Thursday, December 31, 2009

Does the Devil Really Stand Next to Us and Temp Us?

I know some pretty dangerous people where I live. I am a single mother with a teenage son who likes to party and smoke marijuana. I usually drop my son off on the south west side of town. At this house some family members of the Hell's Angel motorcycle gang hang out. They do not dress in colors, they just visit their friends and hang out and drink and party.

I usually have to drive and pick up my 17 year old son because he doesn't have a driver's license yet. This usually happens on Friday night or Saturday morning. But we have all become acquaintances. One person in particular is pretty aggressive with trying to hook up with women. Marlin may possibly be a small time drug dealer who comes in and out of the house trying to hook up with women or trying to sell his pot.

Just last Saturday I brought my daughter Christina who is with me to pick up my son. The teenagers were all hanging out on the couch watching TV. Beer cans were scattered all over the coffee table with the smell of cigarette ashes radiating though the air. Marlin is a handsome 27 something, with black hair. He is short in stature and has hazel brown eyes that reflect a blackness from them. He hits on me a lot also, but I know how he is. So I brush his advances off.
As I was picking up my son, Christina my daughter, pulled me aside and said she saw Lucifer standing next to Marlin. I asked her what he was doing she said she saw him patting Marlin on the back and saying good job. At the time Lucifer was saying good job, Marlin I heard from some other teenagers he had just sold some pot.

We quickly left the residence and as we were driving home the road was snow packed and it was a cold 10 degrees outside. Suddenly, I saw a grey wolf run up to my car. I swerved the car to avoid collision and the wolf almost caused me to drive off the road. We live in a town of 350,000 people so grey wolves haven't been here for years. I know that Lucifer is around Marlin and possibly the grey wolf is a sign. I do not hang out with the party house, I just simply pick up my son. Me and my daughter Chrisitina feel Lucifer is haunting Marlin. I tried to tell Marlin about the evil that he is doing and Lucifer is around him saying "good job." But Marlin just thinks that I am crazy, that's what some of the teenagers in that house say.

Its been over a year and I heard Marlin doesn't go to the house anymore. I wonder if Lucifer does stand by drug dealers and possibly there are family curses with these evil people. I heard Marlin's dad is really crazy and now is sick. Possibly these families are cursed that are drug dealers, gang members or Hell's Angels. The reason I state this is my daughter saw Lucifer following Marlin. Marlin continues to do evil acts along with his family members.

Written by Carri Williams, Copyright 2009


  1. What the hell kind of mother are you? Dropping your teenage kid off at some drug house? You're the reason why LOSER women need to get tested mentally before they have children. You're the reason there is so much wrong with this world, bad parenting. You don't deserve to have kids. You're a POS!

  2. Sorry, but i have to agree with Vogysgirl.....

    Why on earth would you let your teenage son hangs out with these peoples...?
    I am 51 years old, in my teens i have hanged out with this kind of peoples, some of my friends from my childood have became Hells Angels, most of them are dead now.
    No Demons enticed me to this life, i did it for the easy money, the girls and the rebel image.
    A tragic event change everything for me at the age of 20, i almost got killed in a bad drug deal and after i got out of the hospital i joined the army to leave all this behind me.
    I used the fighting potential, what i call my killer instinct to a good cause, protect and defend those who cannot defend themselves, the innocent victims of war, mostly childrens.

    I think God in all his goodness would'nt let lucifer entice childrens, because if you beleive demons could act in this world, God could also.

    For a teen who is in the era of his life where he will chose his paths for the future, the surounding he is in as a great deal to do with forging his character, and future.
    So get your son away from these peoples, right now before it's to late.

    There is No Demons or Angels, only Bad and good peoples, you have your own free will to chose wich one you want to hang out with....



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