Saturday, January 9, 2010

Samantha The Real Vampire

Some of you have probably seen me on other posts. So I decided to make one of my own so it will be easier to answer your questions. As most of you know I am a real vampire. And I thrive for humans to know about me. Maybe some of you would like to know about my life. Okay so I will tell you about it. What I can remember anyways.

I was born in the 1800's and I am 144 years old. I was turned at 17. When I first woke up in the strange place where my "maker" left me I didn't know what happened. I thought maybe I had been kidnapped and the person left me. I was sweating really badly and I had blood all over my neck and chest. I tried to find my way back home but I couldn't remember, I couldn't remember anything I had done before I woke up. The only thing I could remember was my name. Someone found me where I was and brought me home.

They had all kinds of doctors to try and see what was wrong with me but they couldn't figure out what was wrong. And personally I didn't know what was wrong with me. Time passed and I never aged. I still looked 17 as they said.

They soon started accusing my family of being witches. But that soon went away. More years passed and my mother grew older and my father. But I was still "17" even though I should be a lot older. Soon enough my mother died. And soon after my father. I was an only child so I had no one else. I lived alone and in abandoned houses. I didn't need to eat so that was no problem. But I liked blood. And at the time I didn't know why.

Many years passed and soon enough I began researching and looking up things. And I found one thing I never thought twice about me being; I was a vampire. This was strange to me. Because like most of you I didn't believe in things like that. I thought it was stupid and ignorant. But sure enough that's what I was. And soon I found every file they had of me and got rid of it. So I never existed. If you tried to look me up you wouldn't find me.

Years later I met my best friend Makailey and told her what I was and I moved in with her and I have lived there for three years. Before I met her I was traveling. I have been everywhere. I love traveling.

But that's my story. And like I said in other peoples posts. If you have any questions feel free to ask them because I love to answer questions.

Written by Samantha, Copyright 2010


  1. I would love to join u write back

  2. Samantha I think your story is good. I would love to be turned but the problem in Texas is finding a true immortal and not some Psyco. I am asking this of you, is there any way you could help me get one to turn me? I would really apprieciate it much. I trust your input and advice as well. I don't think I could find one on my own to do this cause you said they are afraid of humans. So Please help me with this!!! Thank you so much for everything!

  3. Er ... if you woke up in a strange place and couldnt remember anything about your life before ... how do you know your Mother and Father died? How did you know who they were? How did you find them again?

    You spent 144 odd years travelling? By what method? Travel 144 years ago was a very difficult and expensive endeavour, where did you get the money?

  4. Hello dear
    I can't believe that I'm talking to someone so old :) lol But as I watched movies u must look very pretty :) You have not a bad story in your life My live story is pretty interesting too !! Well I was searching around and I saw this site never thought of it that much really but now I'm very interested !! So tell me do u ever sleep?? Oh and how do u feel in your body healthy?? Strong?? Thanks for everything I'm looking forward you replying ..

  5. Since you have been traveling and been everywhere, have you been in Norway? I'm just wondering because I'm from Norway. And when your traveling, can you run fast? Do you have some other "powers"?
    Like many else I whant to be turned. I don't whant to be turned because of getting "powers" and stuff like that. I have, what can I say, some problems with my body. I can't hang around with friends for a loong time because I'm starting to shake and loosing energy, and than I need food, all the time and sometimes it feels like I have to throw up. And it's not funny to have it like every day. Thats why I'm willing to be turned, so I will never feel it again, be free for it. It's hard to find someone to help me. I don't know what to do soon. It's all I'm asking for.
    It would be nice to meet you too, just to see you!

    Nice too meet you here allready! Thanx!

  6. have you got a boyfriend samantha?

  7. are you all crazy???
    this kind of things doesn´t exist!!!
    That´s just the truth

  8. where are you now.....

  9. Samantha, hello. I have no problems with certain questions being answered - I believe humans have a right to know certain things - but just be careful, please. Otherwise our kind will be hunted. And you know this is true. You must have seen histories, etc, etc talking about vampires who have been brutually murdered, or tortured by humans who have been intent upon killing them, but have obviously failed. Not all humans are nice ... be more cautious. Do not thrive to tell every human about us. Tell those who inquire and are safely interested and not feared. Our presence may scare them - yours especially. You drink blood, I don't. Be wary.

  10. Hmmm...doing the math, your family was accused of being witches in the late 1880s or '90s. Your grasp of history is still that of a 17-year-old, it seems.

  11. Samanth, Don't let these rude and closed minded people try to run u off. It is thier own closed mindedness that is rude and disgracefull!!! Like before you know who u areso don't let them get to you. I know it is hard sometimes, but i guess you could say i am one of those who don't care what others think of me. I am unique and one of a kind just like you and alot of others!!! Don't sweat them. If they are rude, then just don't respond to them. Always be your self no matter what others think of you. I honestly believe you are a good person buy nature. Touch back when u get a chance, k!!!

  12. Samantha, I really hope these people didnt run u off. I really enjoy being able to talk with u!!!

  13. hello :) am lavanya am frm india :) hello samantha :) how r u ??

  14. Hey Samantha:

    This was the first time you reveal every thing to us. Now i am more clear about you... Being sorry for what happend with u. But hundred of years have been passed now. i think you no more regretting now that what u are...Great.......Ok tell me about your love life......

  15. CJ- did i ever tell you that your a sweetie?? And dont worry they did run me off. im here to stay.. i was just busy :) CJ i dont know how i can help you. if i could find someone i would send them but i know no vampires in person... let me think on it.. and i will see what i can do

    Pixie- i would love for you to join me.. :)

    Anonymous- because they told me! dont you think i wondered if they was my real parents?? but you cant deny looks. me and my mother looked just alike. and i didnt have to use a plain or nothing. im a vampire remember.. i can do things humans cant

    Elise - Charlotte- thats a pretty name. and i would love to help.. but im scared to turn humans because i have never done it.. or i would do it on my own... and yes i have been to norway and i do have powers.. i like norway.. :)

    kirill - yes i dont look very much like a 144 year old woman.. :) and i would love to hear about you story.. and i do not sleep. and im always healthy and im very strong. :)

    bb- no i do not have a boyfriend.

    nameless-im in kentucky. in a small town.. but i cant tell you where

    Ren- thank you for your concern

    Michael- they still acused people of being witches in the 1800's.. look it up. i never said anything about it being that way in the 90's.. didnt i say they soon got over the witch accusment??

  16. December has been a very bad month for me. All my computers were stolen but I love listening to you talk about your life and your kind. So, I borrowed a friends. I will always be your biggest fan. You're adorable. If you ever get to Canada again, look me up. its an open invitation anytime pokaoqdumw. I will leave you clues to find me if you want. I wish you all the best. Take care of yourself. Your friend Mark.

  17. Interesting story. I stumbled on this website looking to see if vampires our real. What places have you traveled to?

  18. Samantha, thank you for the comp. I am really glad to know u are staying around!!! I think u are the only one who gets me on this!!! Thanks soooo much! Much love!

  19. Hi, i'm Faith from Singapore.
    I happen to chance on the post while researching on vampires.
    Your account really helps to give me a rare insight into the way of ur life. Really appreciate it.
    I believe that in this universe so vast, there will be things human have no knowlege of, or what the eyes cant see, n times when mind cant comprehend. But all these cant deny the facts that they do exist.

  20. Hi, Samantha how you doing?well I don't know weather your saying truth, but even if you are then I think you should be careful because we people are very cruel & rude when we see a potential threat.I am saying this because they don't even support their own race when they are Homo then how can they support or understand some other race.I am saying this from my own experience, its not that I am lesbo but when try to defend Homosexuality they think I am mad or myself a Homo.Be careful or scientist might use you for research just for gaining some fame & name. I understand your need to be loved.But, seriously they actually hate me for not copying them & not following their rules.They think that killing a snake who is just defending itself is bravery. I am from India, but don't think it really mind which country you are from as the human kind is same everywhere.They don't like something different instead of understanding we try ti criticize.THANK YOU FOR SHARING.

  21. Hi, i'm Faith from Singapore (one of the small countries in Asia).
    I do believe in u.

  22. Thanx!
    I understand that it can be scary to turn others/humans. I don't know how to ask you, because I don't whant to push you in any way. But it would help me a lot to get this pain away :)
    Which powers do you have? I'm getting realy interessting in this now, to say it this way! :D
    Wow! You have realy been to Norway. Suprised now! Norway it's a pretty contry. Especially where I live!
    It's so nice to talk to you :)
    I'll see you soon!

  23. Samantha- I posted the discription on the other story a few days ago, Does it sound familiar in any way?

  24. Mark- wow i have a fan. im flattered. i would love to visit sometime.. when i do have time

    Kristian- all of the countries.. like france and england and germany... many places.. and im sure there is more to be discovered.

    lavanya- sorry i didnt get to you before. im doing fine. how are you?

    Shailey- i dont have much of a love life. ive never really been intersted until now. there is this man im falling crazy in love with. but he doesnt know about me. :(

    CJ- im really glad to help. :)

    Faith- well im glad. :) if you would like to know anything just ask me

    Gaatha- thanks for your concern. but its not going
    that easy for scientist to get us. and what really can they do? im stonger and they arent going to get any blood smaples from me. plus if they start to get to bad... there are things we can do. :) dont be worried.

    Elise - Charlotte- ill do my best. and what part of norway do you live in? and i have speed and empathy, i can change peoples minds like if they think they dont like vampire is can change their minds to like vampire. its very handy but i have to close enough to do it. thats why im not worried about other vampire and scientist.

    Cerridwen- what are you talking about?

  25. Samantha - perhaps you could sign up at Ghost Space and also talk about your experiences there.

  26. Ya, i do have a few questions 2 ask..
    I've heard of vampires coming from US, Romania... But is it possible to have an Eastern or Oriental vampires?? If there is such thing as a race in vampires.
    Plus this question maybe too profound bt do you know how the vampires originate or come about??
    Anyway, i really admire u. It's not easy for a person to handle when being turned into a vampire. N it's incredible that u still believe in God after all these happen to u. Most wld have lost faith... ^_^

  27. Do you have fangs?
    Do you like music? What kind?
    Do you look human as any other person?
    How fast can you heal from a wound? Say, a paper cut up to something really serious?
    Do you ever get sick?
    How well can you hear? anythings that humans cannot? Is your vision better at night? What is your sense of smell like?
    Does your hair grow faster than a humans?
    Do you have any unusual ablities like telekensis, telepathy etc. Can you communicate with animals dogs, cats, birds in any unusual way?
    Do you have any strange feelings when you are around pregnant females? Dizzness? Altered states?
    I know thats lots.
    I know that you have said you liked immortality. But it seems like being stuck forever. Can you hibernate for long periods of time?
    Sorry about the fan letter, while I was away from the keyboard, my friend added all that fan crap.
    Have good night. Glad you told what you remember on this post.

  28. Namaste Samantha, its good to hear that you can protect yourself especially after knowing that you have the ability to change peoples mind.It is safe & sweet way, isn't it? Wish you all the best for your life.THANK YOU FOR REPLYING.

  29. Samantha- On 'I am indeed a vampire' you asked me to describe something I saw once. I described it but you never responded.

  30. Hi, I'm just going to get right to the point out of fear of the pretenses of my identity become compromised, and out of respect for not wasting your time.

    Is the physical dependency like a nutrient or hemoglobin deficiency, or more like a drug addiction with withdrawal symptoms?

    I honestly just want to know why when I dont feed on blood that My legs get cold and I get the shivers when normally I never feel cold. Among a few other things but none that scare me such as this. Thank you.

  31. Hi!! Samantha:) i read ur stories n ur journey!! Intresting hhmm.....have you been to India?I can see u hv powers as there are so many people jst believing you n hope you kp their faith!! Ru not tired of ur immortality tht leaves so alone n dnt u evr wish to be normal human,who r nt tht gud bt thts lyf there is gud n bad in evry being u cnt jst blame a particular race cuz ur nt 1of thm!! im not here 2judge ny1 bt want to know u as an individual n nt wat u stand for or wat defines you!!

    I hope i'll hv a reply n nt jst few wordz.
    tk cr n b happy:)

  32. Ok ok let me get this straight you always tell Humans that you're a Vampire and all that, but you can't remember your name and stuff well let me just tell you I don't think you're a Vampire anymore I pity you Human I know a lot of people know and like you but just because you post a lot about you as a Vampire so they get curious and believe you.I think that you're a fake you're just a wanna be Vampire because you say you don't remember stuff about your past well we Vampires have amazing memory REAL Vampires do not forget anything because we're really smart and REAL Vampires do not write in text we write with the proper Grammar and Calligraphy because were too smart to write any other way. Also you say you don't know any other Vampires what are you talking about? There are thousands of Vampires everywhere so I don't know what you're talking about There are also Half-Breeds maybe one of your friends is one of them but you don't know because you're blind and can't see other people in a different ways. I apologize if I've insulted you but you've earned MY mistrust I don't trust you and I truly don't like how you expose yourself(if you are a Vampire) and others like me! Please Please stop posting stuff like I'm 144 years old but i don't remember anything of my past...that just sounds dumb that's why a lot of people don't believe you're a Vampire. I'm not saying I don't believe you but I'm saying that if you are don't expose our kind don't put us in danger once again or we will perrish and if you aren't and you know it stop fooling people with all the Vampire knowledge and by the way how did you research about Vampires in the 1800s huh? What don't tell me your Vampiric powers let you surf the Internet and look up "Am I a Vampire?" on Google or Wikipedia because I have never heard of Vampires doing that. If you really want to be a true Vampire let me know I can find you and turn you into one and don't worry I won't bite literally we'll just exchange blood A.K.A a Blood Fusion if you know what that is.
    -Thanks for Listening and I'm sorry if I've insulted you by calling you a fake but I really hope and wish that it's not true I really hope that you're a Vampire! =)
    Carlos Hernandez

  33. Carlos - You said "I truly don’t like how you expose yourself (if you are a Vampire) and others like me!" yet you identify yourself as a vampire and then give your full name.

    You also said "REAL Vampires do not write in text we write with the proper Grammar and Calligraphy because were too smart to write any other way" yet your coment is full of grammatical errors and lack of punctuation.

  34. Dear Anonymous,
    Even though I wrote my full name that does not exposing because there is a lot of people (Vampire or Human) with the same name so that is not exposing myself, and about me having a lot of punctuation errors I was just trying tomake point and I was typing fast because I was getting ready to leave so...

  35. I'm sorry but "Real vampires do not forget because we are really smart" and following up a half assed string of damning and disbelieving insults with "Thanks for Listening and I’m sorry if I’ve insulted you by calling you a fake but I really hope and wish that it’s not true I really hope that you’re a Vampire!" Smiley face smiley face, I hope that me insulting you didn't insult you.

    Thats just how you somehow write with "proper Grammar and Calligraphy" without doing so even remotely. Those words shouldn't even be capitalized but for the sake of not giving an english lecture, I'm just going to say that even the Anonymous one saw that from space.

    This just proves that you don't even have to be all powerful to spot a teenager with nothing better to do. And IF you really were getting ready to leave then you would have done so and we all wish you had. It is we that now pity YOU! Go away.

    Even if you were just "trying tomake point and I was typing fast because I was getting ready to leave so…"

    Wonderful grammar. "To make" is two seperate words and you don't end a sentence with "so..."

    I mean, what is that? Really, it looks like you were goiing to continue but couldnt think of anything "really smart" to say. You really are trying too hard to be important without trying nearly hard enough to be remotely believable. Oh, and by the way... Blood fusion? Pfft. If you knew you were talking about remotely you would have used the word osmosis, and you wouldn't capitolize "Blood Fusion" as if it were a genuine scientific process.

    Go catch up on your twilight fan fiction because you clearly aren't getting any of this from a source that is actually tangible.

  36. Hey Samantha!
    How do you get the courage to tell the world?!
    I am 16 and am very interested in all things Paranormal. I have always believed that vampires exist, and am very appreciative of your strength to share your secret. My one and only question is: How do you find blood? Do you have a doner? Or do you thrive on animal blood? Do you have a "hook-up" at the local blood bank???? Sorry, I don't mean to bombard you... I'm just merely, very curious.....

  37. Hi Carlos Hernadez,

    I would really like to meet with you. You can come and find me if you are real. I hope to see you soon. I live in Canada. That should be enough. If you are real, I will be waiting. Infact, I invite any of you Real Vampires to come and see me. It's too bad I could give you my address. I would love to. Your friend Mark.

  38. Oh, I aplogize I guess I misspelled your name Carlos Hernandez. See you soon. Your human friend Mark.

    I can’t even spell apologize. I guess it’s just my human stupidity!

    I just can’t write a message right! It’s these stupid fingers they’re always hitting the wrong keys. Just come and see your stupid human friend! OK! see you soon! You better come!

  39. Carlos Hernandez

    I very much doubt that you are a real vampire, but as mark says "come and find me", meaning Mark, not me.
    I will explain things very simply for you:

    you contradict everything you say
    you right in text (which i hate)
    you end your sentence with "so"...

    I'm not trying to be mean, but seriously, who are you trying to fool?
    You don't have to prove yourself.

    Lastly are you trying to say, humans are stupid?
    I dropped out of school at 14, and am very dumb, but i think even i might be more intelligent than you.

    you offense intended, sorry if you take thins the wrong way.


  40. i believe her as i am well i thinki m a vampire as im not sure what i am i have a video on a website of me being shot in a fight as yet i just well this is crazy regenerated and im only 12 i cant believe im stronger then anyone i know ive been able to lift my father before hand and my punch is amazing i can read people very easy and i have traveled for a while when i say im 12 ive been 12 for a while ive travelled most of the globe and no matter what happens to my body i regenerate i will not come on tv or newspaper for reasons of being frowned upon and a freak tranculizers and tazors dont work

    i may not even be a vamprie or maybe a demon or freak im not sure but what i do know i cant die and its so upsetting to be immortal to see your loved ones die and that pain is unbarible i have a bit of money unfortuanatly from the feedings i do there are not alot of remains after i have taken the blood and other things
    NOTE FROM ADMIN - Comment has been edited to remove email address and request for contact. The next time you post your email address in a comment and ask people to contact you your comment will be deleted. It clearly states that this is not allowed!

  41. Here here, I leave the vampires of the world including Carlos an open invitation to come visit me The Human!! Mark, yes me. I will be waiting. Come visit anytime! In Ontario CANADA. I hope that helps. Since, they won't let me give you my address. Really, I am not trying to play games or trick anyone. I don't want the wannabes or goths or whatever. I am talking about the blood slurping REAL VAMPIRES. They know who they are.

    The weather is a little better in April. Especially, for Vampires REAL VAMPIRES rainy, wet, cold and foggy. So, come and visit. I wish I could leave you my last name but if you go through all of my posts to Samantha, who, I believe is a real vampire you will find clues to find me. Anyways, I wish you all the best. So, come and visit. Be well!

    P.S. All of you should stop fighting and insulting each other about who is and isn't a vampire. It sounds ridiculous. Real vampires don't have to believe and they don't acknowledge nonsense because they know. You're all acting like a bunch of real humans. Like I am. A HUMAN.

    Samantha--if you really like a mortal man in your hometown you should show him that you exist. We mortals die, and you know it can happen in an instant. I lost my soulmate long ago and now I am alone forever. No one will ever replace her. Who knows you may find some happiness and fill those empty spaces. By the way, I kinda like your little happy faces. Be well, and keep writing.

  42. Wow sorry every body.. i didnt mean to go off like that. Im just really sick and tired of everybody judging me. But i should have expected that. And im open to everyones oppinons and questions, and im not going anywhere like i said before. I shouldnt have went off like that. Everyone is just courious and i know that all of this is really hard to understand and im sure most of you dont understand it. Yesterday was a really bad day for me. so once again im here to answer your questions. And im sorry if i havent gotten to your questions. Im doing my best.. Much love to everyone and im open to questions and oppinons so if you guys dont agree with something i might say please inform me and i will try and explain things to you and set my stuff straight if possible. So love everyone, and i will get to you all soon enough. :)
    -love the wonderful Samantha :)

  43. Luke, I feel bad for you buddy. It sounds like it sucks to be a vampire. You shouldn't kill people though. Its not nice. You should seduce for blood. Killing is bad, bad, bad. Seduction sounds like much more fun besides if you keep killing people the police are going to catch you. Or, you're going to make a Slayer or a group of them go hunting for you. They will cut your head off. That's what they do. They exist. They hunt like Vampires and sometimes in large groups. They are organized. They have no feelings for your kind. If they catch you, that will be the end of you. You can't grow a new head. They can make vampires disappear for good. But, if you seduce you won't attract a lot of attention and could get little on the side you know? Who knows maybe you'll find a little humanity left inside and fall in love. If that doesn't work, you could always steal blood from the local red cross. These days its pretty clean. Some vampires say it doesn't taste as good when it's in those bags. Good Luck and don't spend your money in one place. You might need it for an emergency. Mark the Human.

  44. Hi Mark
    Do you actually believe in vampires? and do you truly want a vampire to visit, if one did exist? what happens if that person turns out to be a psychotic killer? You are providing an open invitation. There are some really perverted and disillusioned people out there, I have met a few in my previous occupation.

    I was reading through the posts and Karen.M, Bracket, Darstar have made some valid points. I recently encountered a strange person but I don't believe he was a vampire. To clarify, I believe he perceived himself a human-vampire kitted out with porcelain fangs not a Real vampire as suggested in myths and legends.

    I respect you opinions, just trying to understand why you believe. I also hope you take precautions to maintain your safety if you continue on your crusade to meet "vampires".
    Take care, Dinah

  45. Hi Dinah,

    You're right and most claims like these are based on fantasy ideas that come from stories of human imagination. Procelain fangs and make-up are the fad of the day. Apparently, not even Anne Rice believes in Vampires--real supernatural ones. And her novels brought forth this trend of new aged silliness. Nothing is supernatural though. These beings can be killed and some even kill themselves. I know that I have said the word " Believe," to---outloud. But believing is "silly," what "Is, Is." Besides, if I said I didn't say believe no one would talk to me. There is someone out there that told me that once when I "believed" and they are one of these real ones. I don't know if they are still living. Maybe, maybe not.

    That said, there are some out there who know what I'm really talking about and they're not supernatural and they know it and so do I. But they like the myths, it makes them think they are special and they are in some ways; Especially, to us humans. In fact, it gives them that state of "False Nirvana," most of us get when we win the lottery or meet the person or our dreams when they're just really different. Those are the ones I want to meet again.

    You're also right about psychotic killers, though . There maybe a chance I could be murdered. I don't think that there is any precaution anyone could take to maintain their safety against someone like that. But I guess we'll see what happens.
    You take care to, Mark

  46. Ok so i guess im being ignored.. oh well... have funn with your new vampire buddys... i have a better life anyways, this is really starting to get boring anyways... Well ok have fun learning from other vampire guess i have told you all i know.. anyways i have some traveling to do.. but dont be suprised if you guys see a young looking beautiful black headed girl.. its just me.. maybe i could find some of you guys.. but if u are courious i have long black curly hair and im kinda tall and i have bright green eyes and i wear all black... hope to see you all very very soon. maybe i wont be hungry... hahahaha :D

  47. Not at all ignoring, just quietly listening for your next interesting words. I've found out that its easy for the strange to blend in and feel at home in california. Can't beat it. ;)

    I’ll just stay on the lookout until you get there. Stick to southern California. People like you and me blend in easily here.

  48. Hi Samantha,
    Have a good trip. If you make it to Canada, this human will be here waiting. I am much older than you were when you where human but still look pretty young. I'm not a Vampire though; about 6 feet, 200 pds, still in pretty good shape for my age, brown/blonde hair, hazel eyes and work in a hospital--not a doctor. My hospital will be closing in March if that helps, but I will still be around I think until next September. After that, who knows. Take care and be safe. pokamrdumw, very nice talking to you.
    Your friend the human Mark.

  49. Samantha my dear, don't let these fools run u off! They have no real idea of what its like. They are just being CLOSED MINDED as usual. Dont let them do this to you, alot of these people r just stait up ignorant to this and probably always will be> Please dont lose touch with me i need a good friend like you who is honest and listens! Thanks so much!

  50. Hello samantha!
    I am a person that believes anything is possible, and I would love to believe this story you have posted is true. If so, can you tell me about what it is like to really be a vampire? Do you have struggles that you have to face everyday knowing what you are? I would love to know because I am such a vampire enthusiaist.


  51. Samantha,
    I know you are what you say are. You have said the same things that someone else once showed me. They were like you. I was amazed then, but they also told me that given time anything strange becomes normal. And anything can be seen as supernatural when, in fact, it is perfectly normal. They knew things about me that only certain people knew and this was a stranger I had never met before. When I met them, they were actually more interested in a friend of mine. They also told me a story you might find interesting but I am not saying anything about that unless you come to see me. So, do your best to find me. And try to stay intouch somehow. pokamrdumw. Mark your human friend.

  52. ok, many of you are going off at me because I talked a whole bunch of crap about Samantha and this is for Samantha, look Samantha I don't have anything against you the only people I have something against is the people that don't believe us. They say that we can't be Vampires but I believe you and lot of people don't want you to leave so don't.

  53. helo am doing fine... do u ever get bored of being a vamp ?? sry if i asked something wrong....

  54. hey, i want to believe. And think im almost there. Lol. Samantha do u know if there is any vampires in south africa.

  55. Samantha,
    I hope you see this post before you really decide to leave and you shouldn't leave. Vampire Truth have given you a special form to express what you are. Maybe some people are jealous of that. "Believing is more of a preference when you can't meet someone face to face and see what they really are or that they really exist. And even solid proof of your existance would still cause some to make your life a circus. People can be stupid but remember what is is and no one can stop it from being unless it becomes extinct. People have free will though and can do what ever they want and I don't think you even want control over that. Its too exausting and its Communist. What they think shouldn't mean anything to you. But I do understand how you feel in a way. What ever you do please don't start eating them and killing them. Even if you decide to travel you should visit your posts you may be surprised one day and find out about who made you. Stay intouch and make fun of us humans. Besides, if you leave I will miss your answers. pokamrdumw. I still have an open invitation for you wish you the best.

  56. The bottom line is that you cannot expect everyone to believe you and you should not get upset with those who do not believe you. Do you really need everyone to believe you?

  57. Samantha- i was reading your artical and our stories seem very much alike. I hope you dont decide to leave because i think you are the only person ive found that actually has alot in common with me. I hope we can be friends. Xoxo

  58. Faith, that was a cool find that you posted. Wish I could find more details on that. I LOVE stories like that.

  59. I have one last word. I don't believe in Vampires. I know that they exist and real vampires know it to and so do certain others. Guess what people think of me. I am human and no one believes me. So, vampires of the world I am here and I want you to and see me---that includes you to Samantha. Stay well. pokamrdumw.

  60. Mark, Samantha- Believe in yourself.

  61. Hi Mark
    what does pokamrdumw mean? I have noticed you have used it many times at the end of a sentence.
    With respect

  62. Hi Samantha,
    I just read through the posts and I don't want you to leave either. I enjoy reading your stories, how you deal with experiences/life!

    The very first time I wrote on this blog I asked for your life-story. I am still interested and would love it if you would expand more on your answers. You mentioned that you have dark curly hear, green eyes, how tall are you? what do you like to wear? trousers, jeans, skirts, dresses, in what colour? I am not by any means a fastionista, just curious about what you would wear.
    With much regard

  63. Dinah,
    I am guessing, but you must be or have been a Police officer. You are observant and obviously not a vampire.You seem to care about everyone here. I wouldn't take these things too seriously anymore, it seems like most of it is just a lot of nonsense. If there is any contact made with me with anyone under age or otherwise, I will be reporting it to the proper authorities. So far, there has been nothing. Unfortunately, there is no way to give out any other personal information.
    Have a good night.
    and be well.

  64. Hi Mark
    he he, lol, I am not a police officer or a vampire! but a underpaid, overworked computer scientist (nerd!) with medical training who is on the precipice of loosing her job due to budget cuts.

    I am off the opinion that the people who post on this blog believe in their stories. Who am I to judge?. My beliefs could also be ridiculed and demeaned, doesn't mean I don't hold them in high regard. I often wonder what motivates people to post here. Personally, posting on any blog is not "standard" behaviour for me. My life revolves around facts and evidence, logical analysis, and at times faith, I know this is contradictory, but even Charles Darwin was a great advocate of faith. I think I am entertained and it is a break away from the tedious work I have been doing lately.

    I also agree, it is unfortunate we can not provide personal contact details.
    with respect, take care Mark.


  65. Dinah,
    Sorry about your circumstances. A real vampire will know the meaning and will find me. I think that you should remain skeptical until you know. At this point I am not willing to share anything else and maybe you should leave all your questions alone. We are all just names and personalities on a computer screen and maybe under the circumstances that is the way it should stay. I am human too. Not Vampire. Their lives are not easy even though everyone here has romantized them and thinks they are gods and godesses. Their lives are just as hard, if not harder than all of ours.

    Vampire Truth Administration I apolologize. But I am also getting angry about somethings and some personalitles. I know that your forum has been well done. However, I understand why Samantha gave up on everything and left. I will give up in a more polite way this time. It is frustrating when everyone begins asking questions about somethings they should leave alone unless they're ready. None of them are ready or will ever be ready. I want to be left alone too and I'm not answering any questions. Maybe, it's better if they believe in nothing. What to do next? I have no Idea except give up and walk away to. I hope Samantha returns but I doubt it.

    All of you real vampires will know about that code. It does have a meaning and I invite you real Vampires to come and meet me. If there is any problems, things will become clear again very soon. So, don't give up I still I have faith that you will find me. I am here. You all have my physical description and where I work. I will be waiting.

    Samantha, I wish you the best in your travels again and I hope you still have time to say hi and make it a point to come by and see me. I miss your answers to the the questions people ask. Your Friend the Human Mark.

  66. I think there are a lot of great people who visit this site and everyone is welcome to post their own opinions and thoughts about the question of Vampires, it doesnt matter if you believe or you do not believe your opinions and your questions are welcome - As long as you do not insult or use profanity or try to post your contact information.

    Now, I am going to be perfectly blunt here Mark

    You cannot get upset when everything doesnt go your way. You can not expect everyone to agree with or believe you. If you cannot handle others disagreeing or questioning then you have no business even engaging in a discussion in the first place. If you dont want people asking questions or expressing their own opinions then why are you even getting involved in a discussion? Do you think all comments should be agreeable and rub your ego?

    By the way, Samantha has been very rude and offensive here. She has insulted others and used a lot of foul language and insults. Of course a lot of those comments were deleted, but still anyone can read through her comments and see that she can be just as rude as anyone else. How can anyone expect to come onto a website or anywhere for that matter and announce to the world that they are in fact a real Vampire and then get angry and upset if some do not believe? Do you really need everyone to believe you before you can be happy with your life? No, you do not.

    I am getting tired of people who are rude and hateful to others and then they cry and say things like I wont come back to this site etc etc when they think someone else is being rude to them. Sometimes it is like some people are just babies.

    Mark - If you want to be left alone then why are you posting numerous comments, asking questions and making all these statements? It doesnt make any sense at all to me. People that just want to be left alone do not jump in and post comment after comment nearly every day. Give up and go away if that is what you wish. You can take your toys and go on home if you are upset.

    You say " None of them are ready or will ever be ready." How do you know that? Do you know every single person here who is commenting and can you judge whether they should ask questions or not? You also say "I will not be coming back to this site ever again." OK bye bye..... and by the way, those comments you made recently that were not published are still here. Shall I publish them and let everyone see how insulting you can be?

  67. Hi Mark
    If you are still reading these posts, I am really surprised and don't understand the change in attitude. Can you tell me what got your knickers in a twist? Like I said earlier, people believe in what they want, no exceptions, with respect comes acceptance, can you accept that people are different?

  68. Mark- Don't lose heart in things u have once fervently believed. It's easy to feel discouraged, but don't.
    You see, i live in Singapore. For your info, it's a country closely located to the equator. We get bright sunshine almost every day. This is a very small country where vamps will choose not to live in. Can you imagine how much harder for people like us to believe in these creatures?

    However, that doesn't stop me in believing them. Vamps, like ghosts n angels, could be brushing past us any time, any where. They could even be running past us at such high speeds that we thought it was our imagination or just the wind.

    We have to understand seeing is not believing. Neither does it mean that just becoz things don't go ur way, it's not worth anything anymore. In fact, Mark, do you know how lucky you are to be able to see and know so much details abt such creatures? Many fans here, including me, will like to be able to have the chance to experience like you do. You are one lucky fellow that fail to treasure this knowledge.

  69. Dear Vampire Truth,
    I thank you for saying all that to Mark in fact I was about to comment on his attitude lately. I'm a very patient and open minded Vampire but Humans that use profanity and start insuling other people just because they do not agree with him are very well annoying. They do not understand that this is a website to express opinions and stories. So I say to you thank you for clearing that up to him.
    -Thank you, Carlos Hernandez

  70. carlos
    prove me that you are in fact a "vampire"

  71. Nicole - how would you propose that a person could go about proving something like that on a website?

  72. Hi, I am new to this site and have always had a great interest in the paranormal. So Samantha you claim to be a real immortal vampire. Are you being completely and truly honest about everything you have said in this post? I am not saying you are lying or doubting your existence just wanting to know that you are being completely honest in what you say.Your post is very believable and it caught my attention. I have a few questions if you don't mind answering and if you do it will be much appreciated. Are you completely sure you are immortal and that immortality is in fact real?Are you anything like the vampires described in the vampire novels by Anne Rice? ( not basing what i believe to be real on a book which in fact fictional just asking as to get an idea of what vampires might be like ). Do vampires such as yourself live in various places worldwide? In what ways can you tell a human apart from a vampire? If you were asked to be interviewed for a documentation of vampires existence would you be able to provide the proof and evidence of your existence? Is it possible for a person to be a vampire and not know it? sorry for so many questions just very curious as to your existence



  73. Dear Nicole,
    Hmmm very interesting website you linked up but have you ever thought about Vampires drinking animal blood? I guess not huh? Well like the website said all Human kind would be gone and the whole world would be Vampires but we Vampires feed on blood as you all know but don't all animals have a heart and blood pumping through them every second? Why don't you check you're information before posting stuff that not even your kind would believe. Thank You for trying to make me look like a liar in front of everyone but I think you're pretty disappointed because I proved your theory wrong, again! I'm really sorry if I sound like a jerk right now but you should really stop trying because I will keep trying to prove you wrong.
    -Thanks for reading and posting keep coming back,
    Carlos Hernandez

  74. Hi every body im back.. i just needed to clear my heard for awhile and all of you are sweet and it makes me really happy that you enjoy my comments. :) and i didnt really travel far... really i didnt travel at all.. and crazy but i missed talking to you all... so im back with a clear mind and im ready for questions... and if i didnt get to your before im sorry.. just please ask me them again, i love to inform everyone about stuff they want to know :)

    _love always samantha :)

  75. Samantha,

    Glad you came back. Have you ever been attacked by a slayer? They can be a pain I bet.

    Anyways, I have four other people using this computer and they keep using my name and email to put in comments and the administrator thinks I'm the jerk. But it's not me Administrator. Really! I am about to throw these others out of my house for good. They are a pain.


    Do you have fangs?
    How much blood do you need in say a month?
    Can you do telepathy, read minds etc?
    How fast can you heal from a wound? say a paper cut to something like a serious wound?
    What is your tolerance to cold? Pain?
    Strange question? Do you ever feel dizzy around preganant women or twins?
    Can you hybernate?
    I wish you the best Vampire Girl and glad you came back.

  76. Ugh this is so intolerating!
    Mark how is it that other people areusing your name and E-Mail? That seems like a lie to me! Tell me something how old are you exactly? You seem like a kid but I am not sure, I hope what you said is right. Now Samantha, Great you are back! Welcome back we missed you...a lot! Have you seen my comment on Vincent's article about me? if not please look at it maybe you can help me! Please I need this answer!
    -Thank You and Welcome Back!
    Carlos Hernandez

  77. Lets see I have other people using this computer. They log on to this web site, and they do because they think that I am being ridiculous. They think that well none of your claims are real.

    They type Mark in the name space and up pops my email. Then they write whatever they want. I think it's cookies being sent to the computer.

    Are you upset too? Sorry, really. I believe you're a vampire too. In fact, some of the things you have said make sense also. So, if I may ask you some questions? or not.

  78. Mark- yes i have fangs but only when i wanna show them.. :) i only need like.. a human a month or two... laets say a gallon or two.. its different for others though..i cant read minds but i can feel other peoples emotions, and i can change peoples minds. and i dont have to heal because i dont get hurt, i dont feel cold and i cant feel pain.. only emotional pain. i dont get dizzy around pregnant women. no i dont hibernate.. and ive never been bothered by a slayer... :)

  79. Samantha- I posted the description of something I saw as you asked me. I was wondering whether or no you saw it. I think it was on your original post.

  80. Carlos Hernandez- no i havent read it.. i looked for it but i couldnt find it.. maybe you could retell it on here? i would love to help :)

  81. Samantha how close do you have to be to a person to influence them?

    Are your fangs retractable then and you allow them to grow out quickly went you want to feed?

    Whenever you answer questions, I can also sense something to be very feared? Even with your smiley faces you still seem preditorial. I hope you haven’t been insulted by me. Anyways take care I wish you all the best. I’ve been getting a lot of viruses from this site so I guess I am no longer welcomed. I still invite you Vampires to meet me all of you.

    Carlos, Do you have the same power over the minds of people?

    Also, were you sired through blood transmission?

  82. Mark- Yes you can ask questions I'll be happy to answer them. I'm not one of those hateful Vampires the kind that hates someone, I'm merciful and I forgive easily so don't apologize I forgive you. About your questions I am still in training for the Mind Reading I am not strong enough to control a person just yet. It takes a lot of practice to accomplish someting like that. For your other question, no I was not sired by Blood Fusion or transmission like you said I was born a Vampire, I'm a Half-Blood.

    Dear Samantha,
    I’ll tell you what comment number it is ok? It’s on the article by Vincent “I am an Experienced Vampire” and its comment number 157 I hope you can answer my question it’s really important for me.
    Carlos Hernandez

  83. Carlos,

    I was once told that your kind was the kind that actually saved the human race from viral epidemics and pandemics. That you are a special breed. I was told that you have more human qualities than vampire but that you can become very fierce. I have heard stories that many of you do not get sick and stay young looking but age, although, very slowly. I was also told that many Half-Bloods were employed as slayers long ago in Europe. I believe to this day there are still some out there that are doing just that. Is any of this correct?
    Do you have fangs? Or any other physical attributes Vampiric?
    How did you find out that you are a Half-Blood? Did your parents tell you this? Do you have brothers and sisters. How would you measure your physical strength compared to a full blood. Does weight training and other physical exercise help increase this. Vampires are very interesting and I wish I could meet you all. I don't have to believe, I know about you, all of you from a fairly good source, but most other humans think I am just a crazy human.
    Thanks for your understanding. I will be more careful computers.
    Have a good night and be well.

  84. Mark-
    why yes I actually protect a lot of Humans without them even knowing. I hardly ever get sick I problably get sick twice a year. About the Half-Bloods being slayers is not correct they actually hunted the Half-Bloods because the Pure-Bloods thought that Half-Bloods were just a simple and weak type of Vampire. They were wrong we Half-Bloods have a lot of abilities and we have an advantage we can hide and any Vampire will not detect us even if we are rite behind them. Although we have a lot more abilities we Half-Bloods aren't as strong as a Pure Vampire, well Pure-Blood Vampires are the srongest because both of their parents are Vampires, but Half-Bloods I mean our title says it Half we are half of a true Vampire and a Pure is a double of a True one. Yes I have fangs when I get mad I have the tendency to let them out but then I control myself and put them back in,other Vampiric traits well theres the light toned skin, I knid of burn in the Sun after beingn in for a long time, I hate the smell of Garlic,I can smell Blood 20 ft. away. Yes my mom told me shes the Vampire in my parents side then my grandfather and his dad but te list goes on. I have 1 brother and 1 sister they are both Half-Bloods as well. About my strenght compared to a Pure-Blood it is way to weak there's no way I can beat a Pure-Blood, about working out yes it helps a little but not that much.
    -Well thanks for the questions all the ones you have ask them and I'll try to answer them.
    Carlos Hernandez

    p.s. Be Really CAREFUL with the computers and who uses them.

  85. Samantha-this started happening around the age of 4 when i started to realize my imaginary friends werent imaginary lol then at around age 8 i had a sorta growth spurt and everything on me got all long and gross looking and everyone made fun of me then the summer b4 my freshman year in high school everything changed again i dont know exactly what it was but when i got to high school everyone wanted to be my friend and everyone loved me all the popular girls hated me because i kept getting all the popular guys even tho i definitely was not popular i dressed like i do now i dress like a punk sorta but its been like that ever since. as for the blood craving yes i have them a lot i love blood and i can smell it from like a mile away and when i smell it my mouth waters and my stomach grumbles its kinda funny but weird at the same time. when i was little i got diagnosed with a blood disorder actually they said my blood is unnaturally thin and i bruise really easily but ive noticed when i have blood everything heals and i feel so much better. i had surgery once and i needed to have blood given to me during the surgery and i was healed about three days later and the healing span the doctors gave me was 4 to 6 weeks the doctors still cant figure it out. ummm…..lets see oh i love to go to the club i talked to a psychic and she said the reason is because i feed from the energy and i believe her because i can go to the club feeling tired and annoyed and weak and once i get there and on the dance floor i feel so energized and new and feel full its amazing but when i spend time alone for an extended period of time its like i get all pale and i feel bad and i look like im sick but once i hang out with people again i look healthier and more alive and i drink blood i look like a celebrity its amazing i love it but yea if you need to know anything else just ask! :-P

  86. Samantha,

    Is it possible for you to remote view someone at a great distance. Like a psychic. Or attempt to meet someone on a spiritual level like astral projection. I have been told that pure blood female vampires are very dangerous and unpredictable. More so than their male counterparts. But I have sensed that you say the lords prayer? And that you feel guilty about something to do with church? Your face is very young looking and your voice can change pitch and sometimes frightens people?

    I was born on the 1st of November and told always told to be fearful of your kind because of the date of my birth. Apparently, the scent of my blood is strong and I might become dinner. I was made to eat the seeds of apricots to keep the scent of my blood out of the range of vampires when I was younger. Apricot seeds have cynide in them. And slowly poison humans unless you are experienced at using them. They taste awful to most but I have learned to like them. They make amarretto drinks from them. I believe that this practice has been kept secret from your kind.

    Two others in my family were born on the first of November and lived by this myth. I believe it was a form of Munchausen by proxy a kind of child abuse.

    I was told that when vampires feed their eyes change to a glossy black and that some have retractable fangs. They strike out like snakes for their prey. Anyways, if I have insulted you in any way I also apologize. I have been told many things about your kind though, by my step grandfather, who is dead now, that served in the Waffen SS in ww ii, and I had been sent away to different places to learn to defend myself against your kind when I was younger. So, I have a natural curiosity and probably an imaginary paranoia even in adulthood about your kind. I have never hear of a full blooded vampire that says the lords prayer and believes in God.

    I wish you well and hope to stay friends with you. I will keep an eye out for you when I meditate this evening.
    All the best Mark the Human.

  87. How do I get turned into a vampire?

  88. tAmMy,
    There are three ways i know to be Vampire but two ways to be turned into one. The first is being bitten, the second is swapping blood with a Vampire and turning into one, and the third is being born one like i was.
    -Any other questions you can ask me too ok?
    Carlos Hernandez

  89. Hello Samantha.

    it must be really hard for you to understand that your staying Seventeen forever.
    i would really like to know how it feels to stay seventeen . & i would really like
    to say is that; im like really encourge to be a vamp. but i still have a whole
    life to live &, yeah.. i have my two bestfriends.. Shayna & Pamela. we have
    alot of haters. & we're like always talking about beating on them by
    fighting, but theres like alot of them. so we can never beat them all at once.
    lastnight [ january29 2010 ] my pamela asked me "what if we were vampiers?
    like edward cullen" i said to her "only if we were". & i would like to have those
    other girls as my friends but they think im crazy about vampiers.

    can you give me some adivce for that?
    Davida Jayne

  90. Mark- i have to be rather close to people. Yes my fangs come out when ever i want to feed or when ever something stimulates them. And of course you sense some fear.. I sometimes sense when someone isnt right and they arent good.. but i cant see their faces. And im not really dangerous.. Ive never heard of that thing about when you was born. Maybe its true. But im good at controlling my thirst and trust me there has been times it was hard but ive done it. My eyes dont turn black when i feed, but they do get brighter. You havent offended me in any way.. i just hope that if i do meet you, you wont kill me :) and wish you didnt have to go away.. you have been so nice :)

    Chevy- you have all the symptoms of a vampire. but i dont understand how if you was never bitten... Have you have any boyfriends that liked to kiss around your neck? or seemed weird in anyway? you could possibly be a vampire that feeds off energy because that sometimes just happens on its own.. But i dont get why you would love to feed off blood unless you could be both but i have never heard of that.. but maybe you could be an empath just like me.. i feel what other people feel and so if im tired and weak and someone feels hyper and strong i will feel that way.

    Davida Jayne- its kind of difficult being seventeen, i havent had a lot of time to grow, but i am more mature than any other seventeen year old. And yes you should wait awhile before you become a vampire. So why exactly are you supposed to be fighting? And those other girls arent liking you because you like vampires?? sorry im not fully understanding :)

    jasmin- no i dont turn people.

    Carlos Hernandez- i would say that you should give the aging thing time. This growing wont stop right away. It may take some time. This could take weeks,months, or years. Your body has to find the right time to stop. For some people this can be different, most vampires who are born a vampire they eventually stop growing because as you get older your vampire scenes get stronger and soon your body will die of this, but you will remain a vampire, so yes this could take awhile, but you eventually will have to stop growing. Normally the people who are born as vampires stop growing from the age you are now until your late twenties. Dont get all impatient because you wont grow old, your vampire scenes wont let you. :) hope this has helped you. If this wasnt the help you was looking for please tell me what you want to know. But i hope i got it. :) Anything else you would like to know???

  91. Could it be possible for a vampire to turn back into humans?

  92. Samantha,

    Most of what was explained to me of your kind was explained to my by my grandparents. They said that they had met your kind long ago in Europe. They said that the Full Blooded Vampires were the strongest and the fastest of the Vampires. Your kind could smell blood from miles away and were always hunting in groups or pairs. They said that you were unpredictable and dangerous. They told me because of my date of birth your kind would be able to find me easily. I think they said it to scare me. In fact, I think that what my grandparents said about my date of birth was nothing more than a myth. I’m sure you can smell blood from all creatures and mine is no different.

    However, eating the apricot seeds does make your breath smell sweet because of the cyanide in them. That is poisonous to humans. Eventually, it can damage the liver and your blood begins to smells like ammonia. I guess I have built up a kind tolerance to that. Besides, I like the bitter taste of them.

    I was told that no human was ever a match for a Full Blooded Vampire. I believe that even Carlos agrees with that. So, I doubt I could ever hurt you. Besides, I have no intention of that. I wanted to meet you just to see that you are real and why I was to be afraid of your kind. Remember, I’m the human and I’m sure you could kill me very easily but enough of that. I have pretty much given up the idea I will ever meet you Human to Vampire. But who knows. I just hope you’re not hungry and we can be friends.

    I was told that the venom inside you is toxic to some humans and may drive them to insanity and that you are right and can change humans into Vampires. But this can be risky and most of your kind are very choosy about this. As well, you should be. It is like bringing a child into the world and they will be your responsibility good or evil.

    My grand parents told me also that your kind have a heart beat and that you are not the living dead as once believed. That your kind is able to control your heart beat making it go faster or slower or stop. Is this true? If it is, I hope it always beats and you are never– lonely.

    I was also told that your kind look very young but never to be complacent around you and always cautious because you have many secrets and some of you can read minds, control minds and use telepathy to get what you want. I wouldn’t want to believe that about you so don’t tell me.

    I have unsubscribed to this web site because others have had access to this computer and my email and posted all kinds of nonsense which I apologize for. This is the real “Mark.” Most others just think that I am crazy but I can sense some strange things about you and you write like you’ve lived during many times like a grandmother giving advice. Someone from the time of Stonewall Jackson or Abraham Lincoln isn’t out of the question. I know you are real.

  93. hey Samantha! have you ever travelled to Saudi Arabia?

  94. I seriously dun understand y young pple want so much 2b a vamp.. Have they really even considered the pain n suffering?? I mean, how would ur feel if ur the one livin forever, bt ur loved ones-family, friends/ soulmates etc r dying... No, dun tell me u r gg to turn them one by one into vamps, it juz won't work.
    I seriously doubt there is a way for a vamp to turn into a human... It's like irreversible.

    Anyway, i have a question. Vamps burn easily in the sun, right?? Does applying sunscreen actually help? How about using an umbrella to shade from the sun??

  95. Monty (Dracul) KinKennonFebruary 2, 2010 at 7:37 PM

    Samantha, I am 43 and would very much like to become a vampire. Once back in 2006, I had a dream where I bit this person on the upper part of the inner thigh & drank some of his blood. The next day he came over to my house to show his girlfriend the place he was bitten. It looked the kind of marks you would see if a real vampire had bit him. Can you tell me how that could be possible? I also believe that somewhere I am related to Vlad Tepes, or Vlad the Impaler as some people called him. I live in Iowa. I hope you can make it some day to my hometown. I'm going to open up an amatuer wrestling company soon. But I would also really love to become a vampire. Stay safe all you real vampires. I am one human who doesn't want any harm to come to you.
    Prince of Dracula

  96. Sorry, did my comments get deleted or did i post them elsewhere??
    I'm quite sure i didn't break any rules.
    Anyway, here are some questions that i want to ask.

    1) Vampires are not supposed to go out in the direct sunlight as it will burn the skin, right? Does applyin sunscreen or walking under the shades of an umbrella help to prevent that?

    2) How do you travel overseas without the proper authentic documents? I think the customs officer would be surprised to see a passport that says "Age: 144 years". =D

    3) I bet u have sensitive taste. Does each individual human/ animal blood taste different?

    4) I see a post that says a person can be turned into a vamp. One way is by the transfering of vampire blood to a human body. Does a vampire really have blood circulating in the body? If yes, is the method even possible?

    I'm really sorry to ask so many questions. Hope you can answer them. Thanks a lot.

  97. Hey Samantha!
    How do you get the courage to tell the world?!
    I am 16 and am very interested in all things Paranormal. I have always believed that vampires exist, and am very appreciative of your strength to share your secret. My one and only question is: How do you find blood? Do you have a doner? Or do you thrive on animal blood? Do you have a “hook-up” at the local blood bank???? Sorry, I don’t mean to bombard you… I’m just merely, very curious…..

  98. Just curious- no babe vampires cant turn back into humans... i wish that was true...

  99. Samantha-
    I have had a boyfriend bite me and draw blood before if thats counts it hurt then it just stopped we dated for almost a year but yea i havent even heard from him since and that was 2 years ago

  100. Mark - unsubscribing from the site has nothing to do with it. Anyone at your house may put "Mark" into the name field and post a reply

  101. Mark- almost everything your grandparents told you was true.. except we dont have venom... other full blooded vampire might hunt in groups or pairs but i would rather hunt alone. yes we are very dangerous and its hard for me to control my emotions. and i can kill humans easy.. not that i would want to though. some vampires can read minds and stuff like that.. im more of reading emotions and controlling minds. yes we do have a little bit of a heart beat.. but its not enough o pump blood. thats why we have to drink blood. well thats my theory anyways. yes i would love to meet you.. but i need to get my moods under control before i meet someone new. and being friends would be nice :)

    Sana- yes i have :)

    Faith- im not turning anyone into a vampire. and no stuff like that doesn't help the burn. and i dont have to travel by plain hunny. i can swim and run really fast hehe. yes each human taste different. we dont really have i circulating through our bodys. it just kind of sits there.. i think.. i never feel it circulating. our heart pump isnt strong enough. my theory is thats why we have to drink blood.

    Monty (Dracul) KinKennon- prince of Dracula? thats cute. and about your dream i have no idea about. ive never heard of something like that. maybe the dream was so powerful it happened. and dont let people tell you that dreams cant be powerful like that because they can. ive seen it happen. and id love to visit :)

    Karina Farris- for me to tell this it took a lot of thinking and debating. but we drink on humans.. some vampire kill humans and some dont. but me i do not. i can make humans do thinks. like when i drink blood i make humans think they are dreaming and when im done they dont know what happened. so thats how i do that.. id never hurt a human. :)

    Chevy- i dont know. i mean was you feeling like this before he bit you?

  102. hey I no there's a lot of people on this that are questioning you well than there ganna think I may be goin insain but I was hopeing you may help me or give me advice I have already commented the different stories and I mostly got just experament
    um latly I've been relizeing some realy strang things goin on with me
    I've been haveing a hard time sleeping and im not talkin about I lay there and wate to fall asleep no for the last few months I haven't been sleeping at all realy I would go to sleep around 630 in the morning aroung when the sun comes up and even then I would wake up a few hrs later but I've found it much easyer to sleep in the day
    I even wen to the docters and her gave me sleeping pills and the didn't do anything
    and I've been realy hungry
    all the time I would sit day and have a 6 cours meal and still be starving after that but have a strang craveings
    not to long ago I went out with my girl friend and when we where walkin she stoped and stared at me every strang and kinda scared looking
    she told me mmy eyes where bright yellow at first I thought it ws from the street lamp but when we got home she showed me and they were realy yellow and have been for a whille but that's not what realy even got me thinkin ...
    my gf had cut her hand realy bad and when I seen it I never felt so hungry
    like I wanted to taste it
    and how much I kinda lost control was overwelming after I relized she told me she had felt realy nervis about me then she looked up some ledgins of vamps
    and she told me my cases isn't that much different
    I've been resurching up and down and I've been to a psykick and I no most of thos are fake but this one that I went into as soon as I walked into the door she looked at me and ordered me to get out like she seemed realy freaked out and this happened today so im realy digging this up now I was hopein u may be abel to help me
    give me advice what u think of my case what I can do mabe
    plz comment back cause I need help I wanna no if this might be something or am I just goin nuts

  103. Carlos and Samantha,
    Can vampires get tattoos?
    How do you feel inside?
    I feel sometimes dead inside and have no reason for it.
    I know im not a vampire just curious if others also feel like that.

  104. Samantha,
    You sound like you are one of those vampires that are kind of Rogue the lone wolf type....

    Not from admin - Mark wrote a very interesting comment which I felt deserved its own page. Read Marks full comment:

    Rogue Vampires

  105. OMG i cant believe ur tellin everyone ur life storie!!! its so COOL plz comment bak:))

  106. Samantha-
    i felt feelings and emotions and all that before him but not the blood craving i didnt have that until after.

  107. Samantha,
    There was one of your kind that was supposed to be some all powerful Vampire that came to be in some time BC I forget what year. He was supposed have all kinds of great powers and that fought in all kinds of different wars including your American Civil War and was always very careful and had never been caught. They said he went by all kinds of names and alias. I was once shown a black and white picture called a tin tap of him or what they believed was a picture of him. He looked very young.
    Anyways there was a rumour that went around saying that Barry Sadler, who was some all powerful Slayer and a Soldier of Fortune, born Nov.1 , I am not sure what year, went to meet with this Vampire in South America or Central America in the 1980’s. Barry Sadler was supposed to be the greatest slayers of all of the 21st century apparently, something went wrong and Mr. Sadler was killed. I was told that it was to be a peaceful meeting and there was to be a truce called between Slayers and Vampires. After that, there was to be no peace ever. I guess that’s were the story ends. But I didn’t know the Barry Sadler or that Vampire. So, I hope we can still be friends and you don’t try the same thing.

  108. anthony- its true that you do have the symptoms of a vampire, and the eyes top it off to. Humans arent suppose to have yellow eyes. My eyes as a vampire are yellow sometimes, but mostly when i havent had enough blood. Have you have any strange encounters with people? Or have you felt like you have blacked out and had some strange dream? Or found any kind of strange brusing on your body? If so this could mean you have been bitten by a vampire. The vampire just erased your memory or it. Just incase i would be super careful around the people you love. But dont stay away from then. Because the more you are around people the more you can control these cravings of blood.

    Anna- vampire cannot get tattos sadly. And i feel kind of empty inside sometimes. Like i am missing something. ITs not my favorite feeling in the world.

    Anonymous- thank you :) Its really hard though. Because there is these people who dont believe you and call you a lier.. But i do understand that its really hard to believe something like this. If someone would have told me they was a vampire when i was human i would have laughed in their face and walked away.

    Chevy- than it is possible that you are a vampire. Do you ever feel like you can control other peoples minds? Or like you can kind of read their minds? Or just feel how the feel even when you dont want to?

    Mark- thats a very interesting story. And of course we will be friends. I would never harm anyone no matter what unless i have to. I would love nothing more for there to be peace with humans and vampires or any other creature. I promise you will not try and kill you. :)

  109. samantha , i believe you , and i find your story very interesting.

    carlos- can you explain ; what is it like to be a vampire please ?
    physic abilites?
    animal blood?
    human blood?
    thanks .

  110. i can hear peoples thoughts all the time and ill answer a question outloud that they didnt say out loud and yes i feel thier emotions whether i like it or not but i can control how they feel to i can make a person really happy or sad etc.

  111. chevy , to you drink blood?

  112. well where I live strange is like the normal way of living lol
    but latly people have been acting like there a lil scared or something im not shur

    I have had a few black out at work school but never realy thought much of it
    I remember wakeing up with a few bruses that I don't remember how they got there
    now that I think of it I found thouse brouses about a week befor this started happening
    even yester day I had a sharp pain in my shoulder and there was like scrach marks on my neack and shoulder
    do you think that could be from a vamp

  113. there's another thin I wanted to add in on the last msg there was a realy strang thing
    every moring my gf comes to my house and we walk to school and one morning I herd a nock on my window and I was woundering what's goin on then I realized she was nocking on my window I opened the window and asked her why she didn't just open my door she told me that there was someone infront of my door and he look realy angry I lloked out the pep hole and there was a man standing infront of my door and it looked like he was trying to look in I was just lookin then 2 sec later he like disappered I was odvisly like what the ....
    and the thing that realy made me angry was that someone has been tryin to break into my house over and over again from the front door that's why I just stood at the front door lookin threw the pep hole to see if he was ganna try anything but then he was gone mabe he was a vamp u think?

    and there was one night it was accualy the same night as that incadint
    exept I don't realy remember it all I remember is wakeing up the next day and my mom was like what wherte u doin last night I was like what u mean she gose to me I herd like heavey breaking liek a growlin she said it sounded like I was pasest sorry for my spelling
    she said she was scared to go in my room yea I no what a great mom I have right ...
    but I don't remember anything from that night is that the kinda incadint u talkin bout

  114. does ur body have quick self-healing abilities??

  115. Barbie- thanks... :)

    Chevy- u possibly could be a vampire. but like barbie asked. have you ever drank blood before? or recently?

    anthony- you possibly could have had some encounters with a vampire. i would be extremely careful with what you do.

    faith- my body never gets hurt.. my skin wont break. i can never have a cut. im sure if something is strong enough that i could get cut... but never have i had a cut since ive been a vampire.

  116. Samantha,
    I've heard that tatoos do not take on true full blooded vampires. That the ink disappears a few hours after. Is this true? I have also heard that you can jump from outstanding heights and not get hurt. Is this true? Can a vampire block out all of the awful smells that come from a human the feces the urine? or are these delicacies too your kind? Is the blood line of your sire real or not? Can you you die if your sire is killed? Do you know this? Do you ever feel your sire may be watching. Please answer soon.

  117. Carlos,
    Is there ever a chance that you will become a full blooded vampire or do you have any desire to be a full blooded vampire? I never asked you this and sometimes you sound like you would like to be a full blooded vampire?

  118. Samantha,

    If you ever did cange your mind and choose to hurt me or kill me I am sure that there would be no shame in being hurt or killed by one of your kind. In fact, it would be what the "Spartans" called a good death. Just make it quick. LOL.

  119. is there any way I could find out fer shur that I am or not I already no feedin but anything else besides that?

  120. anthony- there's only one absolute way to determine whether u're a human. Go n buy a thermometer n measure ur body temp. Do take note that clinical themometer only measures within a specific range. Coz any temp of a human that is too low/high to be even read by the thermometer is impossible. In other words, the person is s'posed to be dead/ not living.
    N vampires do have very cold skins. I hope it helps..

  121. faith
    thanks for all your help every one im ganna try that thing that u said faith im ganna try to find a mentor or a vampier that can help me
    I no this is not ganna be easy but its worth a shot if u know any vampiers in newyork that may be able to help me plz let me know
    Im ganna try to feed and some other stuff if any other tips or if u no any one please let me know

  122. Monty (Dracul) KinKennonFebruary 8, 2010 at 10:54 PM

    I forgot to tell you that sometimes since having that dream I get the taste of blood in my mouth. It's so strong it's like I just recently drank some blood. Anyway, I would love to find a vampire that would be willing to bring me across as a vampire. I realize there would be a lot that I'd be giving up. But I'm ready to give it all up to live forever.

  123. you existes so i have a question
    Allk of you just can get out at night??

  124. hey Samantha,
    your story is really hard to believe. You said that you are 144 year old, I want to know do you look like 144 years old? How many friends you had in your whole life? And do you ever get married or loved someone?

  125. Hi everyone

    I belive that vampires really do exist but...I m sorry sometimes it looks like a lot of you pretend that they are vampires but they are not...Some things which you wrote are the same like in movies and books...And i dont believe that people are so close to real vampire so they can make a movie and it is almost the same in real...

  126. butterfly - you can find the answer to your question by reading. Funny but some "vampires" say that sunlight bothers or hurts them while others say it has no effect.

  127. Mark- all that you said was true.. how do you know all of this? and i never met my maker. he could be watching but i dont know.

    Monty (Dracul) KinKennon- whats kiving forever? nothing last forever i hope you know that. living forever isnt that best. like ive said before i love being a vampire. but death is easy, life is hard. i get to watch everything fall and die. and it seem all in slow motion.

    sumbul- i dont look 144 years old. and ive only had one friend, and im not married to anyone and i dought i ever will.

    Michaela- what you dont understand is the movie people are getting all of this from old time ledgens that are true. did you ever think the idea had to come from somewhere? some of the "vampire" movies are quite stupid. like twilight, thats fake beyond anything. i have yet to see a vampire movie that is actually something like the real thing. some are close.. but never actually like us. there will never be a movie that is 100% truthful unless a real vampire had made it.

    Vampire Truth- for some vampires the doesnt really hurt, normally the really old vampires cant be hurt that bad from the sun. depending on how long they stayed out. young vampire will be hurt badly by the sun because there skin is still voulnerable.. me thet sun does burn if i stay out for like an hour. i choose not to go outside. its irritating to my eyes. it all depends on how old you are really.

  128. samantha,
    what is the closest movie to “real vamps” . maybe anne rice’s movies/ novels ?

    i have a really good person that tells me things about vampires. and i do believe her .
    but i have a question to the REAL vampires out there on this site such as carlos and samantha and cicily ;; is it true that vampires can only turn humans every 50 years?

  129. Hey barbie. Ive never heard of that but i doubt its true.

  130. Barbie- i havent seen a movie super close to the real vampires. they always leave something out. And i have never heard of that. we can change humans anytime we like.

  131. cicily- oh okay thanks , it didnt really make sense to me either ( the whole 5o years thing ) but at the same time it did because if that was true , then it makes sense why most of the population are human .
    i dont know lol , all this is so confusing . i would love to see everything with my own eyes , and i hope one day i will .

  132. Samantha- oh okay , thanks =] how many people / or whats the percantage of vampires in the USA ( in your opinion )

  133. Samantha / barbie- yes i drink blood my last feeding was last night which the date would be 2-9-10

  134. hi, samantha, i am very facinated buy you. i dont know how, but i actually believe you. I didnt believe until now that your kind actually existed. ive done reasearch , and i can never find anything except " Bite me!" dont get me wrong, i wanna be a vampire too, but im a little young, so ive decided to wait until i graduate in about 8 more years. i know im a little too young to be facinated by this stuff, but you have made me so curious! i have so many qestions for you but ill keep it to one at a time. does it hurt to be out in the sun for more than a few hours. or do you deteriorate after a limited time?

    oh and samantha, do vampires really have supernatural gifts, or is it just strength and speed?

  135. How long can u survive without feeding? If vampires don't feed for too long a time, besides being weak, are there any other symptoms? According to your knowlege, which country is most populated/ favoured by the vamps?


  136. Hi samantha, i was wondering how u feel about vamp books and movie, do they upset or a amuse u?

  137. samantha your story is verry interesting and i really belive you.....i want to become a vampire too..but i don't know how.....I read that vampire vennin is verry powerfull...i would like to be a friend of yours if that is ok.......I'm from Romania,and my country has her own story about vampires and blood you drink human blood or animal blood? me you are a verry nice person

  138. hey Samantha,
    thanx for reply. Like you said you just had one friend and never got married, but you ever fell in love with someone and if yes so is he was also a vampire? And I want to ask you that dont you ever feel sad that you had never seen your parents, and dont have friends I mean I cant live without my parents and friends,dont you think if you were a normal person you must have a better life then this?

  139. Hi, is me again.... i was wondering, how is it like not having a family??? i would/ will be sad when i cant see my family for thier own saftey.

  140. Barbie- i really wouldnt know.. but guessing there isnt more than humans because if that was true we would have to find something else to feed on... i dont really know

    Chevy- well guess you could call yourself a vampire then.

    danny- no we will not deteriorate but we will burn, but it depends on how old you are for the limit of time to be outside. if your really old you can be out for a few hours. but if you a newly turned vampire you really cant be out for more than twenty minutes. and yes we have supernatural gifts. but its not extream like on "twilight" i can feel emotions and change peoples minds. i must admit its not great not having family. but, its not all bad. they died and thats natural. its something i should have done awhile ago. and i have a really good friend and she seems like my sister. except a little difference. :)

    Faith- normally we can survive without a few months. but again it all depends. i can survive without it for a few months. but for other people it could be a week. and i really would know where the most populated place would be. i wouldnt know. vampires arent really populated. there is probably like only a million or two.

    Ally- some are really annoying. like twilight. and some are entertaining. depends. :)

    alice- i like your name. and being friends would be great :) i love Romania. thats one of my favorite places to visit. :) and i drink human blood, but i dont kill them. and thanks. i try to be really nice

    sumbul- yes. i have fell in love.. well i guess falling in love. no he isnt a vampire. i miss my parent really bad, and being alone isnt all that bad. but i live with my friend now, and shes great. and maybe if i was a normal person i could have a better life. but i love my life right now. :)

  141. Samantha -
    thank you .
    some other questions ..
    how long would it take you to run a mile ?
    any famous people you know that are vampires ?

  142. thanks for the reply Samantha,it's nice to have one true friend here, I wanted to ask you do you think of yourself as beeing damned ? because most of the vampires do think these because of that thing with souless creatures? and do you know how can a human become vampire,is the thing with drinking vampire blodd?....sorry for asking you so many things is just curiosity and if you would like to ask me anything you can do it no matter the time,if you would ever have the ideea to visit Romania I would be verry delighted to meet you Alice

  143. hey samantha! thanks for the reply, it was nice.but i honestly know a vampire. im like in love with him, he likes me, but its really wierd.he is 18. he wont change me at all not even when i become his own age. he said that he didnt have a choice and he wants me to think until its time. did you have a choice, did you choose this life? and also i dont have many friends, everyone calls me a freakk. would you like to be my friend? again thanks for your reply. i have a few more qestions. did you ever look back on the life you once had? if you die, do you think you would go to hell?

  144. hey samantha,
    How are you? I am glad and thankfull that you are answering my questions. And I got lot more questions, so here it's come. You said that you are living with your friend is she is also vampire? And if not did you ever drink her blood? And how many vampires do you know? Did you ever travel to India? And once again, thankyou for answering.

  145. Samantha- I meant people who wrote that they drink animal s blood and theire best friends are werewolfs and so on...Of course there have to be something that inspire this movies and stories...Thanks for your reply =) ...All I want to say is that i don t like when is a new movie or book and everyone start to pretend that he is a vampire and he do everything like in that book or movie...
    If you don t mind I would like to know in which book or movie it was almost truth and some other things but only if you want to share it...Thank you

  146. huhhhh!!!!! This is crazy, Samatha you are either a attention seeker our just mad!!! 144 years ya how did you get all around the world??? did ya swim because as was stated was very expensive then. people here that wants to be "changed" yer mixing up words its brain washed!!!!! Im sorry but its all in your heads, i believe you where 17 wen ya "changed", when ya read something our a friend told about this and you said "oh I am a vampire or came up with a crazy story yourself. I feel sorry for all this people acually i dont
    if ye wana be insane and livin in your crazy world hey who am i to judge
    Might "change" in to a fairy my self for the fun of it!!!

  147. Barbie- well really it would only take me a minute or less, and no their isnt any famous vampires that i know.. really their isnt any vampires at all that i know

    alice- no i cant really say that i think of myself damned. I really enjoy being a vampire, its just sometimes i wish i could switch out.. like be a vampire one day and human the next.. and you may think me crazy but i have never really understood the changing of human to vampire.. But i will test it out, my guess is the exchange of human blood and vampire blood, but not exactly sure. And i might be taking a trip to Romania very soon :D

    danny- well i dont really blame him, its a life i wouldnt out upon people unless you really know you can handle it, its not so easy to sit around and watch everyone die, and no i didnt get to choose this life, i dont even remember the person who changed me, i never saw them, why they choose me i dont know, maybe it was for a reason, maybe one day ill stumble upon that person, and your arent a freak, they just dont understand you, normally human tend to freak out when they dont understand something and they call you a freak to make them think they understand you, dont pay no mind to them, and i would love to be your friend, hmm yes i have, well what i can remember of it anyways. I can remember waking up and not understanding what happened, i remeber someone finding me and telling me everything, i assumed that i fell and hit my head, but some of my past life has come back to me, i dont understand all of this. And i dont think ill go to hell, im a good person and believe in god very much, but that decision isnt mine to make.

    sumbul- hello, i am really good and i hope the same for you.. No my friends isnt a vampire, but hopefully ill change her because she is like my sister and i love her dearly, and no even though ive come close i havent drank her blood, and i know no other vampire besides myself and the people on here if they are truthful. Yes i have been to India, and what a nice place it is. :)

    Michaela- understand that, i am nothing like in the movies, although to you i may seem that way, i swear to you im not... and truthfully the move "Queen of the damned" was one closest to us so far.. but not exact.. We dont have a "queen" and our skin cant be punctured. And weather we can shoot fire out of our hands is unknown to me, and unlike Lastat, we could never really just come out in public like that and tell the whole world, but on here, is a small, but big start, and one day i hope that we can tell the whole world publicly, and we all can get along, but as of now, only on here we tell our secret. And hopefully one day people can accept the fact that we are real instead of laughing in our face, so to speak :)

  148. Hi Samantha, You seem extremely cool, regardless of the fact you being a vampire.. I think that came out right, oh well. I think you'll get the point, haha.
    Note from Admin - Please follow the rules and do not try to post, or ask others for, contact information

  149. I left two replys hear all ready but the keep being deleted. I guess some one doesn't want pepole to no my opion on this, why I wonder. People like you samantha anoy me. Its obvious tha you are not telling the truth as things you have said just dont add up. These people are lookin g at you like you are some sort of god and i can imagine you in your work, collage r for all i no school!!!! your either a lier our intention seeker. I feel sorry for these people who been brain washed by you but if their happy to kiss as you and kiss at your feet i guess why should i care sorry if i offended any one hear

  150. :-) Hello to everyone ! I have read all this comments and i find them very interesting :-)
    My name is Marija and i am from Macedonia.I will really like to meet a real vampire like Samantha or Carlos ....
    So if you have free time please do come to Macedonia.I like vampires, my life is just like the vampire's life,exept for the speed, the blood, ..... , i also cant be on the sun for more of half hour,i like to be in the dark more .
    I will like to find some REAL vampire who will like to change me! :-) PLEASE !!!
    Please SAMANTHA , CARLOS , or anyone else, just answer me PLEASE !!!
    :-) With all my love ans respect
    :-) MARIJA :-)

  151. Hey Samantha, why you don't like '' Twilight '' or '' New moon '' ??
    I like them very much, i think that the story is great !
    After all they are only a movies. :-)
    and i would like to know what you think about '' Interview with the vampire '' ??

  152. Aisling- That is you who is "ANOYING" and "RUDE" also. If you dont belive in all this so plzz.. stay away from this site, because yes nobody want to know your opinion in here. And plz dont care and dont feel sorry for us, Just consontrate on your own life. I dont know why u guys dont understand that your comment can hurt someone?
    And yes after saying all this I also wanna say "SORRY IF I OFFENDED YOU ".

  153. Hi, my name is Lea.
    I would like to ask Samantha on what she feed? Human or animal blood and how she does that ?
    Samantha you said that you are in love with someone. Does he know about you been a vampire?
    If not, when will you tell him? Anyway i wish you all the best , and if it's possible i would really
    like to know you better.

  154. Samantha - wow that's fast ! ( haha ) , thanks for the information =]
    Aisling - If , we are crazy , if Samantha is lying , if vampires don't exist , then oh - well . let us be .
    but you , have no intention of being here .
    & yes i feel that you offended me , apology not accepted.
    keep writing Samantha !=]

    oh and Samantha !
    i have another question concerning the speed at which you run –
    did a human ever see you run .. well CAN a human see you run ?
    or is it to fast for them ? Or does it seem like a “blur”

  155. Hi Samantha...I fascinated to your story...I am from Slovakia. I think that more questions are written but I can ask you ... at the beginning u wrote that u are busy...what are you doing? you have a job or what.....I am sorry I don know very good englis language..I hope that you will me to understand .....thank

  156. Hello,I am ilexus And i live in georgia and i have had a really hard life and i just wanted somone to talk to and i was just wondering if i could talk to you if thats alll right.?

  157. Hi Samantha ... Carlos.
    Have you ever been in Brazil?
    I wanna tell you that would be an honor to meet people like you ... I mean people with such an awesome experience of life.
    And also I wanna say, and you will have to agree, that it's kinda hard to believe in this kind of stuff without any proof or just seeing, but somehow I believe in both, specially Samantha (I don't know why).
    How can I contact any of you?
    I have so much questions...
    Do you know any vampire who lives here in my country (Brazil)?
    Immortality ... Is it real? Those "powers" like speed, strength ... Are they fact too?
    Michel Wandir.

    NOTE from Admin - Do not post you personal contact information here, please read the rules above the comment box

  158. aisling- That is you is "ANOYING" & "RUDE" also. I dont know what you guys doing here if you dont beleive in all this, this website is not for your type of people so just please... stay away from this site. And yes nobody want to know your opinion in here. And please dont feel sorry for us just consantrate on your own life it will be good for you. I dont know you guys dont understand that your comment can hurt someone?
    And after all this I want to say I am sorry ' IF I OFFENDED YOU '..

  159. Thats great im glad were friends. I dont believe you'll go to hell either. God is forgiving, and anyways youll live forever, Right? Do you believe in god? All my life has been hell and im hopping for a better heaven, if he is real, not saying hes not. I have always wondered, about vampires. are they accually immortal, acctually live forever? Also do shape shifters kill vampires? I never thought about it, like in twilight, its all fiction so i wondered if that part was fiction to. not saying that vampires arent real, ibelieve you, i was talking about that whole glittery in the sun thing. thank and i look foward to your next reply. Oh one more thing, thanks for being my friend! you are great.....

  160. I agree with sumbul yall that dont belive in vampires then why do you come here? Its mostly 4 people who do belive in them just stop let us belive wat we want and yall belive in wat you want to.omg is that sooo hard to do?

  161. marija- i dont like twilight because its ridiculous.. i mean the story is sweet, but why would vampire sparkle? and i love the movie interview with the vampire :)

    lea- i feed on human blood, and really what i do is hypnotize the people sorta and drink their blood.. no harm done :) and no he does not know im a vampire, and i dont ill ever tell him. :/

    Barbie- no the humans dont see me, vampire are only seen when they want to be, :) we are to fast for the human brain. :)

    Irena- i dont have a job, normally im feeding or just trying to figure this life out :)

    ilexus- it is perfectly fine if you talk to me, im always here :)

    Michel Wandir- yes i understand it would be hard to believe, and really i dont have any way of contact.. and i have a cell phone(believe it or not :)) but i personally dont feel comfortable leaving my phone number on here.. and vampires are everywhere.. you just have to look hard. and yes we are very strong and we have "powers" but mostly they are of the mind. because our minds a very strong :)

    danny- yes i live forever, but everything must end, and yes i believe in god. their are shape shifters, but they dont/cant kill vampire. :) and its great being your vampire.

    * And thanks everyone for your support. Its much appreciated :) *

  162. samantha, is it possible that everything that you thought that were myths and legends be true? my head is spinning in so many directions. and`on the whole god thing, if vampires are soules, again not saying they are, but how did vampires appear on this planet, if everything in the bible and things like that are against it, then how did they even exist. thats why i dont believe any vampire would go to hell if god invinted them. mabey god put them on this planet to stop the planet from getting to populated, you never know. i dont expect you to know anything apon this subject, but im curious to what your thoughts are on this subject. i dont know if this subject afends any of you but i cant help but to wonder and wonder how a REAL vampire feels on the subject. and samantha, i love your imput, so please dont hold back, no matter what they say. like you told me they only say those things they just dont understand you, normally human tend to freak out when they dont understand something and they call you a fake to make them think they understand you, they just cant exept that theres anything in this world more complex than human. Samantha, its great bieng your human!!!!!!

  163. hey samantha you said that you drank someone's blood by hyonotizing, who is that person and did he or she know that you drink her blood?

  164. I looked up vampires as i have a great interest In all this sort of thing, I find it so interesting learning about this accent stories of vampires, to find out of stories that have been around for years and to learn about these amazing "creatures" i will call them as seen I have never met a vampire I dont no what to say. what did I find!!!! People making a mockary of all the Interesting, amazing stories that have been around for years!!! This is making a laugh of the stories that have been around for years
    Samanta for some one that is 144 you would think you would have better vocabulary and have some thing more Interesting to say then "i havent seen a movie super close to the real vampires" Is it superdeduper clostiest!!!

    It really dissapointed me to find a site like this, Vampires are legends that their names have been around for centuries and I just hate Seeing there amazing life stories, all the things that people don't no about these amazing legengs being ruined but this site. There reputation is now known as movie watching, web browsing, aniamal eating immature "humans"
    I am affended, I hope the stories and ledends that have been around for years keep being in the future, NOT the "Vampires" that enjoy telling their "powers" and "stories" that are hear

    why would you care if people don’t believe in you???
    Tell me why you are hear??

  165. Vampire Truth AdminFebruary 22, 2010 at 3:29 AM

    Aisling - If you ~ "hate Seeing there amazing life stories, all the things that people don’t no about these amazing legengs being ruined but this site." ~ then you have the chance to make it better by telling us the truth about vampires.

    Also you said ~ "why would you care if people don’t believe in you?" I agree with that! I really wonder about people who get angry just because someone else doesn't believe them, especially when it involves people you do not know.

  166. sam,
    what do you mean by "look hard"? here in Brazil ... i never heard any news of vampires. tell me how can i find one.
    your cell ... it would be an international call and its very expensive (lol) ... =)

    thanks for answering me.
    very grateful.

  167. nice storie and i like to know more thanks

  168. Hi samantha! i was just thinking, the internet is so large, there are so many websites, so many resulsts for searches in search engienes. how did you find this particular site and, out of all teh otehrs, why did you post your story here. i found this site while randomly looking for info and stuff abuto vampires.

  169. Monty (Dracul) KinKennonFebruary 22, 2010 at 4:55 PM

    For all you people who think that vampires are not real, think again. I can't explain it, but I whole heartedly believe that Samantha is a real vampire. I would also like to meet a real vampire & have that vampire to turn me into a vampire. Also, if you don't like what you read here, you don't have to come here anymore. Because we'll continue to talk about vampires all the time. Samantha, I'll always be glad to have you as a friend, even if you are a vampire. Who knows, maybe someday soon I'll also be a vampire. Talk with everyone again soon.

  170. Ummmm...okaaaaaay. This is wierd, you are weird, people who believe in vampires are weird, i think i have read enough books and novels to tell if a story is true or not when i read it and i can tell that samantha's story is 100% fiction. You said you forgot everything except your name how can that be, please explain, and the person that found you took you to your parents and you just went with him/her??? as far as i can tell you are a girl who has just woken up in an unfamiliar place covered in blood and remembers nothing, if i was you i would be scared of everyone and everything and my automatic response would be to attack, and now that i'm a vampire im probably strong i would not go with that stranger who found me and i would not stay in my "parents" house i would run because i would'nt remember who they are.
    I'm a bit slow so please tell me why a vampire, knowing that the goverenment would try to eliminate them and that they try to live in secrecy would post their story on the internet?
    I also noticed that the way you write and your grammar is a bit modern for someone who was born and grew up in the 1800's (you did not give the exact date, why?) was'nt that like over 200 years ago, i woud've thought your english would be more sophisticated.

  171. I dont have the truth about vampires, I only have what I researched, Im sorry I just honestly believe samantas lyin. Like myself ye have your own opinion and I dont take peoples opinions to heart, as every one has there own, Ill let ye be happy in whom ever ya want to believe and who is making ye happy answerin questions ya want answered. bye now

    Vampire Truth Admin, That is also a reason I think thats shes a fake, some one as old and wise I dont think would be "ran" of because she's getting bullyed and no one believes her.
    I respect ye all for what ye believe in it just a problom I have with liars and fakes, which i do belive is samantha but thats just my opinion and have a big mouth and its just my personality to want people to no my opions, eve if the dont wana hear dem :O
    Ill wont be annoyin any one any more just said what I wanted to say

  172. danny- you could be right, i think that god is very real, i dont know what caused me to believe in him, i just have this feeling that he is real, maybe i was turned into a vampire for a reason, i dont really know. Ive never set down and thought about all of this, I just know(think) he is real. :)

    sumbul- i drink random peoples blood, i dont know who they are. And no they have no idea im doing it, although they may wonder where the bruise came from on their neck.

    Aisling- i am used to the vocabulary from back then okay, and i can spell anyway that i want to, and really if you dont like dont read it. And before you ask me what im doing here, ask yourself that question. But i respect your opinion. If you dont believe me then fine, nothing i can do. But, why would i lie? To make myself seem cool? No, i dont like to lie sweetheart, i know who i am, and if you interested in vampires, then listen, dont make a jump to judge, and i understand my vocabulary isnt great. i know im suppose to put an apostrophe, but i choose not to because it takes up to much of my time and some words are spelled wrong sure, but everyone makes mistakes, even if i am 144 okay, anyways you all seem to understand what im talking about anyways, Right?

    Michel Wandir- well really, its not easy trying to find a vampire ive been trying for awhile, i dont know how to tell you, but i can tell you were you could find me, i live in a great house and i like dark places, and i wear dark cloths. Im sure other vampires do as well. Normally you would find me somewhere really dark, so maybe you should look in dark places.

    Aquamairne - you see, im always researching things about vampires, because i was not told anything about them, and i was not taught because i dont know my maker, over the years instinct has helped me, although i study myself and ive learned a lot. So i was searching stuff, and i found this web site and i was overwhelmed, vampires was here, well if they are truthful, because i long to be with my kind, i have never met someone like me, thats why its hard to tell people how to find other vampire because ive been trying forever. So this site caught my eye and i felt like this was the place. :)

    Monty (Dracul) KinKennon- thank you, your interest in vampires amaze me, ive only met one person who actually accepted me. And thats my friend Makailey. All you people who accept vampires are so great, and you dont know how much that actually mean. :)

    Anya- ok i didnt even read all of your comment, and you know, novels are totally fiction, so how are you suppose to know if a story is real or not? But i understand, its hard to believe all this, its okay, but dont come on MY POST and insult me please. If you dont believe then go! okay i know who i am, just as well as you know you. Thank you.

  173. samantha, im sorry about all the haters. anyone who insults you insults me and i would be happy to chew them out, in more than one way. i bet some stuff is hard for her to talk about so be glad shes sharing this with us everyone. i keep my emotions bottled because im afraid of what peopl may think and shes brave enough to do what i cant. i envy her in so mant ways, but i dont sit there and dis her on her own website. instead i became friends and now i wont put up with anyone hurting her. its not right or even human. its cruel and to the haters i hope i gave you something to think about because if yall ever post a bad post about her, i will become your worst night mare. samantha, i hope to meet you someday soon. not because your a vampire but because your a nice person who has opened a whole different world for me. you has finally opened my eyes to things i would not even talk about before. you have inspired me and i would like to meet the person behind my new world. if you were wondering im not a syco. i hope you could take me up on my offer. it would mean so much to me.

    ok now for the questions.,,, do vampires get stomack and head pains. do they feel physical pain? i was just wondering if you do or dont, why do u think so? ok now im going to use an anollogy for this one, if, lets say i were a vampire, how do you track down others of your kind? or is it not possible unless you stummble across them on a freak accident? oh and this one has been driving me crazy, how do you feed on some one without killing or turning that person? if you dont know the anwsers thats ok, but if you do please explain them to me because, it drives me crazy in my dreams. one more question, do you have a myspace? thats all i have until your next reply but i hope you can take me up on the offer about us meeting. :) if you need anything your humans here.

  174. I see there are some still picking on you. Hope your doing well Vampire Girl. Hope Kentucky is well too. My offer for you to visit me still stands. Remember, I live in Canada. Your friend Mark. Take care.

  175. Samantha after you bite them is that possible that they also converted into vampire? and if yes so can you tell me the process I mean how? Do you do some job or something like that? Did you ever go to school or college?
    I hope you don't mind that I am asking you lot of questions..

  176. =) Hi!
    Thanks...Do you know someone like you?And what did you do all that years I know that you traveled but where exatctly what did you do in that contries...And what you do all the time it cannot be only about feeding....????

  177. samanta - Do you believe In ghosts, faries r banshees or lepercaunes?? other mistical creatures

    This site interests me not really as vampires cause i just read stories in books and the net, not commenrs and that about vampires. its the people here that interest me, i wana no is it that you really believe you are a vampire, as in you might drink peoples blood and behave like a vampire is ment to, but I wonder does that make ya a vampire then??? Lets say I started to do all the trates that vampires do, And really believe im a vampire, does it make me one?? And some people have this weird way of making people change there minds our the decisions on something, its a very rare and weird part of some ones personality, if you were one of these personalitys and started too really look into this could that make you start to think are you a vampire.

    The thing that gets me is that ya never age, I cant get it into my head that a 144yr old vampire would be on the net and speak so naturally, i say naturally because cant think of any word to discribe it

    Do you really think you are a vampire, so does that make you one??

  178. sam,
    dark places? so you're telling me that i only will find vamps in the dark?
    just this? dark places?

  179. here, where i live, i dont think theres a vampire. i live in the northeast of my country. very hot, people dont stay in the streets until too late ... i mean if i was a vamp i wouldnt live here =)
    but ... it will be really something if i meet one.

  180. hello samantha i am a huge fan of vampires though i have never met one and i am also a bit of a skeptism...sorry i know i didn't spell that right any way's i would love to be prooved wrong about all my theory's about vampires. if there is any possible way you can send me a message back on here and tell me something that would be great. i want to beleive but have a hard time doing it so... thank's and hope to hear from you soon.

  181. Aisling,
    Believing is hard and too hard for many people. So they lash out at others for no reason. Maybe instead you should wait. Something might happen that changes your mind. I hope it's not too frightening. It sounds like a lot of the research that you have done comes from myths and movies. There is an aspect beyond what you have read and researched and I am not too sure you would be accepting of that. Some are actually frightened when they find out about the real truth about these beings. Insulting Samantha does nothing though.

    She was made when she was very young. I believe probably too young and most of her still lives in that time. I know that's really hard to swallow. You have to also remember that she has moved to this time always with the mind of a 17-year-old. A vampire so young can read and learn but I was always taught that the young ones are vunerable like any young person to flattery and their perceptions of time reflect that of the age they were made. They are intelligent however they do forget things. Their minds accept that of what a young person accepts.

    The supernatural aspect that they are immortal is not exactly true. They can be killed and some have even committed suicide. But they can live a very long time and stay young looking. There are different types of Vampires. Some are absolutely frightening. Some are friendly but beware of what they say. They are always looking to feed. That is their life. These beings have been around for a long time and their lives are not that easy. They are still hunted down to this day but for different reasons.
    They flush after feeding and become very strong physically, sunlight makes them feel uncomfortable but does not burn them to nothing, you can't kill them with a stake in the heart. They have to be decapitated. They all prefer the blood of the young and healthy but the blood of the living will do. The blood of the dead makes them sick and manageable. The full blooded vampires are very hard to hunt and kill. They can smell you and hold on to your scent for a long time and when they decide to hunt you it can be a problem if you don't know how to get rid of them. They can jump unbelieable heights and not get hurt and chasing after them is virtually impossible unless you know what you are doing. They don't have to go to bathroom. In fact, some are so ol they don't remember the last time they went to the bathroom. I guess thats one cool thing about being a F B Vamp. They do have sex though but don't really need to. Blood is their fancy.

    I don't know if you will ever meet a real one Aisling. I hope if you do, it is just in passing. They are dangerous and always unpredictable. They usually just want your blood. Usually, older ones that were made when they were older tend to be more---well focused and may talk to you. But beware of them too. They are all tricky.

    Everyone else out there that is human: A warning to the human beings that want to be a vampire. This doesn't make you better. Being a vampire is not easy. Living your life and changing is natural. Vampires love it when humans want to be vampires. It's the easiest prey. Yum Yum.....

    Sorry, if I insulted Samantha. You must know with your tiny heart beat that I do like you. In fact, I have every confidence that we will meet. You are so sweet. Have a great weekend and don't drink too much.

  182. Hi Mark,
    When you say that they cant use the bathroom, how do they digest the blood they drink?

  183. danny- thank you danny. My stomach feels a little weird when i eat human food, and my head feels weird when i havent drank blood in awhile, and i dont feel physical pain, but emotional pain. and i guess another vampire would find another one by scent, but ive never been around vampires to pick up scent. And really if you dont drink all of their blood they will live. And i dont know how its possible to not turn them when you drink their blood. Maybe something has to be done. And no i dont have a myspace. But i can make on if you all would like.

    Mark- you are so nice to me. And you knowledge on vampires interest me, where do you learn this? And i like talking to you on here, i dont know why, but you are very friendly and interesting :) I would love to come see you like i have said before. Our time to meet will be eventually :)

    sumbul- when i bite them they do not turn into vampires. I am not for sure exactly how that works. Maybe i they have to drink my blood as well. Im to scared to figure it all out. And i think i went to school. Like ive said, my memory if faint.

    Michaela- well i normally looked for people like me, and i was reading on all stories about vampires and enjoyed all the sites. And no im not always feeding. I like to research things about me :) and i love to spend time with my friend.And travel throughout the night and see what i can see :) And figure my life out.

    Aisling- yes i believe in all those you named. :)

    Michel Wandir- im sure thats not the only place, but thats where you would find me. I dont know where to find vampire, ive been trying this whole vampire life. Im sorry

    stacy- what would you like to know?

  184. She doesn't sound like a teenager that is from over a centry old. Who am I to say whats real and fake. Its just who am I ment to beliave? there is thousands of sites saying complete oppisite storys of away a vampire is, who is telling the triuth, or is any body?? I seen a vampire dating site !!!
    MARK Are you ment to be a vampire?? I think you are because it would be just strange you answering samanthas comment with all that information if ya werent ment to be

    Mark if you are a vampire is what i said in my last comment true. If you do all the trates that a vampire does do you think you are you a vampire? and do you believe in misticle creatures?

  185. Mark / Samantha -
    Mark , you said that vampires don't use the bathroom .. well then how do they digest blood ? or does it just run in their body ?

    Samantha - So I'm guessing you don't need to use the bathroom ?

    thanks you guys =]

    Also , Mark – You mentioned that their are different type of vampires .. what did you mean by that ?
    Are their different type of vampires – such as each one looks/acts a certain way – or are all vampires like the same ” species ” of vampires ?
    I hope you understand , my wording is a bit off . lol thanks =]

  186. i would like it very much if you made one, but its your choise. when you feel emotional pain does it acctually hurt or like a hurt feelinds type of way? have you ever had animal blood, if you have how is it compared to humans? also what does blood taste like when your a vampire? i tried it and gagged so i was wondering if it tastes better when your a vampire or is it just the urge of it and not the taste?

  187. Thank you for your answer Mark, I really did appreaciate it :)

  188. Barbie- the blood runs through our bodies some how, it keeps out heart in beat, or what little beat it has.
    We don't have to digest blood. We use every bit of it. :)

    danny- i have tasted animal blood. It is not bad, but it does not give me the energy that i need. Its like a human living off of salad for a long time. It is not bad, but you don't get everything you need.

    Mark- that was interesting. It seems that you have a lot of faith in me. Thank you for that. You make me want to visit more and more everyday. Can you please tell me what you look like, just in case i decide to visit? and what part of Canada do you live in again?

    And Aisling i might sound like a modern teenager, but when you live with one you do really pick up on the dialect. Like if you have one certain accent and you move somewhere with a different accent, you will pick up on that. Anyways if I'm going to live forever i do need to pick up on modern language. And yes i know somethings i spell wrong, but you aren't the best speller either. Everyone makes mistakes. Even a old vampire like me. And i do realize i don't put pronunciation with some words. But i do that because i think its pointless. But if it will make you happy i will start putting it. And i can go back to my old dialect if it will make you happy. I just figured you would want to understand what it is I'm talking about.

  189. Hi Samanta I have a question...
    Have any vampires live in Portugal, you like to expand your territory, I mean you should travel?

  190. its not just your dialect, its not your spelling I just get this vibe your not telling the truth (which im known for for been able tell if some one is lying a mile away). Im not saying Im right, but i still have to be proven wrong. There's so many different people here to say there vampires. who to believe???
    ??Do you believe in misiticle creatures??? you would just think after 144 years of being a vampire their be so much more to your life then being here explaining and answering questions about being this, world famous, super natural and "hunted" being that has been heard of for thousands of years.
    Maybe its a vampire thing, maybe you like people hearing who you are and about you

  191. wow… i think i like that chick.. maybe ill be like her and do that to all the people who dont believe in me… its not that i expect them to believe but they just comment bad things i have to say.. they have alredy made there piont wish they would leave me alone with it!

    I see you been bitchin on other sites as well :O

    I heard that people get most affensive when their hearing the truth and not liking it!! tut tut

  192. Monty (Dracul) KinKennonMarch 3, 2010 at 4:56 AM

    Samantha, don't change for anyone. You shouldn't have to change to please anyone. We can accept you for the way you are, or not. I choose to accept you for the way you are. I should also be moving to Des Moines, Iowa sometime thise month. I hope you make it to the US & then to Des Moines, Iowa to see me. Talk with you later & keep strong for those of us who has accepted you for the way you are today.

  193. Hey samantha i didn't know that vampires tend to spend a lot of time on forums, is there a comment that you havn't replied to at all or do you sit at your computer 24/7. Just a question don't take it personally. LOL
    p.s I like Aisling

  194. i have another question, do spells work on turning to a vampire, or do you have to be bitten? And i was wondering, if i could meet you so i could mabey study your actions and mabey test your dna cells to see how infectuos being a vampire really is. i really want to become a vampire, cause i would wnt to study myself in many mesures and learn what more there is to life. h, when you grow immortal, does your coplection really turn? are there really vampires that feed off of energy instead of blood? is there any way i could get changed, somehow, when im OLDER??????? Did you get your myspace yet? if so wats your name so i can look you up and be your friend, if thts ok.

    sorry about all the questions, but i had to ask.

  195. Samantha,
    I Live in Northern Ontario, Canada---it is very cold up here from now until mid May. Not sure how you could find me. He did because he knew my grandfather and other people here. He was a soldier and fought in many wars and there are many old soldiers up here he knew and knew him. I think the people that tried teaching me told him where I was to. He liked my grandfather but my grandfather hated him for some reason. They were in World War II together. He looked much younger than my grandfather. But my grandfather knew him immediately and was very mad when he saw him. He called him all kinds of nasty names in Finnish one was Vampire Monster!

    I will probably be here until September after that who knows. I currenlty work in a hospital. It will be closed by the end of March but I will be in the process of its' decommission until September. It is a very haunting hospital built back in 1949. People here think it's really haunted. I guess the only other clue I could give you is that this town has the worlds biggest nickle and chimny.

    I will know if you are around though. He taught me how to know your presence. I get dizzy around your kind but you would have to be close.

    I am older by chronological age pushing mid to late 40's but I still look in my 30's some say younger but I feel older these days. I have dark blond hair, hazel eyes, 6 feet, 200 pds. I am growning my hair longer now because I still have hair. It is uncommon for males my age. But Just because I look young, I am not a vampire. You will know that. I am sure.

    He hated that word vampire. He thought it was a made up word to describe monsters. He did read "Interview with a Vampire" in the 1970's when Ann Rice was first published and encouraged me to read it when we met in the 1980's. He really liked the book. I did not read it then. But last September I picked up a copy and read it finally and thought about him.

    He thought of himself as an Anchorite and rathered I referred to him as such because he spent most of his free time alone and reading and ponderig the past I guess. Every once and a while he would go out and get his blood from the locals but no one ever got hurt or even remembered. I guess he mastered the art of seduction like you. He never touched me though. He could speak many languages English, German, Spanish, Finnish, Russian etc. He told me I would miss him one day. I guess that's why I came to this web site to see if he might be around watching. No sign of him though.

    I hope you decide to come up even if it's to pass through and say hi. You will always be welcomed.

    Have a good night. Your Friend Mark.

  196. hey samantha,:-)
    Some more questions.
    How did vampires live so long? Is there is some special reason or it is just happen because you drink human's blood? In a month, how many times and how much BLOOD you drink? I hope you don't mind if I ask age of Makaily, how old is she? And once again thanx for answering.........:-)

  197. I would except samantha for who she is, if i new who she was!!! I believe she is a teeanger, in school and enjoys being asked questions and feeling properly like you are a vampire. im sure you are lovely and sweet, but i can bet my life your not a vampire. I think now that peolpe hear that are asking questions are prob teenagers to. Well its good that ya ave something to entertain ye. I wonder in 15years when ya have kids and husbands and wives will ya still be on this web site, wanting to be a vampire, or maybe ya will just grow out of being a vampire. Dont change for anyone is true, I wouldn't. People like me shouln't bother you. If this what you are saying, if this is what you want people to no far enough

    heeellllllllllloooooooooooo anya are you a internet traveller to, parking up your caravan ha

  198. Aisling,
    Are you upset because you want meet a real full blooded Vampire and haven't? Or you want to know if Samantha is real and you want to meet her? or you're upset because you think we are all ridiculous because you think people visiting this site believe in vampires blindly and you don't? Or you're upset because you think everyone is telling a lie, or are you upset because of something else and want to be upset? Remember, Life goes on. What does it matter?

    If you want, Don't Believe in anything, everything will be fine I am sure. But don't get upset about it. One day you might meet a real vampire or something else might happen to make you believe in something. Anyway, you sound like you are bothered by the idea that people can believe in something. But I have no idea why. Lots of people believe in God, and I have never seen God. But I don't think they're ridiculous and that doesn't make me upset. I hope you are not a comunist LOL. But that's ok too.

    If you want, make fun it. I did once and no harm happened. But you shouldn't let this bother you. Writing with exclaimation marks at the end of your sentence is a dead give away for frustration and anger. You believe in yourself and that's good enough. But don't get upset at the people here. I think they are doing what they want and that's fine.

    By the way I wouldn't want to be Vampire---ever. They are interesting but stuck in a pattern like living the same day over and over again. An endless battle to find blood---Yuk, and smell human smells like feces and urine and BO and still crave for blood---Yuk! We have the luxury of age and death and hamburgers and spagetti and beer and milk and pepsi and what ever you want to eat what could better. At least suicide is easier for us.

    They have to force themselves to go on and live in a young healthy but strange body and live amoung us and that is sometimes very difficult. Especially, when they have to search for blood---Yuk "It smells like a wet dog---Yuk and if they are not careful, find out that they are hunted and put down or made into slaves. What a wonderful life they live.

    I have the impression that you might want to be a Vampire yourself if you could only believed they were real. A warning though. Be careful what you wish for. You might get it.