Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Premier Inn

A girl called Holly and a girl called Maisy and Holly's mum and dad were all going on holiday. Holly and Maisy were the best of friends. Holly was 12 and Maisy was 12.

anyway it was a caravan holiday so Holly's dad was driving them all. As it was going to take a while to get there they had to stay in a Premier for a night... On the day after they had stopped at the premier inn it was Holly's birthday so Holly's mum and dad booked her and Maisy a separate room from them so that they could get all of the presents ready and things.

When they arrived at the premier inn they both went off to their separate rooms. As soon as the girls got into the room they jumped straight onto the double bed and got out their Nintendo's (DS) and played on them, but they both went on pictochat where you can talk to each other, they were having a conversation with each other and all of a sudden a message was sent to Maisy saying 'YOU WILL BE KILLED TONIGHT'... she turned around to Holly and asked why she had sent that to her, and Holly replied 'I didn't why would I sent that to me best friend?' Maisy said to her 'look who sent it too me then?' They both didn't know and were really scared. They were both really existed before about having their own room but now that had been sent they were terrified and did not want a room of their own... After a while they went downstairs into the restaurant for some tea. they were going to tell Holly's mum and dad about the message but they decided it was probably a prank or something.

After finishing their tea they went back up to both of their rooms. the two girls got ready for bed and tucked up in the covers Maisy said she was quite tired and she fell asleep in no time where as with Holly it took her ages to get to sleep. at about 11.30 she drifted off to sleep. Holly woke up that night at about 1.00 am. To her surprise she got out of bed and walked up to the door and locked the door and posted the key out of the letter box... this woke Maisy up, Maisy asked what she was doing and Holly said 'I don't know I cant control my actions'. And sure enough she couldn't control them. Holly walked over to the glasses picked one up and threw it on the ground until it smashed into pieces. Holly walked over to it and picked a piece of it up and started walking slowly over to Maisy.

Maisy was telling her to stop it but Holly was trying her best to stop but she couldn't. Holly climbed onto the bed and leaned over Maisy with the piece of glass held up in the air. Holly decided she wanted to say something to Maisy so she started... 'Maisy you have been the  best friend anyone could ever ask for, I'm so upset it has to end like this -me killing you, my heart is honestly broken and I bet yours is too, I am promising you now that if my actions force me to kill you I will kill myself and I promise that... also I promise I will never forget you and I will see you in heaven soon'. That was it, Holly's arm being forced towards Maisy and Holly sliced Maisy's throat...

Holly was in control of her actions now and as she had promised, she killed herself the exact same way as she killed Maisy. At least they are together now in heaven. (THIS IS A TRUE STORY AND THE PHYSIC PERSON THAT WENT IN TO SEE WHAT HAD HAPPENED, HE SAID THAT IT WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED IF THEY HAD STAYED AT HOME)

Sent in by Laura

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