Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vampyre Legends Trends and Fads

For many years trends and fads come and go. The legend of the Vampyre’s however have out-staged any fad. From Buffy to Angel, Twilight to True Blood, Vampire Diaries etc.

It’s fascinating to have the ability to live forever, to intoxicate the human mind and seduce them into a climatic frenzy while the Vampyre feasts on their blood.

In movies, books and TV series, vampires are attractive and have stamina, they are passionate and fatally romantic. What is it about this legend that makes so many people out there want to believe in its existence?

I am an artist I write and I live out my life behind a lens. In the past few weeks I have lost everything you can think of. I am young but feel as though I have lived 1000 years. I, just as much as you all, wish I had superhuman strength and the ability to live forever and discover a fountain of youth that will make it so that I will never age, that I will keep my beauty forever more.

The reality is, this simply does not happen from the day we are born we already begin the process of dying.

My advice; create your own story, fantasy, live out your dreams live each day as if it were your last and… try to picture what mark you would like to make in this world, how you would like to be remembered and focus on taking the steps necessary to achieve those goals.

I suppose its not until you lose everything that you sit here at 6 pm on a Sunday evening and realize you have nothing.

Search for this legendary Vampyre all you want, you will find nothing because they simply do not exist.

Sent in by Tamara

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  1. Don't hate on the VampIre, yes, with an I - just because your life sucks right now. It will get better.

    In fact, your entire story kind of drifted off nonsensically. Was this about Vampires existing? OR about you having nothing on the day you wrote it?



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