Friday, January 22, 2010

Ghost Friend in my Bedroom

Me and my family decided to move into a larger house together with my four siblings. As we came into our new home, I had a creepy feeling that there was something hideous waiting for us in that scary white mansion buried deep in the woods. I looked at my older siblings and asked them, "Do you feel anything scary about that house?" My oldest sister, Adeliene, gave me a funny look and said, "Are you kidding? That house is great. So huge! Wait until you see our rooms. I am so excited to see mine!" My mouth hung open. My brother Brian stared at me with a "sorry" look.

We finally made it into our new home. As we unloaded our luggage, I swear I saw something moving from the corner of my eye! I looked at the playground. No one was there. I was starting to get scared.

Adeliene, Brian, Madeliene, Kyle and me went up the third floor to see our rooms. I felt my room was colder than the others. I started to change into a new dress when, all of a sudden, my books fell off the bookcase. I swore I never moved them, nor had I seen someone else in my room. At dinner, I explained what happened this afternoon to my parents. My dad told me that I needed to adjust to my new environment so that I wouldn't feel scared. My mom said that same. The whole family, including me stayed up late to watch TV and hang out. I felt sleepy so I bid them goodnight and went up to my room.

As I climbed to my bed, I felt a roll of nausea but I ignored it. I saw a dark shadow in front of my bed and I screamed! I kept on screaming until I lost my voice. Quietly I asked, "Who are you? What do you want?" Then the shadow revealed a little ghost girl, about 10 years old. Her face was smiling and slowly I forgot the scary feeling. The ghost told me, "How do you like your new home?" I smiled and said, "Scary." I asked her where she came from and she told me this story:

"When I was still alive I moved in this house with my mother and father. Mother was a kind-hearted person who never failed to make this huge house clean. Father was a well-built man with a legendary temper. One day, my dad came home from work and I ran up to him, happy to see him home. He looked at me with eyes that haunted me until now. He shouted at me 'Never touch me again! You're not my daughter!' He went upstairs and went inside my parents' bedroom. He had an argument with my mom and he said words that changed my life change forever. 'You hear me? Listen to me, Ren! That girl downstairs isn't our daughter. Why did you let that girl inside?' My mom was sobbing, helpless. Finally father did something that made mom scream in agony. I cried and cried. Father went out of the room with blood stains on his clothes. Immediately I knew what he did. He killed my Mother. Father pointed a gun at me and shouted bad words. He finally fired the gun and I was killed."

I was amazed. I felt so sorry for the little girl. I told her "Do you want to be my friend?" She beamed and hugged me. We became friends and nothing scary happened ever again.

Sent in by Tinkerbell Austen Payne, Copyright 2010

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