Monday, January 4, 2010

Attacked by an Evil Entity

This is an account of what happened to myself and others I have no proof or evidence to back up what I say so make of this what you will. First of all I am not a writer so spelling and punctuation is going to be all over the place. I am a 37 year old male from Australia. I am a machinist by trade and have been working in heavy industry for 20 years. I have worked in many mining towns over the country and currently run a machine shop that builds drill rigs, our company drills for minerals in 6 countries. I'm telling you this so you understand that I'm a very grounded, responsible man who is not easily rattled as I say I run a machine shop in a very hard industry that a lot of people cant cope with.

I am on your web site purely by chance and don't really have an interest in this subject. I am writing this mainly because I've told only one person about this and I tend to stay clear of this particular subject so again make of it what you will.

About seven years ago my younger brother (by 8 years) moved into a large flat with a guy he grew up with and another guy and his girlfriend who I'd only known for about six months. The flat had three bedrooms and was on the third floor of a five story complex. It was about a 15 minute walk to the beach in a well known suburb so the first time I visited him I was reasonably impressed and happy that he had a decent place to live as we were all originally from a poorer suburb.

I visited the next week and the girl (I don't want to use names) was telling us about her hair being touched or pulled. I cant remember the exact details as we were drinking and smoking pot, not to excess but just a normal get together, and just blamed the weed, had a laugh and didn't say anymore about it.

Two weeks later I got a call from my brother asking if I would come around to help move furniture with my car, it was a ford Ute or pick up. When I arrived he told me that the girl had moved out the previous night. I asked why and he said something about an argument with her boyfriend. She said someone was touching her stuff, things going missing, and she was also pissed because he didn't believe her about her hair being touched or pulled. But we didn't know that until later, we just thought it was a standard break up.

A week later the boyfriend moved out to be with the girlfriend and another person who is a close friend moved in so my car was needed once again to move furniture.

About two weeks later I visited again we had some drinks, went to the beach and later that evening friend "A" started telling me that he'd seen something on more than one occasion. Because we were drinking I thought he was having a bit of a joke but he swore blind he saw something like an outline of a shadow or something like that. I think he then said, "like in predator when its invisible its blurry when it moves". I laughed called him a dick head and told him its probably headlights from traffic as they were on a busy road. He said I was probably right and nothing more was said about it.

I was back a week later and the subject came up again now friend "A" is swearing blind he saw something again. So I started laughing at him again telling him to lay off the weed then friend "B" said he thinks he saw something also. I didn't believe them and thought they were having a laugh at my expense. I told them again about car headlights bouncing of signs and reflecting through the window.

He then got me to follow him to his room. He had aluminum foil on the window of his room and a fabric snake that stopped light getting in under the gap between the door and the floor it was completely dark, then they both told me they had been sitting in that room a night or two before and seen something. I said bullshit because I was older than them and thought there must be a logical reason so they asked me to sit in the room with them that night as I had to work I couldn't but set it up for the weekend.

There were about eight people the night I went back and my brother told me he had seen it also. My brother didn't believe them so "A" agreed to sit in the room with them. He told me the three of them were sitting either side of bed one in bed smoking pot waiting to see something he said friend "A" yelled, "there it is" and he swears he saw something.

I asked what they did and he told me they started asking it to come back offering it bongs asking it to lift things up, basically annoying it according to my brother and his friends, nothing happened so they got bored and went back to what they were doing. This happened two nights before I was there.

So this is what I saw. There were four of us, one on the bed the others on either side. I was on the left my brother to my left and friend B on the right so we started calling at whatever they saw calling it names telling it to do something. Nothing happened so we sat there talking between ourselves and taunting it for about a hour.

Then friend A handed me a joint (I had not smoked weed that day) and he lay back down on the bed. I asked for a light my brother to my left carries a Zippo and as he lit it the bed moved like some one was getting in or out of the bed really fast sort of jumping, I felt it because I was turned with my back against the bed anyway I lit the joint looked up at my brother and saw a look I've never seen before on his face I turned to the bed to see what he was looking at and the bed jumped again. I saw friend A get pushed into the bed and held down. You could see him sinking into the mattress. I jumped up in a panic and screamed at my brother to turn on the light as he was closest to the door. He just stood there, lighter still on, the guy on the bed started making choking sounds and the guy on the right was trying to get him up. He yelled at me to help so I grabbed him by the arm I could feel something pushing him down (I saw him the next day and he had bruises around his neck).

Meanwhile my brother burned his thumb from the lighter, ran to the light switch, turned it on and the thing let go. We all ran as fast as we could to the car park. Friend A was ok, shaken up but not hurt. None of us wanted to step foot in there again but we left our keys, wallets, and money so all of us had to go back. Nothing happened and my brother and I went back the next day to pick up his stuff, again nothing happened, but I was scared to death. We never really talked about it, we decided it wasn't worth the ridicule. When people asked why they moved out they said they were evicted for noise. I've still never seen a ghost and don't really want to. I don't claim to know anything about this subject but whatever it was knew exactly what it was doing.

Sent in by Boris, Copyright 2010

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