Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vampire in the Basement

The Embry family was perfect in their home in the big city but then their house burned down and they had to move. They chose this old house in the suburbs and they were very happy there until one night.

The youngest girl, who was 15, was in her room on the top floor. She couldn't sleep so she went to the basement where her older sister slept before she moved and she slept very well there. She stayed there for a long time and made it into her room.

One night as she was sleeping something knocked on the widow and woke her up but she ignored it. She couldn't get to sleep again so she just closed her eyes. After about five minutes she felt something holding her head and her back. It started lifting her up to it and she opened her eyes and her head went back then she murmured to her self, "oh my gosh."

An extremely handsome boy smiled and she saw two fangs, not bigger than the size of a humans but so much shaper. Then he went back to her and grabbed her in the same way and kissed her and put his mouth to her neck and almost bit in but then she screamed as loudly as she could and her parents started rushing down the stairs. The boy looked up and ran away.

Her parents asked, "what is it?" In a worried tone the girl said nothing because of the shock but finally she said in very low voice, "vampire." Her parents said, "what?!" "Vampire," the girl screamed. Her parents were so confused, "you just had a bad dream go back to sleep ok?"

Then she fell asleep again for about two hours and a little movement on her bed woke her and she saw the boy again. Just as she was about to scream he put his and on her mouth and spoke with the most lovely voice in the world, "if you say anything or make any noise I will kill you and your parents, but if your quiet I will do you a favor." She said, "ok," very quietly, "ok and what is that favor?" All he did was smile and move toward her neck. Then she said, "no," and he leaned back and said, "fine I won't but I would be doing you a favor but since you don't want me to then I won't but I do get to stay in your room tonight." "ok fine you can sleep on the couch in the living room." "No I get to sleep in your bed and if you say no I will kill you right here right now." "Ok," so he laid down and snuggled up close and she froze. He asked, "are you ok?" "Yeah, your just very cold." "Oh sorry now go to sleep," then he started singing. His voice made her fall asleep so he quickly got up and bit her leg were she wouldn't see the fang marks.

The next day at 10:00 pm she felt so much pain that she went to the doctor and he did tests and all the signs said she was dead.

Sent in by Halisha, Copyright 2010

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  1. So Vampires are not going to go in someones house unless they're invited. But it was nice of you to make up such a lovely story.

  2. Oh my gosh. There was this one time when Twilight took a dump and you ate and then pooped it out again and the recycled poop was this story called "Vampire in the Basement". Then I read it and I felt so much pain that I went to the doctor and he did tests and all the signs said I was dead.



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