Thursday, August 11, 2011

Personal Account of Love Paranormal Phenomenon and Demonic Possession

I am a Spiritual Medium and Clairvoyant. In 1988, my husband and I, took residence in a large flat in a very old home, located in Watervliet, New York. I initially had a very unsettling feeling about the property and began to experience a strange series of events just before, and following moving in to "207."

Within a very short period of time, not only did unusual paranormal activity begin to take place in the flat, but family and friends began to witness disturbing behavioral changes in my husband. As time passed, the drastic personality changes and activity began to escalate, creating an unfortunate series of chain reactions, eventually culminating in tragedy.

For the last twenty-two years, I have waited to share this terrifying and true account. My new book "207" will grip its readers in fear, and render heartbreaking insight, as I candidly discuss one of the most horrifying times in my life.

The story continues . . .

Years later, and long after leaving 207 in 1989, I began to sense something was wrong at the former location of the house. Wanting to wait and address other relevant issues in my life at the time, my concerned only deepened, during a visit home to Upstate New York, in 2006.

In May of 2011, a fascinating incident transpired, as I reached out to the employees of the commercial property, which now sits closest to 207's lot, on the corners of 19th Street, and 2nd Avenue. Stating who I am, and speaking out of concern relative to the investigation into the property, I learned that the store has been experiencing paranormal activity for years, without anyone's knowledge of the property's nefarious history.

Taking yet another unexpected turn, I discovered new, and pertinent information, which sheds light on the probable cause of the paranormal activity, dating back almost two hundred years. Gathering historical data through continued research, I am now authoring a sequel to "207," which is slated for release in late, 2012.

The sequel to "207" will present historical information which correlates directly to my paranormal experiences while living at 207, in the late 1980's. It will further shed light on what may be one of Watervliet's - and Upstate New York's - darkest, and most shocking secrets.

"207: A Personal Account of Love, Paranormal Phenomenon and Demonic Possession," is now available on Thank you.

Sent in by Jill Marie Morris, Copyright 2011

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