the value of your life that you simply don't wanna waste in dramatic 10 minutes death in bed with your dog next to yourself.
    I won't change you unless you give me a reason. for example, i'm at a huge struggle right now - to change my beloved or not. because... i don't want him to age and die... you know, my eyes will simply stop loving him.

    1. How about the simple reason that someone is dying of an illness would you change them then?

  9. persenaly i think vampires are hot just for the fact that thay cant suppress there need to feed on blood i have a very high tolerance of pain and like winter solstice i want to be a vamp and i have herd that if you drink alot of blood then you becom a vampire but if i seek a vampire and thay listen for 2 seconds to turn me into a vampire will thay have power over me or like be able to comunicate with me in a deffrent way?? *beyond*

  10. beyond-
    you should see a doctor , you need help

  11. Beyond...
    don't you think you're being a little superficial? Your eyes stopping loving him because he will get old and wrinkled, his skin grey with age and not pink as it was in young age... all that? I mean, I understand you wish for him no disease and especially not death... But that last sentence...? Just asking. Otherwise I agree with you about the reason. There has to be a firm reason why this person should be changed... and even so... I personally wouldn't do it unless it would be inevitable or necessary.

  12. agnostic - I did. At first I also denied the truth and went to see doctor. He said everything I'm perfectly healthy.

    Ravyn.X - he is also sick. I started to think about it only when I found out that he may be dead in two month.

  13. Beyond-
    What is a good reason other than I want to be a vampire? Why don't you change your beloved, if you love that person and want to be with them, just do it. I don't get the part about talking to me for hours, is that before you kill me or what, I don't get it.? And who's the normal human being, you or me?

  14. I would love to be changed so I can change my whole family because many of them are sick or ganna get sick.

  15. Beyond
    I have not found many humans that are willing to talk about simply anything. My thoughts have a variety of different threads, and I most certainly would not allow one person to know more than a small part of it. People may find me strange, but I play on it in a way that is socially acceptable. There is a fine line, and I sometimes push at that boundary.
    What is a simple death? No death is simple as it is that person’s physical end; it is the conclusion to their life. Whether you go in a blaze or quietly in sleep, it is the same, and the life before it is what truly matters. Who would want their life's climax to be death? It is who you are that matters.
    Is there a reason? I have yet to find anyone with a truly acceptable reason for one to be changed. Most people have, to be honest, pathetic reasons. Life is not the romantic version many wish it to be, changing will not somehow correct all the faults in one's life and it will not make one better than everyone else. It is not some high class club or something even remotely appealing when one looks at it without rose coloured glasses. You cannot give a child everything it demands just because it is what all the other children want. A child changes their mind and often does not know what they truly want despite the seriousness in the way in which they say it.
    If your eyes will stop loving him then you are obviously not in love. It may be a small form of love, but most certainly not true or selfless love, perhaps just Eros. Have you ever heard the expression, 'in sickness or in health, for better or for worse'? Your answer is in the question.
    Everyone dies as everyone has their time. That is what death is, and that is what has to be accepted. Everything has its time, time to live and time to die. It is what you do in the time you have that matters, leave your mark. A Mayfly has one day as a true adult, one day to fly and reproduce but then it dies. It makes use though of the time it has, and even those that are damaged will still try.

    1. I know it has been five years since you posted this, but wow what a beautifully put paragraph. I can see the wisdom in your words and see you have experienced a lot in your life. I'm sure you have many interesting stories behind you. This world really isn't what everyone seems it to be. There are so many hidden things that lurk deep within stories and myths, and things that lie in different worlds and dimensions. It's nice to feel that energy of another being that isn't human behind your words. For I am psychic and have come into contact with many different beings and yet your energy behind your words is a being I have never come into contact with. Have a good evening if you are reading this many years later. I would also like to say if another being besides a human happens to be on this site I would love to talk to you. With meeting and coming into contact with beings of other words and dimensions talking with a super natural being on this plane would be a true pleasure and honor. It would be nice to talk to someone who also understands about the supernatural world. Here is my email :
      Namaste ~

  16. I wish I am a vampire like one Xavier's type because his type is most successfull transformed.

    Reason: I can't live with people in their world anymore, Adamaris changed my mind that's why. I'm ready to be changed or killed if my body is rejected because i have done all of my life.

  17. To Beyond:
    Ah, that changes the whole thing. Pardon my ignorance, it just sounded a little awkward so I asked. I apologize.

  18. winter solstice -
    well there are reasons like sickness. or some really serious stuff to do - like revenge. or or... i don't know. think of any epic thing that can come to your mind.
    well i don't change him yet because i want to try to save his health in good old fashioned way, using pills. AND he hates blood. ;D and i hate giving up my own blood. but, you know. i just need to think, okey? it's not like choosing candy in a shop and throwing it away if you don't like it. there's not way back. and that is what i want you to understand too. there's no way you can change what you become. not even death will be answer.
    and YOU are the normal human being and so are you going to stay. moving on...

    Adamaris -
    I agree. with some humans - you just can't stand them more than 5 minutes not wishing to snap their necks.
    agreed with the part about human reasons to be changed. it's most likely all over "he brings light into my life and i just can't live without him". yes, you can. ;D most of them said the same thing about their human boyfriends/girlfriends before. misery is what this all brings.
    wait a minute. CAN you imagine him being 80 years old grandpa in bed with 18 years old vamp? ;DDD sounds sick and perverted, even for me. besides i mentioned already that a: he's sick [and that is the only reason why I started looking into this in the first place] and b: if i love him i must want to be with him forever right? how can i than stand by watching him getting closer and closer to death and then loosing him. i must say - if he stays human than i can for sure say that this relationship will end just because he WILL die faster. you know, there's the reason why young people don't fall in love with old people.
    yes, yes, time. but if you have a change to overcome it, why not use that chance. it's not like it comes to you everyday.

    Ravyn.X Tragedy -
    It's okey ;] You said what everyone thought reading that comment of mine.

  19. Beyond-
    You are really a vampire. I am just surprised by the fact. I always believed but it still amazes me. You are willing to change a person if they have a reason or is it if they have a good reason?

  20. Beyond:
    But obviously I was the only one who was... rude enough to say it.^^ In my defence, it was just a question with no bad thoughts with it.^^

  21. Tati -
    first of all, if i don't want to i will not do it even if that person is about to die.

  22. first i would like to say i am a real vampire. i am not kidding and i will be happy to answer the questions above. 1: i only live for about 100 years unfortunately but others live for many more. 2: being changed into a vampire is not very painful but it does hurt a little. 3: i have fangs only when i feed. i don't know about the others. 4: sunlight doesn't bother or harm us at all, people just made that up. 5: i don't plan to hurt any humans in all the time i'm on this planet. the others...well that's a different story. some hurt humans and some don't. its as simple as that. 6: we don't have pale and cold skin all the time. it's just when we're feeding. 7: i don't know the answer to this question to tell you the truth because i am unfortunately not human. 8: not all of us look slim just the ones that starve ether on the streets or in the woods. 9: we do no changing whatsoever. well,that's all for now. by!

  23. i wanna become a vampire too angel. my life sucks and idk wat to do wit it :(

  24. Beyond-
    I see. Can ever the person that wants you to change them make you change your mind? Have you ever changed anyone?

  25. Can u guys/girls prove you are a vampire???

  26. Eh, the whole vamp issue... its a touchy one. I am not an "immortal" vamp. I do however, know what it really feels like, and how its all pain and no gain. I dealt with it for a few years. Why one day it was gone- i still have no idea. With that said, I do miss it, and I wish I could go back. I think I have a good reason.

    Reason: I know how it is.... I know what it is like to shake and only want one thing. To wake up struggling, or curled into a little ball in pain from it all, and only being able to relate every single subject back to one thing. I guess what I am trying to say here is, I know the full consequences of my choice, and I would like to make it, well, because I am a scientist at heart(I know this sounds like a horrible reason). I get pissed at myself every day that while it was going on, I did not record how I felt, my feelings, or my sensations. It is such a rare thing to have the chance to anecdotally study, and I feel I have sort of lost my shot at it. I want to be able to write a text that accurately portrays everything, for someone to see some day. The scientist in me, I guess... is frustrated at the lost opportunity. I was too young to think of the implications of not studying myself and my experiences. With my previous experiences, I can never call myself normal again. Yet, I can no longer call myself a vamp. Its like straddling a thin line, and never fitting in anywhere..... Its a pain to me to have so many feelings and things that are a big part of me that I can never share, and that is not just limited to vampires. Part of me also wishes for the experience once more- as a learning experience, I honestly know what it feels like, I just want to experience it again, and learn from it once more...

  27. Tati -
    If vampires are possible, than i guess it's possible to change someone's mind aswell.

  28. To Lucian:
    You really think internet gives any possibility for proofs? Through web sites, no way.[;

  29. You are all crazy about twilight. that is the only reason you people would want to be vampires. Here's food for thought: Twilight is a MOVIE. It's not real, never was, and never will be. The whole rabbit and wolf thing is so true with people these days. They think they know what they want, but its just a new fad. People these days.... e_e

  30. I meant to say days**. my bad. Dumb keyboard

  31. Vampire Truth AdminJuly 21, 2010 at 11:01 AM

    tyra - The Vampire "fad" has been around long before Twilight came out. If you think all this is because of Twilight then I would guess that you are about 12 to 15 years old, could be wrong and no offense is intended at all.

  32. Carlos HernandezJuly 21, 2010 at 3:08 PM

    Vampire Truth Admin,
    I was thinking she was more like 8 or 9 because a 12 year old would have enough knowledge to that. I also don't mean any offense by sayin this.
    -Carlos Hernandez

  33. @tyra : My experiences far predate the Twilight fad, thank you very much.

  34. Ah, For Lucifer's sake, why the hell would someone say something like tyra did?
    that's why I dislike Twilight [even though i was curious enough to watch it ;D] - because it ruined our rights in human society as vampires. Now EVERYTHING that has do something with vampires or werewolves comes from Twilight. Nevermind that people in the past knew about vampires. They just probably had ability to see into future and watch Twilight. [btw, i'm being sarcastic]

  35. hey beynd... u r with so much values... do u live alone???? i respect the fact that there are vampires... i believe them too... ummm.... have you been in true love???? and one more thing... u r cool and patient..

  36. Beyond-
    I see. It is very interesting learning about these things. How do you change someone?

  37. One advice, people: Leave her. She doesn't get the big picture.
    I agree with Beyond otherwise: They MUST'VE had a future vision or something! So they were able to see Twilight and sparkly vamps.*_*. =_=''

  38. jiggyasa -
    and hello to you too ;D. i do not live alone but i will be moving soon. either to spend time alone or with one particular person. i don't know what true love is actually, as I believe that I have no in fact real feelings. I'm not saying that others are like me, but my memories consist of bad things and feelings, and everything i mostly feel is hate. For example, I never thought I'd have any other feeling against human being than hate and wish to kill. But here he is, this one human being, who makes me unbelievably weak. I'm fighting this weakness every day just to strengthen myself with hate [though you can not believe how it eats your from the inside where no one can see it]. there are also days that I would like to believe that humans are not all the same. There are indeed some very very special hearts in this world, but you can count them on your fingers. So - should you hate everyone because good hearts are minority or should you forget every singe bastard just because there are some good hearts?

    Tati -
    No, there's nothing interesting actually. The more I learn, the more i'm scared to live ;D.
    To change someone into a vampire [i suppose that's what you want to know], a vampire has to feed a human with his blood for however long it takes till the human starts changing. It has to be EXACTLY done once a day/night. vampire blood can kill human so you have to follow this rule of "every day feeding". irregular feeding is considered as mistake. if you exchange blood the way you want, the human can go mad, their blood will boil and kill them. from the first day they drink vampire blood, it is considered as a dose of survival.
    Vampire blood can attack human white blood cells that keep humans from getting sick. that's actually a perfect way of killing a human being. the amount of dose is also important. if you give a huge amount of vampire blood, the human can actually die instantly, before the next feeding. if you give a really small dose of blood, if will not work as changing dose, but human will also not die, but most likely will only feel sick for a few days. there are also humans, strong enough to fight back big doses of vampire blood. probably something to do with their genes.
    Vampire blood DO NOT effect lycans in any way.
    And there is also a theory that vampire blood spilled on human wound my heal it, but I don't know for sure and I haven't tried that myself.

  39. I'm sorry to inform anyonw who has posted on this but no one on here claiming to be a vampyre is one. In the hunt for the truth it is to easy to be lead astray on a site like this. I give anyone out there one word of advice. Do not believe anything that you have not found some form of proof of, and surly do not belive someone who has put a post on a site like this.

  40. Vampire Truth AdminJuly 25, 2010 at 4:41 AM

    Well, you put a post in a site like this so does that mean no one should believe you? Or are we supposed to believe you and no one else? Also have you actually read the posts here? Not everyone agrees and many here say that Vampires do not exist so are you saying we shouldnt believe them either?

  41. @beyond sry to say but i dnt believe u....i mean we dnt hav any proof!!!! u cud just say stuff like dat nd ppl wud believe bt dat doesnt mean dat ur a vampire!!!!! -_-

  42. Beyond I think you should write a book about your days of being a vampire, you have a good imagination. Maybe I'll do the same because my dreams are extremely scary(yes they are about vampires most of the time). But some happen when I can't move my body but I'm half asleep I think, and half awake anyways I see this strange dark shadow in the my room, sometimes it hovers over me, scary. I think I might have to become a vampire slayer because of it. Did I just say you weren't real? Oh well if anyone knows about these kind of dreams please write back.

    Tyra have you ever heard of Ann Rice, way before Twilight's sparkling vampires. You should watch The Lost Boys it's good, it was my favorite as a kid, oh and the The Monster Squad, it's corny but fun.

  43. beyond
    i am going through this stage... no one can actually know and see how much it hurts...
    but there are some people who always can make you as good as you were.. yeah they are countable but you cannot live with hate..

  44. you are girl or boy???? beyond..

  45. you are hurt but you know if you find that particular person and if he will be one of the special heart than yeah you can forget every single bastard

  46. Your comment why is everyone going on about twilight? it's just a new take on something that has been around throgh out the ages. granted most if not all of it is wrong but hey if the chick got money from it fine it's like harry potter. just laugh it off.

  47. sunny -
    truly.. don't care.

    winter solstice -
    none of the information I've given out here is my imagination. I was told so. And then I was proven so. But this info was definitely not for you. you know why? because you're too weak for it. And your dream - well, you should see a doctor. Because first of all - you described a demon. But it definitely was not a demon, just your mind.

  48. Again I find myself backing up the Vampire Truth Admin. You can't see air but you know its there, maybe that's how it is for people posting here XD

  49. 1. Are you immortal or do you only live for a long time? Example: 200-300 years?

    After I was turned, over my lifeless body and as I awoke to a craving – it seemed as if hours turn into days into weeks into years… into even centuries… For me its seems like I’ve lived forevermore rather than a “long time”. But it varies. Not all of my kind are immortal.

    2. Is it painful to get turned into a vampire?

    For me, I felt the sharpness yes… But it was like a numbing sensation that had almost left me lifeless.

    3. Do all vampires have fangs? Or get fangs when they feed?

    Not all vampires have fangs, because not all require blood. There are vampires who also feed off of energy. As for those who do require blood, such as myself, our fangs are rarely seen… unless you’re a donor.

    4. Does sunlight hurt you or are you just more sensitive to sunlight then humans?

    No, sunlight does not hurt us… nor does it result in us bursting into flames or dust. For me at least, it is simply bothersome to my vision and aura. Therefore, I feed mostly at night.

    5. Do you kill humans to feed or do you have donors?

    Yes, we may be heartless beings… but that doesn’t mean we’re killers. A majority of us find ways to lure in donors.

    6. Do vampires have pale and cold skin?

    For me, I’m not as pale as death… though I do have fairly light skin. Slightly colder than others, yes.

    7. Do all vampires look attractive to humans?

    We tend to look “younger” and mysterious yes… but only because it is a partial mechanism towards luring in donors.

    8. Are all vampires slim or look well trained?

    Slim or well trained yes–referring back to the last question, again, it is a partial mechanism towards luring in donors.

    9. Does the body or appearance of a vampire change over the years?

    Well, depending on how young we are when we are changed–that is our eternal limit. In other words, we stay the same age we are the same time and day we are changed.

  50. I started to get interested about vampires after watching twilight..I said to myself, if vampires really do exist and there are vampires who are as good- nature as the Cullens in twilight, then vampires should be something special.By the way Beyond, r u really a vampire?do vampires have supernatural powers like what was shown in twilight?Anyway, twilight was good in projecting the good nature of vampires, through the Cullens they projected vampires who are charming, cunning, and composed.For the vampires who were against the Cullens,weell,they say everything exist in balance.So if there are good vampires, there are cruel ones too, aren't it?
    Hope you could email me..I have unusual sleeping patterns and I can't meet the sun, I haven't been going out for more than a month now coz it makes me feel sick to feel the sun on my skin..

  51. hi..are you really a vampire?.A friend told me that were a mother and a child who were shown to the public as living vampires from Romania,I am so intrigued as to whether vampires really do exist or they are just results of people with great imagination.But reading on the history of vampires, they seemed to have really exist.My friend said vampirism started at Romania from a certain king who had a heir,and the heir was the one responsible for spreading vampirism in Romania..

  52. Hello, yes I am... But then again, I cannot control what you and others believe, or do not believe--if whether you believe we exist or not is entirely up to you. I cannot tell you where vampires have originated... because yes, Romania is one possible place, but vampires could have originated from other parts of Europe as well. No one knows for sure where exactly we came from... We only know that the existence of our kind was sought within Europe.

  53. okay, i just came across this website while doing some research on all things paranormal.
    For those of you who are saying that vamps are fake, do you believe in ghosts?

    Because after more that a year researching the paranormal, (from ghosts and vampires, to werewolves and demons) i believe that people should keep and open mind and not judge people, just because there is no proof. What if this website is the only place where they can be truthfull, and not have crazy fan girls running after them.

    Beyond, in your last comment, its seems that you mentioned that someone told you that vamps are real, and then proved it. Who was that? was it a stranger, or a close friend?

    I am happy to answer any question that you all want to ask.

  54. 1. Are you immortal or do you only live for a long time? Example: 200-300 years - Some can live for over that, but most i'd say around 150-200.

    2. Is it painful to get turned into a vampire - Myself, i have to say i can't remember, sorry.

    3. Do all vampires have fangs? Or get fangs when they feed - Not fangs, no. We just have normal healthy human teeth that are a slight slight bigger than humans, but not too much. They are

    4. Does sunlight hurt you or are you just more sensitive to sunlight then humans - The myths about sunlight are ridiculous. I enjoy going in the sun, alot.

    5. Do you kill humans to feed or do you have donors - Kill? heh, no. We mostly have donors, but we dont feed too much. I feed around 1-3 drips every 3-4 months. I will not say how, as my identity is staying as it is.

    6. Do vampires have pale and cold skin - Slightly. Pale, yes, cold, not too cold, but colder than humans. Not ice cold either.

    7. Do all vampires look attractive to humans - No.

    8. Are all vampires slim or look well trained - Most have muscles, yes, but...I am around 8 stone, so no, not all or slim.

    9. Does the body or appearance of a vampire change over the years - Yes. My hair grows alot faster than humans, But our facial appearance doesnt too much.

    Hope I could help. Ask me if you need further assistance on your queries.

  55. hi Beyond, Mackenzie & Vampirelle...
    I wont say that i dont believe in Vampires..but i have never seen one....but after reading your comments n information about vampires..i have got certain quetions coming up in my mind n i beleive you all will help me to find the answers...
    1..though you all are vampires, as you have mentioned in your comments, are you able to sense other ghosts or spirits??
    2..since you have also mentioned not all vampire feed / survive on blood..then does that mean these non blood sucking vampires eat as normal as we human do??
    3..also i want to know whether a vampire work?? like professionals ???
    4..Can a vampire n human be good friends at all??? you think the vampires are potrayed negetively although they are not??? or are they???

  56. "Actions speak louder than words." To me, Vampires are still in a way, human, they just like blood, and can do more than us. While I cannot answer the feeding questions, I can say, that what a vampire does, is up to them. They might fight for good, or they may do evil. Though as illustrated in the House of Night novels, "Light doesn't always equate to good, just as darkness doesn't always equate to evil." I believe this, too, and keep that strong in my mind, and heart.

  57. Zach.,

    Does that mean that you believe that Vampires exists???

  58. Very much so. I mean, there are so many stories circulating, and o real truth to them. The Least I can do is investigate, and see what I can dig up.

    My reasons, however, are mine alone. I'd rather not do something dumb, and seem like a lunatic.

  59. ummmmm. . . sorry beyond, but the whole "feeding the person vampire blood" thing is almost exactly like how you turn someone in that lame, old show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". . . I'm sure that's not how I was changed

  60. Beyond... Can you plz give me some proof u are what u say u are. you don't have to and u prolly wont but i would love the evidence.

  61. Mackenzie... Ur comment is very interesting but u are tellin me that all the research is wrong that ppl don't know wat there talking abt and ur saying that beyond and everyone that is saying there vampires are wrong. I'ma need good evidence from u to prove ur case but u prolly dont care abt proving ur case.

  62. This is a very interesting story I would love to talk to u further abt ur experience. It must be hard for u to deal with no longer being wat u truly wanna be.

  63. Hello, this was interesting. U mentioned u only feed 1-3 drips every 3-4 months. That's a new one to me, I've never heard of vampires only taking 1-3 drips every 3-4 months. If that's the case donor's aren't that big of a deal and you'd never have to kill anyone just slightly cut em to get 1-3 drips of blood. Lol, the other vampires on this site claim that u always crave blood and feeding times are alot closer together. The research backs them up. Idk about ur comment and ur claim but are u a different kind of vampire? Is that y ur feeding times are much further apart?

  64. I Do. I have them alot. I beleive in vampires, and all, so its very scary when i wake up and cant tell anyone what i dream about without them laughing in my face.

  65. You guys are insane, there are no real vampires. Only people with fetishes for blood and the undead. People who believe they are real vampires have a severe mental illness. This one beyond who speaks of being a vampire types like a 14 year old girl.

  66. I was always partial to the saying "a moth drawn to flame", because when someone gets a notion in their head, it is hard to dispel that idea.

    The closer they come, the more it burns. The more it burns, the more adoration they have until they are dried up husks, broken and empty.

  67. Blood, and the spilling and consuming of it, has been around since human beings were primal. Think of the earliest monotheistic religions where God would have a son killed by the hand of the father. A mother gives blood to an unborn child, letting the child feed off of her nutrients so that the child may live. It isn't so strange or lame when you think about it.

  68. This is directed to Sunny...but I'm posting it in reply on Beyond's comment because it runs off of Beyond's reponse to Sunny.

    Call me old fashioned but the people that type, speak, and act civilized garner my attention more than those that type like you do. Seriously, if you want your post to be taken seriously and with care, then please stop, review, and read your response as if someone else was going to be reading it.

  69. Vampirelle,

    Greetings to you and I must say that you hit the nail on the head with your answers. While I differ in subtle ways to you, you described a true sense of what happens.

    My sincere thanks to you for elegantly stating the facts.

  70. I'll throw my two cents in here and say that I can sense many things but a lot of people in my immediate family can. That being said, I don't believe it to be a symptom of what I am but merely a genetic or predisposition for that type of sensory perception.

    The fallacy in your second question is that you assume that vampires that drink blood don't eat "real food" but of course they can. They just prefer blood over bagels. A vampire that feeds off energy is, to my knowledge, still able to feed off of blood and eat normal food but it all depends on the vampire in question. I, for example, love rare steaks on occassion.

    I work as a professional, but I won't go into details about what exactly I do and who I do it for. Those types of details I think are private and should not be in the realm of "public information". You've probably ran into a vampire or known someone that was a donor before. Human senses usually are dull enough that they don't really know what is going on too much.

    Humans and vampires being friends...I don't have any friends that are human. I have donors, but they supply a need for a need of their own. We can discuss that at a later time if you wish, but I haven't ran into it at all.

    Human beings portray vampires as evil and as good but those are just archetypes that they use to fill the void in the tragedy that is their lives. They did it for Star Wars, for the Odyssey, and for any other piece of entertainment. It matters not how they portray us.

  71. You really don't want to know.It as glamorous as you think.

  72. Are you trying to say that you are a real life vampire?...

  73. Everything that you said above contradicts what has been previously said about vampires- so now i am really very confused about it all!

  74. Vampire Truth or MythMarch 30, 2011 at 2:06 AM

    You mean you are totally confused about it all just because of one persons comments?

  75. Not exactly- it's just that 2 people on this site (who genuinely claim to be vampires) state that the sun does not bother them, however, during other research sites there have also been people who claim that they are real vampires and that the sun does bother them. Which one is it?

    Also, "vampires needing 1-3 drops of blood every 2-3 months?"- there are many people on websites that claim to be real vampires but how can we know the truth?

    I do not mean to be rude but very openly curious. I would like to believe that vampires are real, however, the contradicting information is quite discouraging. How are "normal" people suppose to know which one is telling the truth?

  76. Vampire Truth or MythMarch 31, 2011 at 2:09 AM

    The truth (about anything) is often very difficult if not impossible to discover. It is good that you dont let the statement of one person confuse you though because there are many different opinions and viewpoints that are offered and just because someone claims to be something or an authority, expert etc doesn't mean they really are what t hey say or even that they know what they are talking about.

    My own personal opinion on the matter of Vampires and immortality is that it is fantasy. I believe we are all immortal in that our soul/spirit/essence will continue to exist after our bodies are dead, but an ever living Vampire hundreds of years old walking the Earth? I just don't buy it. And “vampires needing 1-3 drops of blood every 2-3 months" sounds ridiculous to me. If there were in fact some creature like a vampire that had to have blood for sustenance it would require much more than that.

    Have you seen the Vampire Compendium? Another interesting article is People Claiming to Be Vampires? Both of these were written from a logical standpoint and offer a lot more "sense" than this particular article here.

    Good luck in your search for truth, always keep an open mind but never be without some skepticism.

  77. Hi Scarlet,

    You said you were happy to answer any question that someone wanted to ask.
    I've got a question. Or well, more of a request. I wondere if you wanted to just talk, on skype or msn or something. Because I actually just want someone to talk about all things paranormal.
    You know, ghosts and vampires and lycans and deva's and stuff like that.
    So.. what do you think?


  78. Daughter of HawkApril 9, 2011 at 9:44 PM something of a shock to me, to be honest. I never expected anyone to publicly claim to be a vampire, and I certainly didn't expect any answers to the questions above. Though I suppose perhaps I should have lol... In twenty-one years, I've learned that the stereotype for any group of people who are different than the majority tends to be overexaggerated and dependent upon the individual. Just because the general rule is secrecy doesn't mean everyone follows it.
    It does, however, bring to light a new question, if one or all of you might indulge me. The first two of you seemed fairly consistent with your claims, but when others also came out of the closet, so to speak, it seems like you're not all the same. So either there are different types of vampires, or some of you are lying.
    If there are different types, it makes sense that not everyone agrees on the answers. If you're lying...well, hell, I can't even get mad lol... Wonderful imaginations you have, though they might be better suited to creating a novel or work of art that might get you something other than people being annoyed with your antics and confused about what's real. Yeah, it's funny, but come on, what are you really gaining?
    I will warn you, though--you shouldn't mess with people who believe as strongly as some of these people do. As for myself, I'm not violent. I'm entirely too nice to people, have a sense of humor, and I'm quick to forgive. But as human beings, most of us are subject to the human condition, and part of that condition is insanity. Fanaticism, "righteous" anger towards anyone who believes differently, the desire to prove the depth of your faith in this one thing, a willingness to do anything--and I do mean ANYTHING--to show your devotion... Bad things can happen. It's not likely that someone's gonna go through all the trouble of tracking you down, electronically or otherwise, not in this day and age, over something so small as a practical joke, but worse things have happened over much less. I give this warning as someone who's been persecuted before, for much less than cleverly making fun of another's way of thinking, and because I know my history. There are long sections in high school text books about the atrocities committed against other countries, other cultures, other religions, thousands upon thousands dying in the name of people's beliefs.

  79. WELL,I must say this is quite an interesting story!I came to this website looking for feed back on a possible ghost encounter in my home.I find this very fascinating so if twilight is so far fetched from the truth what are vampires realy like?Are they kind,compasionate do they have human friends?I myself am not sticking my head in the clouds saying they or you do not exist.I know just because you don't see something doesn't mean it isn't there.but i think you are right i don't think we or the human race could exept the reality of what you are saying.I think it would be cool if everyone could live in peace but as you can see even without vampires that is not possible .people killing,raping,molesting those are the people who should get what you give to others.well thank ,you for sharing your story.

  80. I'm pretty sure he/she types quite intelligently, and if all is true, knows what he/she is talking about.

  81. your not a vampire, you can not prove that you are, what makes you think you are?

  82. im looking for a real life immortal. if ur really out there reply to my post. i have many questions

  83. Hmm. You do realize that vampires are still human right? Our soul maybe different. Humans cannot live (body wise) for 200-300 years let alone a thousand. No matter what you do, a body cannot function that long. Maybe if you continuously get organ transplants. Then again I dont think that would help. Our brains only last for so long as well as the rest of our organs. We are not machines. Every cell, tissue, organ, whatever is living. ALL LIVING THINGS DIE!
    We are reincarnated. Our souls continue after our bodies die. Our bodies are no different. Basically a vampire is one with an energy deficiency. We may have a blocked or missing chakra. Whatever the cause. You cannot just simply turn into a vampire. There are very few vampires that look at people as prey. We are not wolves. Regular people are probably more dangerous them we are. As a psi-vamp, we are in tune with the energies around us. I'm sure there are some that can be dangerous just as a normal person can be just as dangerous if not more so (ie rapists, murderers, etc). Most of us take what we need by consent of our donors or will take a little from several people.
    Do yourselves a favor and read up on the subject more. Don't listen to what everyone says. I can very easily say that I am a dog that has learned the English language and learned to type on a special keyboard big enough for my paws. That doesn't make it true.

  84. Dear Beyond,
    What is the most painful part about being a vampire?

  85. i think vampires are very interesting,of course i would not go looking for them.You must be very private about yourselves.Obviously, if vampires have never been you live a normal life like we do?what do you do for work?do you have human friends?Im sure you don't live in sunny places like florida?

  86. Ok where to begin. Bear with me I'm on my phone. I've been reading this conversation carefully. Very few strike me as true vampires regardless of the so-called type. Notice the way they spell. A true vampire; one would assume that being around as long as they have, would talk a bit more proper. Not perfect, but certainly without the internet lingo.
    I do believe however, its not proven thus (I hate to admit it) that if they did exist I truly doubt they would give their secrets over the internet. That is my answer, I wish more then ever to be proven wrong. I am a sociopath not the violent, I hate every one and use them type, but I do not have emotion. None, thus a vampire life-style would be sufficient. Good day to you all.

  87. Vampires. What are they really?
    I believe they really exist, and I want to become one...
    Is it because I'm unhappy with my life?
    Is it because I'm a bad person?
    Is it because I want to feel better or more special than other people?
    I'll admit, any of these might or might not be true. I don't know myself enough.
    But there are two things I don't know.
    I don't want to die before living. I don't want to live a life that can be compared in its value to old milk.
    I want to be something more.
    I want something more from this existence.
    And most importantly, I want enough time to find out what it is.
    Immortality may seem like more bad than good, but I personally believe that I can handle it, as someone who doesn't get very emotional about anything. I suppose I'm a good subject.
    And if I can't that's my mistake, and I would have to live with it.
    And even if immortality is impossible, perhaps just... more. More than 100 years of life without living.
    That I suppose is all I desire.
    also, it would be pretty awesome to have supernatural strength and speed :)

  88. as a second note, to those who believe that vampires are simply fantasy-
    Well yes, you cannot take anything at face value, and you should waiver everything with doubt. However, there are many things in the world that are completely un-explainable. And after so many instances of paranoia associated with the occult, you would think that these vampires/ demons/ witches or what have you would not so easily reveal themselves to society. And any that get cocky about it... just look at some of the paranormal phenomena out there. ten minutes of research, and you'll find so many crazy unexplainable phenomena you won't know what to do with it. Just saying, its just as likely that these occult fantastical creatures exist than that they don't.

  89. Beyond: I want to be a vampire because I am sick and don't have much longer to live. I never want to die and my time is coming soon. I've always wanted to be immortal and live forever. If you are a real vampire, come and find me please.

  90. I didn't read all the comments but the main one that sticks out to me is the metaphor speaking of the rabbit and the wolf. I am not an immortal and though it's true that I admire the wolf I would not seek him/or her out just cause I like them, but I'm no rabbit either. I don't think that human vampires make the cut for a true immortal how could any human begin to understand that world if it is real. However if real immortals exist and if there is a way to join the pack I would throw myself gladly to the wolves.


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  92. Immortality, a very intreguing notion indeed. But what IS true immortality? That which cannot die? How about an extention of life and to what end? How many centuries you intrest you? How will you spend them? I for one would welcome as many as possible. Death is all around us , mortal and immortal alike and as the sands pass so shall it touch either heart. Not all are able to deal with loss to that extent. The sad thing is about being mortal is one sees withering and death equally as would one who's life is extended , but knows his turn will come much sooner. That can be depressing, especially when one has so much to live for and to accomplish.
    At some point the earth too shall cease as will our own galaxy , and that is only the tip of it. When one thinks on those levels , even a vampire cannot be truly immortal , physically anyway. However, centuries or even millienums would be a fabulous experience.

  93. Hello my name is Nephatia and I'm very open minded I wasn't always but now about to turn 29 in October I been wanting to learn and talk more about the unknown always had a feeling since I was a little girl I been here before in my previous life I don't know but it seems like no one will take me seriously when I tell them this it's a lonely feeling when you have no one to understand or want to understand things beyond their back yard.

  94. There's a common misconception that plagues society that they need to kill to feed. This is not true. Killing can obviously occur but it is usually not the given. The mind is more powerful than their bite so to speak, so why would you give yourself extra attention instead of using foresight and not killing? It can still be nutritious without death, although it happens from time to time anyway.



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