Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Bloody Curtains

You probably won't believe me. I wouldn't have believed me either, so I don't blame you. But I'll tell you anyways, and then maybe you will believe me.

Most people want to move to Hawaii. When I discovered that my family was moving there because of my dad's job, (photojournalist) I was so excited! This was back when I was just 12. My excitment did not last long.

Our house was beautiful. We lived in a three-story mansion (well, to me it seemed to be a mansion). It was located three blocks away from the beach. "Awesome," I thought.
Only three days later, strange things began happening. Little things; books randomly falling off of the shelf (my mom always blamed my brother or our dog), weird stains on our bedroom curtains (rusty in color), and the same colored drops on the floor leading over to our beds. What was creepiest about these seeming paint drops, was that they weren't in the house when we first moved in, and we hadn't painted any of the rooms.
It was that horrifying night that I regretted ever moving to Hawaii. It was midnight and I knew I was asleep, the vision I was having, it was my room only... it wasn't. I was laying on my bed staring at the ceiling then suddenly, I saw a girl standing outside my window. I noticed she had a lot of blood all over her clothes. In fact, she was bleeding so much that it was getting all over my curtains. As she climbed through my window (to my utter horror) the blood dripped onto the floor, exactly where the rusty colored drops were after the first night we had spent in our new house. Suddenly in one swift movement, she jumped over the window sill and stared at me with her icy eyes.
I wanted to scream. I seemed to be frozen. I couldn't move, couldn't scream, no matter how hard I tried. My mouth opened, no sound came out. I could barely even breathe.

The girl was watching me. I was more terrified as I noticed that she was missing an entire arm, most of her stomach, her whole side, and a small portion of her neck. It was empty, gaping, bloody wounds on her whole left side.

She spoke to me through my mind. She seemed to say "help me" I asked the girl "Why?" and she replied "Don't tell" suddenly I seemed to wake up.

I looked around my room, more than just startled by a nightmare. To my horror, the window was open. I hadn't opened it before going to sleep, I had closed (and locked) it. My eyes fell to the curtains, not wanting to see what I knew would be there. Blood. Dried blood. That awful, rusty color stained the old, off-white curtains. By this time, my eyes were as wide as saucers. It was about five o'clock in the morning, and the sun was barely up in the sky. The early morning light illuminated the blood drops on the floor, leading in a trail over to my bed.

Then I remembered that there were these drops of blood on every floor in every bedroom. I wondered if I had been the only one who had been "visited", or if my whole family had been.

I told my parents about the 'dream'. Before doing so, however, I told them nonchalontly that I wanted to do a bit of research on the last family that had lived in our house. Surprisingly, there was a lot of information that came up, even a website. The article title of one of the articles on the website read: "GIRL SWIMS LATE AT NIGHT; ATTACKED BY SHARK."I skimmed the article. It read, "Violet Border, age 15, 1964-79, surfing with unknown boy of 18...." awful. I couldn't believe we actually had bought Violet's house. Or was it really hers?

I saw a black and white photo of her on the website. It was wrinkled and faded with age, but I saw through the laughing face of Violet Border, and recognized her from my dream! Why would I dream about a girl I had never seen or heard of before?

Sent in by Lydia Crew, Copyright 2011

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  1. Greetings Lydia. I believe that demons take on the form of deseased humans to make us believe that people remain on earth after they die. This is so we don't believe in Heaven or Hell, and therefore, never choose while we are still alive. Also, were people practice witchcraft, even when they move out, this evil spirits they summon, remain in the places and houses. There are demons so powerfull, that they can control your dreams.



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