Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dead Girl in the Attic

This is the story of the time I found a dead girl in our attic.

After our house was destroyed by a huge fire, we were picking out a house we should live in. My mom picked this white house and it was very pretty. We went inside and unpacked and everything looked pretty good. We even got a dog. Her name was Princess. She was the fun of the family. But after settling in and getting used to everything, strange things started happening.

Like every night our dog would whimper and be all sad, then before you reached over to pet her, she would be running around the house barking loudly. And on sunny days, like being in the kitchen in the morning baking (my mom always does that) On the floor there would be your shadow then you would see a shadow next to you that looks completely different, and no one was there. And here's the freakiest. Sometimes when you were alone at night, sitting on the couch reading or watching TV, you would hear something running down the stairs and into the living room, and you would hear it jump onto the couch and it would say, "Watcha reading?" Or, "Watcha watching?" At dinner we discussed how we all heard the thing in the living room, or saw the shadows. My little brother and sister assumed it was a ghost. My parents thought it was crazy, and it couldn't possibly be a ghost. I believed them, because it could be true.

My mom said that there were no ghosts, and we will be living in a normal house. Suddenly the candles on the table went out and the cupboard was open.

So we all rushed upstairs and went to bed in the same room.

 My mom was up yesterday and was really mad. She was so mad she snapped a spoon in half. She thought it was ridiculous that a ghost would be haunting this house. She thought we would be living normally.

So next year when my brother turned 9, my little sister was 10, and I was 16. We were cleaning out the attic, moving boxes, redecorating, all that. We were changing the wall paper, I teared it down, then, BOOM! I fainted. I saw a dead girl under the wallpaper. She had chunks of wall on her, and she had some skin and stuff but she was mostly skeleton. She looked like she was about 16. After that we moved out and our old house was rebuilt so we moved there again and lived normally.

Sent in by Zoey


  1. Ok, your house burned down, then you buy a new house and then because of a ghost you move back into your fixed up old burned down house again?? No one called the police? I smell BS!!

  2. that is a creepy story. did u even tell anyone else bout the body?



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