Monday, January 11, 2010

Vampires - Can there be Proof?

The myths and legends that are researched to make theories date back far into the past, and yet, their isn’t enough evidence to be able to say vampires exist as a fact. It’s a mystery we can’t shake after all these years. I believe vampirism is an idea that will never be proven, at least not online, and that is the only worldwide connection we all share. There are some posters on here that believe in vampirism based on personal experiences, and that is pretty much the only way to write it in stone. But with the internet, you don’t have that assurance. Videos can be faked, along with pictures, and when it comes to forums… well, that just turns into “he said, she said”. As a whole, it’s a mystery eternal.

I can’t put faith or belief in the existence of vampires, but what place do I have to say they don’t exist. However, I do understand that the media gives people (specifically younger people) the fascination of vampires. The dreams of vampirism, if that’s understandable.

People post comments on here straight up claiming they are a vampire, and notice how there is always at least one skeptic. Now, obviously, we’re dealing with the internet, and when we get right down to it, it can’t be proven. In the end, it’s left to faith, or an open-mind… but to come to a decision on whether they exist or not, as the title of the article asks… it can’t be left up to open-mindedness. You either accept the possibility or not. Seeing as how there is no middle ground online, stating that you are a vampire or giving scenarios showing signs is pretty much irrelevant… unless of course, you just want to share your dreams and experiences. And maybe people only post these things because having someone else believe them makes them feel good… and maybe that will just drag them deeper into their dream… or experience.

I guess the main point I want to get across is this, and I use an example:

We see a black or white person, and we acknowledge them to be black or white. It’s fact, and we accept it. The idea of vampirism taking the place of either of those examples is impossible, because of the media. It can never be accepted worldwide that vampires exist or don’t exist. So what is left… but to grab on to a dream. That is all vampirism will truly be.

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  1. I am a person who believes that anything's possible, including the idea of real vampires existing. Who knows? Maybe one day there will finally be proof that vampires exist. Im hoping for that day to come soon.


  2. Hi, I am also interested in vampires, partly due to a possible vampire encounter that I had back in 1991. In fact I am considering doing research for a research paper on vampire mythology and folklore from ancient Mesopotamia to the Mekhmet cult in Ancient Egypt, etc. I'm not due to start grad school until another two years, but I'm considering applying for an accelerated BA/MA program. I would be very interested in studying vampirism from a mythological and anthropologial viewpoint. Though, I wouldn't mind actual physical evidence, to be able to extract dna, a virus, an enzyme, anything to either prove or disprove the existence of real vampires, as opposed to the psychologically challenged wannabe vampires.

  3. in this world be believe in god ...god is mythical also are vampires if there is a god if witches exist why can't vamps ... I do believe in vampires but the real ones not the Hollywood ones we live in a world that everything is possible I also believe that we are not alone in the world there's got to be someone in the universe besides us so I rePly think vAmps exist ... But soon the whole world will know that vamps exist but for know they stay in the shadows

  4. Hi,
    I KNOW that I had contact with a vampire back in 1991. But the scientific part of the me wants scientific evidence to back up what I had lived through. I posted my story in "vampire encounters in new york". Read it & tell me what you think.

  5. The simple truth is there will never be any proof of vampires that will otherwise be "irrefutable" because we will never allow such proof to exist in an earlier post I told why and gave an account on a time such proof was found and what happened.

  6. "To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible"
    -St. Thomas Aquinas

  7. Everyone had their own explanation about vampires but the thing is, who believe? and who are not?
    the one thing you can do is respect and thankful even if it is real or not!

  8. I think that each person partly lives in their own world in their mind. In these worlds in our minds, the exisance of anything can be possible. If you believe in vampires, they exist to you. If you dont believe, they dont exist to you. Vampires exist to me because I believe in them. I acctually mistook a classmate for one. Everyone's opinion and beliefs are different. So they can only exist to someone if they want to believe. This works for anything real or not real that we have a choice to believe.

  9. Vampire Truth AdminFebruary 17, 2010 at 7:58 AM

    Aquamairne - I understand what you are trying to say but in reality what we believe or do not believe does not affect what is or isnt when it comes to things like Vampires. I can say that I do not believe in them but that has no bearing upon whtehr they exist or not. If I said that I did not believe in a thing it will not make it disappear. If I say that I do believe in a thing (that doesnt really exist) it will not make it magically appear (except within my own mind)

  10. What I kind of meant was that you wouldn't ever believe it untill you felt like it. Of course, I am open to sugestions, correction, and interpretation and I see your point. I've been thinking about how to word this for, since I saw this that you said.



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