Friday, January 8, 2010

How I Know There are Vampires

Here is a tale for you of how I know there are vampires.

When I was small and before there was electricity in the lonely country area we had recently moved to (Yeah others besides vampires are old) I was sleeping in the same room as one of my baby sisters and several nights in a row I was awakened to find a shimmering full grown female figure beside my sisters cot. Each time I woke the figure sensed it and gestured at me and that froze me back to oblivion. I asked my mother why she had been in seeing my sister but she said she hadn't. In the next days my sister tragically died suddenly of moisture loss. I knew I had had a supernatural experience but never thought much about and always presumed it was an angel prior to my sisters death.

Many years later I was friends with some paranormal interested people and living with them near Sydney and they asked if I had had any paranormal experiences and I recalled this and told them. This website made me think of it again and for the first time in depth and with physic perception (akin to the TV show stuff although I don't know if the TV stuff is true).

I was able to peel back the shimmering “angel” seeming aura as the deliberate disguise the vampire had adopted from its long and often prior experiences with other children in the room of its victim waking up. I have seen through it to that and even to it slipping in through the top corner of the room which was a common spook entering the room method from 1700 - 1975.

I have seen of it like this that it fed off 2 - 5 kids a year like this with 2 to 5 visits for each for up to 145 years prior to my sister and mathematically calculated its moisture draining so as the last feed would drop the child's moisture level below recovery and the child must die. I have seen other manifestations of the same spook and have seen even further with physic vision of it than I have said.

So there is my tale for you, make of it what you will but its how I know there are vampires although if I ever get my hands on that one there will be one less.

Sent in by "knower"


  1. I honestly had a very difficult time figuring out what you were talking about.

    By physic, I assume you mean PSYCHIC. And moisture loss? Vampires that drain the water from a child's body?

    How were you able to conclude that these vampires only "drink" 2-5 times per year?

    "I have seen of it like this that it fed off 2 – 5 kids a year like this with 2 to 5 visits for each for up to 145 years prior to my sister.." Gibberish! What the HELL are you talking about? And here's my favorite part: "..and mathematically calculated its moisture draining so as the last feed would drop the child’s moisture level below recovery and the child must die" No way - you mean the last amount of "moisture" it would take from a child would also be the last amount that it required to survive? And that killed the child?

    No way, Jose!

    Later, alligator.

  2. Robert back off. He just told it like he though its the best.

  3. Hi,
    when you mentioned that it "froze you back to oblivion". I've had a similar incident back when I was like 11-12. I've also done some research on this. You needed to be more clear in order to put your point across. I believe that you might have had contact with a demon, not a vampire. Remember that demons are considered to be angels, who were cursed by God for following Satan.

    Demonologists have stated in the past that demons have the ability to appear, shimmering like an angel, because that's what they once were, and they sometjmes use it as a disguise. Secondly, it has been reported by people who had demon sightings, like I believe that you might have, that other people in the room, other than the intended victimg, to have undergone like a full body paralysis that render them unable to scream or run for help. You feel that you are literally frozen, where you are unable to blink, breathe, etc. Now, when you mentioned that you sister lost her moisture, do you mean that there were physical signs that she was dehydrated, or did she look dried up, or was it blood loss. If she looked dried up like a husk of corn, then it was most likely a demon that feeds on children. Since you mentioned that you have psychicallly gotten the information of the amount of attacks, and how often why don't you verify your psychic findings with actual death records or archives. Let us know if you find any info. The first two are plausible: the shimmeting disguise sometimes used by demons, the "frozen" full body parallysis to render witnesses or victims helpless. But the last three needs to be verified. Get into the official archives, don't tell them why, just say that you are doing research, and please confirm any moisture loss, severe dehydration, husk like appearance. I know this from experience I also had received psychic info/vision back when I was 11 - - I saw this guy and when I blinked I saw a super-fast forwarded vision of what looked like pictures of young girls who had been raped. My "psychic vision" was verrified when approx. two weeks like this guy was arrested and charged with kidnapping and raping young girls.

  4. Robert,
    I find your "accusations" true, and entertaining in their hilarity.
    What if that thing wasnt even really a vampire........ But a Banshee or something? You cannot always assume a vampire is behind it........... sorry!!!!!!!!

  5. I agree with robert, the story was hard to follow, and moisture loss? I'm pretty sure that u were either dreaming, or u saw some other demon, besides a vamp. Nice try tho, and i'm sorry that ur sister died.

  6. it really was not a vampire ;o
    dude, you faced the demon, don't know it's name, but there are supposed legends about demons who suck life out of children. and blood is not always life. anything that you take that causes death is "sucking life out". so... dude, awesome. I never thought those things existed. now i know. Let's make an entry in my notes now ;DD



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