Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Tibetan Vampire and Specially Designed Door

Once many tourists to Tibeta would wonder why gates there are so odd looking. Gate is so short, about one third shorter than ordinary gate, and into the house you feel like you are moving up a slope, which seems so out of proportion to gigantic house. To enter a Tibetan  room, one must stoop  in with head drooping. Outsiders may hold that these gates are results of bad designs before they were told the following legend.

In practice, a gate is an effective tool against vampire’s invading. In Tibeta,  people, wicked or suffering constant poverty, are likely to become vampires after their death. These vampires regretting not having fulfilled his evil desire or having enough to eat before their death, will rise up to implement their will.

And unique Tibetan burial customs also facilitate formation of vampires. In Tibeta , especially in town, a dead person got buried 3 to 7 days before he is sent to sky-bury platform, where local shamans will cut his body to pieces to feed holy eagle. During this period, a series of religious ceremony will be held and corpse frequently transformed into a vampire.

It is said that Vampires in Tibeta can not speak and stoop down and turning their body around and even move their eyeballs. They can only stare ahead and trot forward. If running across a person a vampire can easily turn him into his kind simply by laying his hand on the person’s head. And this eerie effect work only to human beings, while all animals are immune to it.

So, based upon vampire’s traits, people built a gate short enough for vampire to entering a room. And this short gate can only be employed in buildings in town. For herdsmen living in a tent in enormous grass, they can not use a short-gate to avoid vampire, and they have to living a worrying life.

Many old people and shaman in local claimed they repeatedly witnessed the transformation from a body into a vampire. They unanimously agree upon the following account: transformation is evolving and signs can be detected in advance. A corpse that is about to be a vampire may swell in the face, and he is black-skinned, hair standing upright and blister emerging on his skin. Then corpse will sit up slowly, eyes wide open and trot ahead with arms stretching out forward.

Sent in by Yumao Wu, Copyright 2011

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