Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Between Porphyria and Legends of Vampirism

Long ago, when disease porphyria came out people saw (victim) person with symptom porphyria, people were thought that person is dead with ugly skin and teeth and bald or with less hair on night, people were scared out of "vampire" with porphyria.

People killed innocent person, they wrote about vampire how person was killed with stake, or sunburn.

Person with porphyria, when person eat something his or her meat and/or muscles make teeth widely but not teeth goes down or canines just meat and/or muscles.

That's how legends of vampirism made.

In my opinion about Xavier's hematophagy not sure, on news still telling us about mutilation animals and UFOs.

Nowadays, UFOs never had mind with animals, just fake by Stalin's idea for Aliens to scare Americans and everyone.

About mutilation animals, I'm not sure. My theory hematophagians exists or just fake about mutilation animals.

Hope it's very informative.



  1. it is informative.Thanks alot

  2. Bravo..!

    This is one of the reasons why the myth of vampire was born.
    Others states that made vampirism seem real was Catalepsy, Cholera, scorbut, etch...
    And a very rare desease called the walking dead syndrome a psychologycal state that make the patient think he's dead to the point of letting himself die...
    I think many today suffer from this undiagnose problem...

    Dont think that peoples leading others to beleive they are Vampires or Demons because they have rare desease or physical states belongs to the past, these things happens today.
    I have a neice who was born with a very rare physical state, all the internal organs in her body (heart, Kidneys etch..) are inverted , her heart is on the right side of her body..
    As she grew up peoples made her beleive she was a witch or a demon, because in old literature the person with this kind of physical state were considered as witches or demons.
    They led her into drugs and alcohol..
    The last i heard from her, she was in a drug rehabilitation center, trying to get her life back on the right track...
    Ignorance is not a desease of the past, it's still alive today...



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