Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Questions About Vampires

The thoughts and questions raised here should make for a very interesting discussion:

Recently it has been brought to my attention that mythical creatures might just be real, as I do not believe in the folklore, and would really like the truth, please would you answer some of my questions.

1. Modern Vampires, as you call them, are they like the real vampires, whose soul is promised to the devil?

2. How would one know that they are who they say they are, any traits that might be shown to identify them?

3. Are they capable to love, just another ordinary human, without placing them in danger?

4. You talk about government agencies that are aware of this, if they are not dangerous then why are they hidden.

5. Are Vampires also scared and hide from light?

6. Can Vampires read minds (as told in many stories)?

7. What supernatural powers do Vampires have?

8. Is it dangerous to be romantically involved with them, not just for the human but for the Vampire itself?

9. If Vampires do not use blood for feeding (like the Psychic Vampires) what do they feed on? (I understand energy for another, but explain, how they do that)

10. Is this really true or has the entertainment industry introduced something in life and now everyone is following (Interview with a Vampire, The Twilight saga… etc.). Is this really true or just a bunch of people so bored with life that they have now decided it is true? Please excuse my attack, I am just really not so convinced, and if you have friends telling you this is what they really are, the need to learn and question arises even more.

11. If one is not called and transformed to a Vampire, because that is what happens when you get bitten by one, and you were not born to be a vampire (which I also do not understand) then how does it happen? Please its one thing I need to have answered (as my friend, not explaining much, just told me it happened about six years ago, he never said how it happened just that “it” did).

I am fully aware of the Greek myth of Lamia and the Biblical story of Lilith, all associated with the serpent and Hades or the Devil… I am questioning the modern vampire stories, that they walk amongst us as human.

Your help would mean the world to me. Many thanks.

Sent in by Nix, Copyright 2010


  1. As much as i would like it to be true,i think it is all a load of rubbish.Vampires do not exsist but only in the imagination of those who are desperate to find one.And i think the so called vampires who post comments on this website are not vampires but probally paid by the owner of this website to attract the attention of desperate people who really believe this,and it is my oponion that this website is one big fake that preys on desperate believers.But i also apologise to any vampires(like vincent and samantha the vampires)if i offened you,because i would love it to be true.

  2. Most of waht I hear about vampires is pretty silly. If ya want to be a vampire, don't expect to turn into a bat or bite people's neck or grow fangs, All that is an old book and none of us comre from an old book.Look at those sill pics of fangs on this page. NO ONE has teeth like that. If you want to be that kind of vampire, get over it. Ain't going to happen!!! No oine is imortal, no one. If you don't believe that, shotg yourself in the heart and you'll prove my point.

    Now, energy is a real thing and people do take and give energy. If you want to call that a vampire, go ahead becase tha tis real. But here is the caviote. Everyone can do it, you me and everyone else. so don't go thinking you are all that special.

    If you need to be something special and unique, go look in the mirror. What you see is the most unique thing is the whole univers. You don't need to be a vampire or anything else besides tha tperson you see in the mirror. That is enough.

  3. billy
    - No this website is not a fake. This website is only here for people to discuss their opinions and ideas about Vampires. In fact nearly every page on the site was written by our visitors and readers.

  4. Billy, its really too good to be true about your beliefs. I was like you before, I just laughed off about the issues of vampires, etc.. before. I really didnt believe such subjects to be existing either centuries ago or yet these times. But believe me, I have encountered a modern vampire (what they call here on website or on books about vampires)!!!

  5. Im very fascinated with the paranormal and especially vampires,and would love this to be true.But i have not seen or heard any evidence proving this to be true,harana when did you encounter this vampire and what happenend,if you dont mind me asking.

  6. the answer to your question 3: vampires do love.. a vampires love is more stronger than a humans

    the answer to your question 8: it is kind of dangerous for a vampire to love a human but not that much.. it depends on how well you control your anger

    vampires are real weather you guys want to believe it or not. i am a real vampire.. and if you guys dont believe well.. theres nothing i can do.. and i can do is hope you believe

  7. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a Vampire - Modern, or otherwise.

    It would take a lot of unmeasurable spiritual energy - the kind that can affect the material world as if through a hacking program, rewriting things at will - to affect the changes necessary to become a vampire.

    To Banana or Hambonanza or whatever your name is - you shouldn't talk down about the FANGS of a vampire any more than you can talk down about their "blood thirst".. The fact is that they are literary creations - as we know them, at least.

    Yes, the idea of fangs came from a book, but then again - ancient vampire lore comes from written or oral tradition - much like books - and NOT real history To be fair, the supposed vampire back then did not have fangs, true - but then, they didn't always require blood to survive, either. The Vampire - as we all know it today - is PURELY A LITERARY AND MEDIA CREATION.

    YOU are NOT a vampire - NO ONE IS. There is no such thing as "Modern Vampires", or people with a supposedly diluted vampire gene that is watered down to the point where they are by all accounts Human, with a dislike of bright light and an inclination towards blood.. Such a thing does not exist. Even animals - CARNIVORES - who do in fact consume large amounts of blood - do not JUST drink the blood. They eat the WHOLE animal. Blood is nutritious to them - but not so much for humans. We cannot tolerate large amounts of blood in our digestive system, the way we are - we're just not adapted for it. Through practice and repetition (like the Massai of Africa) blood can become a staple of one's diet.

    Human blood carries so much weird stuff in it, that were we to ingest it often, we would probably develop problems - life-threatening or otherwise..

    Self-proclaimed Vampires today are imaginative, lonely people with a starkly intense loyalty to the "religion" they have chosen to follow, emulate, and dream about. I don't blame you for wanting to be a tragic figure - an angel in a devil's body, with all the human emotion in the world.. but it just doesn't exist.

  8. can u find vampires in reality, in the same world where we are living? Are they around us or only in our dreams and imagination? if they exists then do they really feed our blood? Where can we find them?

  9. Dear Nix,
    I'm going to answer all of the questions that you listed above ono by one the best that i can I'm going to put the word opinion in parantheses so u know if it's a fact or my own opinion.
    Ok question 1.(opinion) I believe that we Vampires don't have a soul, but it's not promised to the Devil I believe it just leaves your body.

    Question 2: ok there are some physical traits we have light skin color,lighter than a usual person, we cannot tan no matter how hard we try Modern Vampires however have a different skin color it's just like a normal person. Another one is our eyes most Vampires,like myself, have a very intresting color to their eyes they kind of glow and if you stare in them you feel like your in love with that person.

    Question 3: Yes, we are capable to love a Human but there are danger like Samantha said it depends how you control your anger and if you feed before you see them because a hungry Vampire is not nice one.

    Question 4: There are no Goverment Agencies that know of our existence because if they knew they would destroy us no protect us because we drink blood and they will think of us as a threat to Humans.

    Question 5: Normal light hurts their eyes, but if you mean Sunlight yes Real Vampires burn to Death in Sunlight,Modern Vampires,like me, don't burn to Death but it starts to burn ur skin a lot after 5 or 6 hours of direct sunlight towards your skin.

    Question 6:Some Vampires CAN read minds and other can put thoughts in your head and you do it most of the time.

    Question 7: A lot of Vampires have Super Strenght not like Superman that can pick a Boeing-777 but the kind that are stronger than Humans,we also run faster than the Human but for a short period of time,you can compare us to a Cheetah, but we last a little longer and run a little faster than a Cheetah,Mind Reading, and Mind Setting(as I call it) mentioned above thats those are the ones most known but iI think there are more.

    Question 8: Sometimes it is but I compare the answer to this question just like how answered question 3.

    Question 9: (opinion) Personally I don't know because I feed on Blood, but I think that they "suck" your energy kind of like how Vampires suck the Blood of their victims but somehow differently (by not bitng them). I hope I meet a Vampire that feeds like that so I can anwers that question for my self also then share it with you.

    Question 10: (opinion) I'm a Vampire and I hate Twilight it's a total joke,we Vampires don't sparkle in the sunlight we burn. A lot of people do that so I don't judge you if you doubt that we exist because there are people that are bored of their life and start saying that they're Vampires themselves and it I really think that they shoul find a hobbie (other than lying to a lot of people)

    Question 11: Ok I'm not trying to be mean but your friend is lying to you there's no possible way "it" could just happen.Either you're bitten by one and become one or you're born one ,and you can find the answer to that in the article Called Through the Eyes of a Vampire,(it's problably in the Recent Comments posted by xavierfangirl) she explains it really good.

    -Well I hope this helps if you have any more questions I'll be glad to answers them for you.Thakns for asking and being interested in my kind.
    Carlos Hernandez

    1. I need to talk to you

  10. Dear Carlos , if ur a vampire great den maybe u can answer a few questions for me ? when you die do you become human again or wat ? sorry if i sound rude but ive been called crazy all my life cuz i alwayz felt the need to drink blood but dont cuz parents said i was just nuts ,the point im trying to get to is maybe i was one in a past life if possible? thanx Darc

  11. Dear Darc,
    I would be glad to answer your questions. I do not believe that we Vampires are born again because if you're a Vampire: 1. You're Immortal so you can't die in the first place
    2. If you do die then either you're not a Vampire like you thought or you're like me,a Half-Blood, that means that I will die but problably in 100 more years or so. I'm not really sure how long I will last in this world but I'm problably going to last longer than a Human. As your other question I think that you are Human that believes in Incarnation and that is a Sanguinarian or a developing one. Tell me something do you believe in Incarnation? Have you ever tasted blood and liked the flavor of it? If you have tasted blood how do your taste buds react to the flavor does it taste sweet or another flavor?
    -Thanks for your questions ask any questions you have please I will be glad to answer the
    Carlos Hernandez

  12. i dont know wat 2 believe most people say they dont believe but SOME people say they do.
    Its inda confusin? but i dont no i guess i think they r real but that might be because i like twilight sooooo much :S x

  13. To Carlos, I was wondering how old are you? Also when or how were you made to become a vampire?

  14. Carlos, as a full blood vampire I must protest, vampires can be killed by at least 4 primary ways:
    1. Burning by prolonged exposure to sunlight or flames.
    2. Draining all the blood within their body.
    3. Decapitation.
    4. Starvation.

    Vampires are immortal but immortality is only a matter of how long you can sustain a physical form, once your body is unable to do anything such as turn to ash, lose all muscle, sever its contact with the nervous system, or is no longer able to produce vitality or blood, we die like anyone else.

  15. Hi, I have a question for both vamps and the curious alike. I was wondering as the existence of fossilized human remains pertaining to vampires. Why that has never allagedly been discovered evidence of vampires, while we have discovered evidence of evolution and the dinosaurs as well. Are vamps part of the missing links that scientists have searched for for years. How does vampirism tie into evolution. Have physically evidence been found, but kept hidden for years. I would like to receive hypothesis, possible timelines as well as personal opinions in the matter. I believe in science, technology, and evolution, but years ago I saw something that could have only been described as a vampire. I would love the opportunity for C14 testing and analysis of possible vamp/human fossilized remains.

  16. will a vampire get sick if they drink blood from a person that has diseases?

  17. Stefans girl,

    no, we will not.


    I regret to inform you that the reason there has never been evidence of us is because we choose to not allow it to exist, we destroy anything that can be traced back to vampires for certain reasons that I would not like to discuss. but know this, there will never be any evidence of vampires unless we choose to let there be.

  18. Carlos Hernandez,
    "Question 5: Normal light hurts their eyes, but if you mean Sunlight yes Real Vampires burn to Death in Sunlight,Modern Vampires,like me, don’t burn to Death but it starts to burn ur skin a lot after 5 or 6 hours of direct sunlight towards your skin."
    I'm not saying that i "totally" don't believe you're a vampire but your answer to this question was just a joke, so your skin burns after 5-6 hours? it would burn my skin in 1-3 hours of direct sunlight and i'm no vampire i think that anyone(HUMAN) who stays in the sun for 5-6 hours would burn their skin but as for the "normal light hurts their eyes" did you mean that about "real vampires" if you did then its probably because they spend their life in pitch darkness and their pupil needs time to adjust to the light, but if you meant that about "modern vampires" then its because they spend too much time on the computer.
    By the way, can you tell us about your diet, can you survive on normal food? do you drink water? or does it have to be blood?

  19. I have to agree with Robert, there are many clubs in this world for people who pretend to the point where they believe they are vampires, and drink human blood. These things of course are undergrounds clubs and are sometimes dangerous. I believe that vampires could be real but the media has changed everything so much that it hid the real truth about how they are and what they look like or anything about them really. It can't be either proven or disproved if they are existent.

  20. Carlos HernandezMarch 9, 2010 at 2:32 PM

    I am 16 years old, and I was born a Vampire and I found out like two years ago.

    I do not recall saying that we do not die but if you say I did then I guess I did. But yes you are correct immortality is not for ever it could be if you keep it that way. Thanks for bringing that up.

    I'm really sorry about that I actually meant to put minutes not hours (5-6 minutes) but if you are a full Vampire you'll burn instantly. Sorry for that I wrote that really quickly I was late for a meeting I wasn't thinking right.
    -Thanks everybody I appreciate your help in my mistakes I'll double check my work from now on
    Carlos Hernandez

  21. Hi,

    I have a question for both Xavier and Carlos.
    I was reading the posts written by Vincent where he mentions that he has two kids.
    Can vampires procreate? Please dont get offended its just curiosity coz what I know is that you have to die to become a vampire and if its true then its not possible to procreate. Plz do answer me and correct me if I am wrong.

  22. Dear Jessi,
    First of all great question! Vincent, I wonder what happened to him . Sorry, ok I'm going to be sincere about this I do not know if Vampires can procreate ,like you say, because I am 16 years old I do not have kids of my own but I think Vincent mentioned the process, like Humans they mate, birth (which takes about 11- 12 months) and then I guess you have to bite your kid so you can stop the age process. I actually asked him about that myself, because I didn't quite understand it but he has not yet responded. I apologize for not answering your question I hope Xavier can help you better than I did.
    -Thanks for asking.
    Carlos Hernandez

  23. Thanx for the reply Carlos.
    I wonder when will Xavier awaken from his slumber. By the way do vampires really sleep? You know something everyday I am getting more confused with the life of a vampire. I got into this site just two days ago and in these two days I have read from people who does not believe in vampires, people who believe and want to become one, people who can only ask about proof, and not to mention arguments between 2 vampires where the other is trying to prove the other wrong by asking the name of the elder and coven and decode some sentences. Honestly Carlos, can there never be a discussion without arguments. Nevermind, you are just 16 so tell me what do you do? Which school are you going and what are your subjects and favorites, you know things apart from being a vampire. Would love to have a normal conversation with you where no questionnaire is involved. And I just read your other post. Dont be upset you sister will get well soon.

  24. Carlos - I am aware that you say you are a vampire , but i also noticed on other comments where you posted
    "if you would like to be a vampire , I can turn you'' .
    Why are you willing to turn just anybody ?

  25. Dear Jessi,
    That is great that at least one person here has sense in their head and is being mature about the subject of Vampires without questonnaires like you said. Yes Vampires sleep once in a while to get more energy just like Humans sleep to mantain a healthy and clear mind Vampires do too. Ok, I ¨do¨stuff like any teenager I hang out with my friends, go to school, and worry about grades, and stuff like that. I go to High School. My favorite subjects in school have to be science and mathematics I am quite a scientist, even though I am only 16 I already have a scholarship for college. If you have any other questions about me or about being a teenage Vampire just ask me, and thank you for widhing the best for my sister.
    -Carlos Hernandez

  26. Barbie,
    I said this because I believe that people who want to be a Vampire deserve a chance but at the same time I am going to judge them. I can judge their soul and mind read them, so I can see what they are going to do if I turn them. If they just want to suck Human´s blood and kill people I will not turn them if they are going to be a good Vampire, protect the Human race and help the Vampire race, then i might. So in other words I said this but there is a big catch to it.
    -Carlos Hernandez

  27. Hi Carlos,

    Thanx for the reply. So you like science and maths. I have always been very bad in maths somehow it doesn't get in my head but I love science especially biology. My favorite subject has always been literature. Loved the plays by shakespeare. I love music and it can be anykind of music that can relax me as well as groove me if its on the dancefloor. I love to eat. I like going up the mountains it gives me a very peaceful feeling whenever I am close to nature. I do a lot of handicraft works like making aroma candles, bags, hangings etc. Am I boring you? Anyways lots about me, tell me about you. What do you do? And you said you have hunted some bad vampires. Is it easy to chase away vampires from their hunting grounds?

  28. Greeting to you, Carlos

    I have a few questions, do you have almost wide eyes than normal eyes?

    What color you get if you take a photo from you with a digital camera (flash light)?

    I have only ONE photo i've meet some guy, we took one photo from us. I got red dots, but he didn't get.

    I've cut my eyes in photo and put on his eyes, his size were a bit wide eye than mine. He had brightness yellow balls of eyes than mine on my photo, i had full white balls.

    He's pale until full white pale skin, black hair over his neck, beard on cheek. He touched me between arm and neck, i felt his hand was cold (not extremely neither very) since summer but mine hands were between warm and hot. I was a tourist person in Prague of The Republic Checz. Cuz was confused about his hands, i never thought about vampires because I never interested in vampires from the movies or books I thought he like having a white skin because he looks full fan of metal bands.

    He refushed me that he didn't want take a photo on the sun. I told him 'nevermind' lets take photo and thats it. I saw his eyes were closed after taking a photo with flash light, he told me 'i'm fine, just flash light is iritating on my eyes'. I told him 'I'm sorry' he said 'nevermind, it's okay'. I saw his a little red veins.

    I told him 'I'm so sorry'. but he just silenced and shaked his hand for farewell. I just smiled like wtf and showed him my hand. Frankly, I just felt some trouble around him, i never felt like this.

    That's it.

    with flash light, his eyes was dark, mixed purple/blue/red on his eyes. a bit wide just 1-2 mm.

    His skin under eyes a bit blue/purple.

    his balls of eyes were bright yellow.

    Just for detail about his eyes.

  29. Fol3n,
    My eyes are like any normal person, and if I take a picture with flash on they come out as yellow or white nothing else. As for your story I don´t really understand it since you left some words out of it. Therefore I do not know what you are trying to say or describe.
    -I just want to ask you to put all the words in your comments so I can understand it more.Thanks.
    Carlos Hernandez

  30. Dear Jessi,
    No,no,no you´re not boring me I enjoyed what you told me about you I think you are a very interesting person. Also that is really cool that you like literature, I like literature too I love Shakespeare´s work. Ok, but anyways on to your question no, not exactly when the other Vampire is territorial then yes they get really mad and try to kill you and then only one of you will live, so far I´ve been the only one that comes out alive.
    -Well I hope I answered your question right, take care.
    Carlos Hernandez

  31. Hi Carlos,

    Thanx for the reply. You know you should be careful while chasing away vampires its dangerous. The way you have described that only one of you would live in such condition and fortunately you have been alive, its seems that you are lucky. But do be cautious coz I dont think nasty vampires are good to confront especially when they are hungry. Tell me something, have you travelled to places? If yes then which places have you travelled to? Our world is very big and there is so much to see that I think 1 lifetime is not enough.

  32. Dear Jessi,
    Don´t worry about me I wont be getting killed any time soon I have been trained by my grandfather and I am a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and in Judo also I am being trained in The Yin Technique which is dangerous to use on someone unless you want to kill them but since tha´s what I want to do I´m taking the classes. Ok, on to your question yes I have gone to France, China, Japan, Nepal, Colombia, Hawaii, and Australia that´s all the places I have gone to in the past month. What about you where have you gone in the past month? If none, what about just anytime where have you gone to visit?
    -Hope to hear more questions out of you and everyone else. Take care now.
    Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Oh wait thats someone else, I mean Carlos Hernandez.

  33. Carlos, we seem to have more in common each time! I also took Tae Kwon Do and I have been to Colombia too, in fact I AM colombian!

  34. Hey Carlos,
    Its really cool to know that you know so many arts of fighting especially the Yin technique. But since you are my friend now worry does seem to follow. You are my friend right? I have travelled to many places in India itself, outside India I have only visited Nepal. But you know there is so much to see in India that I still have a lot left to discover. You should come down here sometime, trust me you'll love this place. I do want to visit China coz I am very interested in their culture, temples and myth. I dont know when it will be possible. This year I am planning to visit Ladakh which is in the northern part of India at the base of the Himalayas. Check that place out in Google and tell me how it is?Till then,

  35. Carlos,
    Where are you? You just disappeared it seems. You dint reply my post. Is there something wrong. Are you ok?

  36. Dear Jessi,
    I'm really I have been absent for so long I had some business to take care of. Oh and yes I am your friend. I was reading the past posts and I read that you are Colombian, that is really cool. Are you currently taking Tae Kwon Do or are you finished with it? I'll try to go to Ladakh one of these days I'll tell you about it if I go.
    -Take Care Your Friend,
    Carlos Hernandez

  37. My Dear Carlos,

    I am an Indian not a Columbian. You have referred to Angelica's post. I think something is disturbing your mind. Are you alright? Its been a long time since I read your post. I actually lost hope that I will ever hear from you again. Hope you are well. Keep in touch. God Bless.


  38. Hi Jessi,

    I am glad that there is an Indian on this blog as well. I am from India too...
    Questions asked by Nix really makes sense on vampires.. I exactly have the same questions like you but finaly our questions are hardly answered. I also surf net & many websites to do a lot of research on vampires but you never know how far is the information true.. Anyways, nice interacting with you..

    Good night.


  39. Carlos HernandezMay 11, 2010 at 7:50 AM

    Dear Jessi,
    I'm sorry I've been gone for so long and also I apologize for calling you Colombian (my bad) anyways no there's nothing disturbing me I'm fine I was just concentrating on my new martial arts classes that I've lost contact with the computer and my friends. I'm back though, and by the way I'll always come back I love this site =).
    - I hope you are well also, take care.
    Carlos Hernandez

  40. My dear Carlos,
    You do not have to apologize I was not angry. I was worried that you were'nt in touch with me for so long. Its good to hear that you learn martial arts coz that is one form of arts which I love and adore. Let me know when you come to India, I would definitely meet you.


  41. Hi Lux,
    Its good to hear from you. Sometimes all questions are not answered. People have their own theories and perceptions. Most of all you need to have faith on your own theory. My point of view is that we humans like to believe and stay in a small cocoon. We put on the lights of our room and believe that we have banished the dark but we forget one thing, even if the lights of the entire world is switched on it will not be enough to light up the entire universe. I believe that in the dark place where the lights do not reach, secrets remain unfold which is not yet discovered. In that dark place there are beings which does not want to reveal themselves. Did I make a point?


  42. Hae Jessi,

    Yes, you did make a point.. I always feel better & my thinking/ understanding sense gets broader when I interact more coz I get to know different views & you really made a god point..I always believe that there are some myths & secrets which will never be relieved coz they are meant to be a secret forever but still people like me dig for it know it better, all though I fail at the end of the day, I still search for it.. I know I am little too much.. Ha ha.. God Bless You..

    Take care

  43. Carlos HernandezJune 10, 2010 at 9:20 PM

    Dear Jessi,
    Sorry for being away for so long I just been so busy... sorry. I miss talking to you you are so fun to talk to so what have you been up to? I went to Tokyo on Tuesday and I'm currently in Los Angeles I'm staying here until Sunday I came to visit my grandfather,who's also a Vampire, he's really awesome.
    Well I hope to hear from you soon and people ask questions if you have any.
    Carlos Hernandez

  44. Carlos HernandezJune 12, 2010 at 9:56 PM

    Dear Jessi,
    Sorry for being gone for so long I just been very busy. I hope to hear from you soon.
    -Carlos Hernadez

  45. Hi Carlos,

    I thought you would never reply me again. Do you have access to facebook? I need to discuss a lot of things with you which is personal but unfortunately its not possible in this site. Just search my name Jessi Sikdar in facebook and leave a message. I will get back to you.

  46. I’m going to answer these to the best of my abilities:
    1. Okay, not to burst anyone’s bubble but God isn’t real, but vampires are. Yeah it’s kind of awkward. “They” are just like you and I, kind of. The blood thing kind of interferes with that, among other things.
    2. Well this is a long list and I’m not going to elaborate other than, you probably can’t tell one from the other. For example, if you put one next to a human, you might think that the vampire is the human if you’d have to choose. Honestly, trust is hard to come by anywhere.
    3. Vampires are just like you and I, they have emotions. Sorry they aren’t psychopaths, well not all of them aren’t psychopaths. The without putting them in danger part, is kind of difficult. The ones I’ve read about only have a love-hate sort of feel.
    4. They are dangerous, but humans are more dangerous and humans are the only food source. History is bound to repeat itself and humans would eradicate them or at the very least try if the majority knew. Some know, and that already has caused issues.
    5. No it doesn’t kill them but they have to feed more.
    6. It’s a story thing. There are many ways that they appear to have magic powers, but it’s just science, mixed with drugs, mixed with using the human body to the max.
    7. No supernatural powers, as explained previously, just manipulating what is already there.
    8. Kind of, it usually doesn’t end well.
    9. They have to feed on blood, and it has to be human blood. Some blood is more nutritious than others however.
    10. They’re real, but Hollywood is usually full of nonsense. They are real to keep it simple.
    11. Not sure what you’re asking.

  47. Okay, I am going to answer those questions based on the case which I believe was real. However, it is just one case, so it might be unique.
    1. Yes they are. I manage to get a description of the ritual from a private dairy using social engineering. There were involved invocation of Satan and gifting (not selling) him one's soul.
    2. My general rule is look for those who are looking for blood, not attention, and you have pretty good probability. In this particular case they also never have been sick and their eyes changed colors in random patterns. There where some info about supernatural powers, but I haven't seen them in person.
    3. Yes, they are, at least to some extend. However I have notice that they are having issues with building long term relationships. It might be just those particular two I have observed.
    4. I haven't seen any trace of agencies, but I could imagine if they would be involved they probably would treat them as subculture or satanic cult. However vampire seekers can get pretty annoying if the vampires would talk too much.
    5. They do not like it, but they can handle it for descent amount of time.
    6. I do not know. They claim to be able establish some sort of connection with those whose blood they consume and those who consumed their blood, but it is not mind reading exactly, even though has similar effects.
    7. I have observed extraordinary health and good resistance to alcohol. The rest of it have been mentioned to me or I found it in the diary. According to this info not every vampire has the same abilities. There was one got damn strong, another one was able to hear "screams of souls" whatever it means.
    8. I do not think so.
    9. They do, other otherwise why would you call them vampires?
    10. I do not know, but probably "Is this really true or just a bunch of people so bored with life that they have now decided it is true?"
    11. This is complicated. I personally think all this born vampires if they are real at all have been hiddenly turned at some point. Since they like to feel unique and do not really know what is going on they like to say that one can only be born vampire.



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