Monday, January 4, 2010

Vampires Require Energy and Life Force

I’m not actually quite sure how it works. If you can think that each of you has a certain energy around you, circling you. It’s the energy of life. Dead things don’t have that energy, vampires don’t have that energy. If we want to stay alive, we need that energy. It circles you. It runs through your blood, too. Lot of people only associate blood with medican terms. Somewhere along the line it has lost its mythological sense. And, I myself look at the medical, physical side more; the fact is that without your blood, you couldn’t live. It is your blood that transports thing around your body. With each beat of your heart, blood is passed, and so are those vital supplies. But also in your blood you have the essence of your life, the same essence that radiates out of you and circles you. It’s a natural thing, and unique to living things.

I don’t know how I became a vampire. I’m just here. I guess I look around twenty? I don’t know. Nowadays you can’t tell people’s age through looking. Anyway. I don’t know, but that sort of force attracts me. Somehow I can intake your energy. If I breathe in – I don’t technically breathe, my face is structured like yours but inside I bet I’m different. I could do it by drinking your blood but by standing near you I can breathe in your energy. You wouldn’t know it, you wouldn’t sense it. It’s not a physical thing, and considering the fact that people nowadays aren’t very religious and hold no specific belief in anything like spirits and the essences of life, you wouldn’t have something in your mind telling you. Subconsciously, you may feel a little drained. Physically, I guess it would make sense to feel tired – I’m slurping your life force.

I’m not very healthy. I can survive, because I feed, but human blood is better. There is animal blood, and for those who only drink blood, then they could go for that. But I don’t like it. It’s not that, it makes me feel less humane. I like having human life in me, not an animals. Trust me, an animals life is ruled by so many different aspects compared to a humans, and they don’t have as much love for life. The zest of their energy isn’t there; they live to survive, they survive to life; it’s a pointless cycle. I prefer human imagination. It was better back when people were spiritual.

Even though I’m guessing we were more hunted then; more people believed, more people sensed. But I’m not saying don’t talk about us because I don’t want humans to know I am there so that I can feed easier – I love humans. I am so jealous, but I still manage to love. As much as I love humans, feel for humans, I can’t stop myself completely.

I tire very quickly. I spend my days in shopping centres and such, feeding off people. I have no companions. I pride myself on resisting the urge to kill. My life is pathetic, a waste. It’s not good. If I drank blood, I guess I’d feel better. There would be more to take in. But, I don’t. So, I feed off your energy instead. A strong willed person is often better than a weak person, but there’s not really anyway of knowing that. Basically, I don’t like vampires, I don’t think they're something to be adhered. I’m probably a demon from somewhere. I’ve never met another actual vampire. I’ve met fakes, loads of them, and humans who will literally sit an slurp ketchup all day to appear slightly different. I’m sorry if I seem moody, it’s just the way that I am.

Sent in by Ren


  1. im so glad to see more and more vampires come out! hi Ren im samantha.. another vampire!

  2. Hey Ren,
    So would it be possible to spot a vamp if you cant see their aura??? And you dont know how old you are or anything or where you came from??? And is it possible to actually kill a person by how you feed??? Sorry 4 all the ?'s. xoxo

  3. Hey MiKayla - wow, I love your name.

    You could be suspicious I guess, like, if you saw someone stood near you, their face dinted with concentration and you began to feel a little tired, you'd be a little concerned; you'd probably move away. But that's the amazing thing. The humans never seem to move. I think it has something to do with the energy being "caught" if you like. They can't just pull away from it because they need that energy. If they yanked themselves back, I think, logically, they'd pull away from the force. I don't know. I guess you'd sense something different, but once they start feeding on your mind, you wouldn't. I'm not a human, I don't know what it feels like. I only know that they look a little tired, seem a little dizzy, confused, but apart from that, I don't think so. Some old tribes can see forces - witch doctors and religious leaders - and they would definitely no. You could guess. All vampires look a little suspicious.

    If I haven’t answered your question properly, then please tell me. I’m sorry, I didn’t really understand what you meant by “aura”. Evidently, intelligence isn’t one of my superpowers. Not that I have super powers … Hollywood makes it seem far more interesting and gory.

    I suppose if I concentrated on someone long enough, I could kill them; I'm draining their life force - the energy they need to actually live. Some people will dispute this because it doesn't tie in with science, but vampires are part of the supernatural. Obviously it's not going to fit medicine. This energy comes from your body being alive, the working of your muscles, etc. And your mind. The whirring of your mind, the way you think: Imaginative humans seem to have more of a force around them. Bland people ... their force is slow. So art galleries were amazing. There's always imaginative people there.

    The essence of your living body. It's manufactured as your body goes through the working processes of living - eating, breathing, etc. So yes, I could kill someone. The fact that they are sleepy shows their conscious state can be affected, but I would never hold on long enough. I flit around. I really am seriously against killing humans. This is your world. Vampires ... we don't belong here.

    I don't know anything about me. I don't know where I came from. I was just ... here. Walking through Cheshire, about five years ago. The name “Ren” simply came from someone saying I was like a Wren - the little bird (I’m just over 5 feet, haha).

    But I knew how to feed, I was attracted to the energy of people. I met a few vampires who liked blood, and I tried that - it contained life force, but it included death, and, to be honest, it simply didn’t appeal to me. I tried animal blood, but that didn’t, either. I felt stronger, but the idea of death was there. I get on well enough feeding off the psyche. I don’t think I fall into one particular “classification” of vampire. I feed on life, that’s about it. I need to be alive. I am certain that vampires are dead. Or demons. Something that’s not quite living. So, blood is full of lively nutrients, pumped around by the heart - the beat of the heart is alluring. It contains the energy of living. As soon as your heart stops being pumped, you die; you don’t have anything.

    I’m very confused myself. I’m full of questions. But I have nobody to answer them. Mostly about what I am, what I do. I’ve surmised that I’m just attracted to life and the things that come with living - life's essence and blood, which contains this.

    Sorry I'm not very organized thought-wise.

  4. hi my name is jean.
    i was looking around for vampire stories and some how i came upon this website.
    If im correctand i read that you turn willing people into vampires,but those who have proved they are worthy of the power.
    ok well the question is, If there was a person who wanted to be turned into a vampire how is it that they prove to you they are worthy of the power?

  5. Hello sorry and sympathise with you .. You seem stuck..this world can be a lonely enough place without having to be a supernatural vampire :-) i hope maybe this site can show you a little clarity and peace..maybe answering some questions. Leona

  6. I would never ever ever ever ever turn somebody into a vampire. It's disgusting. Some people think it's amazing, that it beats death. But it's selfish. Yes, YOU cheat death, but a million other people have to die instead. I think to be worthy enough to be turned into a vampire, you have to be calous and show no regard for human life besides your own. I hate to think of what a bitch I must have been.

    Hi Leona. I take it you’re human? You’re very nice. (:. Thank you for understanding.

  7. Yes ren, i am human and love that i am..i know life can deal a lot of people some bad hands in life, but what would a life be without the challenges? It moulds the soul and in a way makes us indestructable. I dont understand why people would want to ask your kind to end their challenged existence to begin an endless unrewarding relentless one that has no clarity or seeks no purpose. I can only imagine your frustration. But i find you very interesting, ren :-)

  8. Thank you. I find humans interesting. Your outlook then wasa very differnt to most.

  9. I see myself as very different in that regard. I mean,dont get me wrong,i would love to be swept away by the romantic,exciting characters in books and movies and series,but the truth is...we dont know the truth. And to be led by a fantasy is just madness.
    Can you remember how you came to be? Even how your life was before this existence?

  10. hi Ren, i have just visited this website and came about your story. you know what, i really don't believe about vampires before... but when my boyfriend told that he is such a modern vampire, i got so curious and that's where i ended up her. Ren, will u please tell me in details how you get energy from the life force of someone near you? i just wanna know because my boyfriend really seems to be extra-ordinary on some aspects of an ordinary human life. but the main similarity between you two is i think you really wanted to study people or humans. my boyfriend does love human life also, he is against killing someone nor wanted other humans to be vampires. he is so loving and i learn a lot from him with regards to life, etc... And personally asking, why don't you try befriending normal humans like us. I bet you will love human life better after...

  11. Harana - Hello. (:. Not many people do believe in vampires. I myself don't believe in vampires; we're all unique "monsters", if you like; we can't be ordered into one specification. The fact that I don't feed off blood, but still sup life kind of says that ... Anyway. Each person has a life force; if they didn't, they'd be dead, simply. I'm unsure whether it's the life force that keeps you alive, or if your life force is generated because you are alive, but that's not really important. Basically, I can "latch" on to someone. Particular people appeal to me, people who are usually very creative. A lot of people say vampires like myself, who take "life", connect with the human, and have all sorts of superpowers because of the connection. In actual fact, we connect with the life force. It's not completely bound to you; it can be ripped, it can be pulled, and it can be decreased. I can feed off it, which involves stealing it. To do this, I just focus on someone, focus on the aura surrounding them. I can see it - it's a dazzling mix of blues and purples, reds and pinks, shimmering and merging. The brighter it is, the more life that person has. Older people tend to have less. To feed, I just grab it, somehow. I don't know, but I can catch it. I look at it, so I think it's through my eyes- I don't have to move my hands to pull it in or anything. I just look, grasp it, and pull it, and as I pull it with some sort of "internal strength", or whatever, it comes towards me, and fills me. I breathe it in. I let go pretty quick though; I wouldn't like to chance draining too much, especially since somebody intrigued my thought, and my clever subconcious highlighted the possibility of me killing someone. Like your boyfriend, the idea of killing somebody is horrendous. It's torturing. The thought of murder. It's a good job I don't need to depend on blood. That I don't particularly like blood, despite having other "classical" vampires telling me it is better. I can't befriend you. I'm a stranger. I wander your Earth. It's your home. It belongs to you, and the animals. I belong in hell or some other desolate, cursed place. Why else would I have been sentenced to wander the Earth for all eternity, stealing life? Immortality is a high price to pay. Trading millions of lives for one life ... I'm glad I can't remember wanting to become a Vampire; I think it would kill me. Not that I can die. I've tried it; it doesn't work. I'm dead. The only way is through starving, but that's just uneasy. No offence to your boyfriend; it's just my opinion. I wish I could, but I feel like they'll hate me - like you'll hate me, because of what I am. And it scares me so much that you are intrigued by me rather than scared, because I was built to zap you off your life for my own selfish need. How could anybody take to someone like me? I know you can, and I know your boyfriend can adapt, but me ... I don't know. I don't feel like I deserve it. I don't know how I lived my "past", so I may be more unworthy than I first consider. I don't want to be rejected.

  12. Ren- your sweet and thanks for clearing that up for me but i have one more question, if you dont mind answering. You say your immortal or not alive. Not that i doubt you but i dont understand how that works cause if your hearts not beating and you dont have to breath or anything than how do you function and stuff without your brain controling everything?? Lol sorry i didnt know how to put my question into words. Or is that the point of the "supernatural"???

  13. I guess that it’s just the whole point of being supernatural! Ha-ha. To be honest, I don’t know. We’re not human, so obviously our bodies do not work like humans; I think my brain works, aha, but I just think that there’s nothing else there. We feed, and that’s what supports us. Maybe we do have an internal structure, but it’s different from a human; a human appearance is just something we take on. Apparently, to some Ancient religions, we didn’t appear human at all; they could see through our disguise to the finer workings. I don’t know if it’s just a myth, but it could be true, couldn’t it? That we’re not human, have nothing like humans, but because we feed on you, we appear to look like you

  14. Thats crazy! Lol that deffinitally is supernatural. Thanks for answering all my questions Ren. Your the best.

  15. hey Mikayla
    just wanted to ask it possible for a complete human to transform into a vampire?
    if is it possible?

  16. I suppose through being bitten? That's what the legends say, so it seems plausible. Everyone I have ever spoken to who is a vampire says it's through being bitten; something changes their DNA.

  17. Yea its deffinitally possible. It happened to me. The only way i know of is to be bitten by a full vampire and their venom/saliva enters your blood stream. although ive heard if a vampires blood got mixed with yours it could also turn you but im not sure.

  18. Cicily,
    What you are not sure about I know for a fact when a Vampire's blood mixes with a Human's it fuses together and turns you into a half Vampire or a full one depending if you do this with an elder. This process I call it Blood Fusion but I'm not really sure of the exact name but I just call it that. Another thing no I have never done this but I know someone that got changed into a Vampire because of this process.
    -Thanks for writing all of you're responses everyone appreciates them
    Carlos Hernandez

  19. Carlos hernandez- yeah i heard of that but i wasnt sure because i dont know anyone that "turned" like that. Im only positive about my experiences. May i ask where you are from?? Im in PA.

  20. Hi. i have been thinking about this for a while and was about to answer my own qestion when i saw the perfect time to ask. and when i say "we" i mean humans. so this is it. if vampires cant or, more specifically, dont need to breathe, does this mean that you also cant or dont cough, sneeze, hiccup, snore, or yawn? becaues from what i have learned, those things are involuntayr actions that our boddies do to keep equilibrum in the respritory system. for example, when we are tired we dont breathe in as much air so we yawn to take in alot of air and when we sleep(unless you get your tonsils removed), we snore becaues we are breathing wiht much more force. i realize that most of teh stuff in the world that people see as magic, mythical, or (scientiffically) impossible can be explained, revealed, or proven by scientific and logical reasons. so thanks for your input on that.sorry if you cant understand becaues i ussually use word chake on microsoft word,dont ask thats the way i am. i need to finish typing something for math. (see you) later (today)! ^,.,^

  21. Ren, I had no idea about you until I was reviewing some older stories. The way you discribed your life is so sad. I bet you are a wonderful person and could contribute well in society somewhere. We all are here for a purpose, I truely believe this. You just need to find yours. I to like socially large groups of people. It does support a good feed... You hang in their and blessed be.



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