Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Wineville Murders

This story takes place in a city which is now called Mira Loma in California, it use to be named Wineville but I will tell you why the name changed later.

I was eight years old when I had just moved into this old creepy house with my parents my two sisters and my two big dogs, a German Shepherd and a Rottweiler. When I lived in that house I always felt like something was watching me like I was never alone. But my parents seemed to like it especially since a friend of the family that was living there had let us stay there rent free as long as we took care of the place.

Ever since I was a little girl I've always had a bladder problem. When I had to go you had to get out of my way. I remember one night I woke up in the middle of the night needing to use the bathroom. I walked past my parents room down the hallway towards the bathroom. The door was a little bit open and I could see a shadow on the wall. I could see the shadow of a man. At first I thought it was maybe my dad but then I heard gurgling and choking noises as if he was spitting something out. It didn't sound like my dad. I then said aloud "who's there?" the noises then stopped. I opened the door to see no one in there. Seeing this sent chills down my spine. I had even forgot why I had got up to go to the bathroom and went back to bed.

Another night when I was in the backyard with my sister we were jumping on the trampoline when we heard horses hooves stomping on the ground. This confused us because our horses were always in their stalls by the afternoon. When we turned to where the noises were coming from we saw a headless man riding on horse. The horse had glowing red eyes and steam coming out of his nostrils. Me and my sister ran inside.

The most frightening memory I had of this house which still haunts me in my mind at times was when my aunt, uncle, and cousins came over to visit. It was around 11 at night. Me and my cousin that was my age were jumping outside when we heard crying and screams of boys. We looked at each other a bit frightened and looked around. By my trampoline there were two cages where my dogs would be kept since my cousin was terrified of big dogs. Behind my dogs cages was a white wall and a fence. I turned to look at my dogs, kind of seeking protection or comfort of some sort. Both of my dogs had their ears down and were barking out of control behind them. I turned my attention to the white wall where my dogs were barking at. I then saw a shadow of a man holding a boy up in the air by his hair. I could hear the cries and hysterical screams of the boy. I could see the shadow of the boy kicking at his attacker but from the shadow he wasn't even close to hitting him. I turned to my cousin to see if he was seeing what I was and I could see he was scared, his big eyes seemed even wider behind his glasses. I looked back at the shadows to see the man slowly pick up an axe and chop the boys head off from his body. As the man still held the head in his other hand and the body fell to the floor. We both stood there with our mouths open but no screams coming out. When we heard a chilling horrifying laugh surround my whole backyard it sent throughout all of my body. We both ran inside screaming bloody murder.

After telling my parents everything I had been experiencing in that house my parents tried to console us telling us it was probably our neighbor killing some chickens or something and they tried to use the excuse that it was my imagination about the bathroom and headless horseman incident. My two sisters hearing this conversation stepped forward and admitted they too had been experiencing bad things in that house that they had seen shadows walking outside their bedroom window at night time and hearing footsteps.

My younger sister one time fell on the concrete without tripping over anything and cracked her skull. She insisted something had pushed her. She felt unseen hands grab her and push her down hard. We didn't move out of that house right away and I still experienced weird things from time to time. Things that couldn't be explained but my parents still insisted there was always an explanation to everything. I think they just wanted us to feel more comfortable in that house since we all knew we were going to stay there for a little while longer. We moved out when I was 10 or 11 about five minutes away in the same city.

Three years in that hell hole we called home. I'm now 18 and when I was 17 last year I learned of a movie called "changeling". After I watched that movie and learned where I live use to be called Wineville. In this house or ranch, a man named Northcutt use to live there in the 1920s. He would kidnap, molest, torture, and then kill little boys in his backyard. It is now named Mira Loma because of bad publicity. I'm certain now what I saw in that old house of mine was because of this and it chills every bone in my body to know I lived and slept in the same house where all these bloody and gruesome acts happened.

Written by Ana, Copyright 2010


  1. hay is this a true story?

  2. Unfortunately your story has very little credence in that it was not published prior to the film being released.

    Why would you wait until 2010 to tell this story to the public?

  3. Not real story is made up facts of the case donot support story written.

    But it is a good story keep writting.

  4. I have been there in a colony near by and the place is positively eerily quiet and silent...even the park nearby dedicated to the demised children is eerie and silent..one feels presences nearby and it is weirdly silent and sad



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