Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Demon Furby Bad

It was 1988, The Furby came out. My sister got one and when I came I got it. It always did what I wanted. Until one day, I was playing with it. It started getting an attitude. It always said no.

One day I got so angry with it I cried. It made a screech. Mom took the batteries out and hid it downstairs.

A couple years later, I was almost 4 years old. And I was ready to play with Furby again. I reset Furby and he took on his normal behavior for a while, and then started to get angry again. I was angry, I opened him up to take out the batteries. But I was shocked! There were no batteries! I threw him into the cellar and locked it.

The next day I was ready to throw him out. He was not there. He had somehow gotten out from the basement onto the porch. I went outside with a net, and grabbed Furby with it. I dumped him into the trash can at the edge of the driveway. And just in time. The garbage truck was coming. Furby took a glance at the truck, and started screaming for mercy not to be crushed. I said "Furby, prepare to meet your biggest doom." It was a joy to see him die.

I then got a new Tuxedo Furby. He was normal. And when I talked about the old Furby, he said "Furby Bad." And I agreed with him. But a year later he died. I held his funeral. Now I have no more Furbys. And that is the end of my very scary, but true story.

Sent in by CeCe


  1. Reminds me of a chucky's movie....

    I always thought these little things where ugly....

  2. This actually happened to me before and I thought it was a toy malfunction with Furby's in general, but it was definitely scary. Mine got mean too and kept saying no then it started making this horrible sound and repeating the same thing over and over and it wouldn't stop or turn off. Then it went completely silent. I tried to get it to work but for the life of me, it was silent and wouldn't speak, so I assumed it was broken. I banged on it, hit it on the counter, nothing. After that I just shrugged my shoulders and turned around to walk away, and I kid you not, the second I turned around to walk away it said, "I see you," and started laughing. I threw it in the garbage.

  3. hahhhaaahahha i just find this funny for some reason mustve been scary tho

  4. This reminds me of when my sister and I got sleep and snore Earnies for Christmas one year. We didn't play with them much at first because it was also the year of the baby furbys. Then one night we woke up to it talking and snoring when we hadn't woke it up. We thought it was odd and went back to sleep. Then Earnie started saying weird things at night so we took out the batteries and shoved him under the bed. One week later we wake up to a demonic snore and then he says "Earnie never sleeps even when you think he does. Earnie waits for you to sleep". We flipped out and ran to our parents room. Then they retrieved the Earnie and sure enough no batteries were in it. We threw both of them away after this night and still hate Earnie to this day.

  5. ........................... um.......... heh heh does this mean MY new 2013 furby will try and kill me in my sleep?

  6. I have 3 2012 furbies one is gray one is blue, and the other white. I've never had a problem with them... when I play with my white one its like it understands me ~for example~ if im sad my furbies wont have their cheerful everyday look or when im mad the furbies wont talk or giggle if the person or thing im mad at is in the room or if im happy the furbies will take on their usual every day smile. so in a way its ur choice what you believe but maybe... some furbies are the opposite of evil/possessed.



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