Saturday, January 9, 2010

Samantha The Real Vampire

Some of you have probably seen me on other posts. So I decided to make one of my own so it will be easier to answer your questions. As most of you know I am a real vampire. And I thrive for humans to know about me. Maybe some of you would like to know about my life. Okay so I will tell you about it. What I can remember anyways.

I was born in the 1800's and I am 144 years old. I was turned at 17. When I first woke up in the strange place where my "maker" left me I didn't know what happened. I thought maybe I had been kidnapped and the person left me. I was sweating really badly and I had blood all over my neck and chest. I tried to find my way back home but I couldn't remember, I couldn't remember anything I had done before I woke up. The only thing I could remember was my name. Someone found me where I was and brought me home.

They had all kinds of doctors to try and see what was wrong with me but they couldn't figure out what was wrong. And personally I didn't know what was wrong with me. Time passed and I never aged. I still looked 17 as they said.

They soon started accusing my family of being witches. But that soon went away. More years passed and my mother grew older and my father. But I was still "17" even though I should be a lot older. Soon enough my mother died. And soon after my father. I was an only child so I had no one else. I lived alone and in abandoned houses. I didn't need to eat so that was no problem. But I liked blood. And at the time I didn't know why.

Many years passed and soon enough I began researching and looking up things. And I found one thing I never thought twice about me being; I was a vampire. This was strange to me. Because like most of you I didn't believe in things like that. I thought it was stupid and ignorant. But sure enough that's what I was. And soon I found every file they had of me and got rid of it. So I never existed. If you tried to look me up you wouldn't find me.

Years later I met my best friend Makailey and told her what I was and I moved in with her and I have lived there for three years. Before I met her I was traveling. I have been everywhere. I love traveling.

But that's my story. And like I said in other peoples posts. If you have any questions feel free to ask them because I love to answer questions.

Written by Samantha


  1. I heard many other vamp on the vampire site say that there isnt a way to be turn, but I also heard that those ppl could be playing role play kinda stuff. I was wondering, till this day have you ever regain your past memories? Or whether how you turned? Have you turned anyone in your life yet, or is it possible? Here is my story.... I can't remember when it start but I'm 26 now, when I was small I keep dreaming of a man just standing by my bed side looking at me when I sleep. Some time it feel as if it was real, not a dream. I not sure but around my teen age, he finally spoke to me in my dream saying he will come to me at a right time. He look like a vampire, not sure but he is really pale, I haven't seen anyone as beautiful as him, he look flawless, and when he kiss me in my dreams I can feel his sharp teeth. Like I said its a dream but it felt real. I haven always interest into vampire story, read them on book, fanfic, youtube interview with vampire, and do some of my own research. But sadly mostof them are just ppl who pretend to be one, I can't tell what is real on the net anymore. But I still keep my hope up that vampire existence is real, and that he will come to me one day. Sadly my dreams stop when im 19, and life goes on, now am 26 and my running out of time. I was diagnosis with a rare blood condition called an E trait I have very low white blood cell, if I were to bleed it wont stop 'big cut of course' for small cut it will just bleed more than other ppl. I also can't stay out in the sun for too long I tend to have hard time breathing in hot weather, doc explain that its because my body heat that rush my blood and my heart beat really fast. I faint couple time on the street and was rush to the hospital, later find out that if this keep up one day I might not wake up if my heart beat rapidly and bust it main vein. Like I say my time is running short, I really want to be turn by him but where is he??? I don't know if he is still out there or is it that just my dream..... Samantha is it real? I have so much to ask you. Sorry I have to comment as an anonymous, I dont have any of those acc to reply as. But please reply I will check back everyday for your reply. Waiting... Hope to hear back from you soon.


  2. Samantha I would like to ask you some questions. It would be wonderful if you could answer

  3. Samantha, I am very curious as to how you survive and how one would go through with becoming a true immortal

  4. Your story is very interesting and I would love to know more about you , and maybe one day meet ..

  5. Do you know to turn someone???

  6. Samantha i love your story and i would love to join you please really back.

  7. How does one become immortal? Please, message me back.

  8. Cool story, sister. Now, let's take a quick look on mistakes you did.
    1. 1800's and I am 144 years old. 1944 isn't it? I do not remember people having internet back there.
    2. You didn't eat anything except for blood? Oh wow. That must be hard to get such amount of it.
    3. "But I liked blood. And at the time I didn't know why.
    " So you didn't eat anything, but blood, you didn't age, and yet you didn't know what you are? Makes sense.

    I can believe you was 17 when you wrote this down though.

    With regards,



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