Monday, December 28, 2009

A Ouija Board Killed My Best Friend

The 13th of September 1993, I remember that day and will never forget it. I was 15 then, now I am 31. That day I went to school excited and happy because I would of seen my best friend; I met up with her outside the school gates and we went into our first lesson. We were so excited because we were going to meet a pair of boys who we met from a band, they seemed so nice and stunning. We couldn't wait to meet them that night. School finished and we raced home to get changed, it took us like forever to get ready, we wanted to make ourselves look stunning.

Later that night we met them and we got drunk off a few brews and we hung out for a while. They asked if we wanted to go back to their place and me and my best friend Stacey agreed. They had a car so we got in the car and drove to the middle of nowhere where this little cottage was, it looked actually creepy. but I wasn't bothered because I was drunk and I'm never bothered of anything when I'm drunk.

Carl said "I want to show you something." Carl and David took us down in the basement of this little cottage. I thought he was going to try it on with me but I agreed to follow him. There were candles ready and all I saw was this board in the middle of an old wooden table with candles everywhere. I asked, "What's this?" He went, "If you loved me you will play it with me." Stacey and I sat down on the floor and looked at it. I said, "So what is it?" He said, "It's cool. It's all about spirits and ghosts and stuff." I got scared because I heard about this board but had never actually seen it but I agreed to go along with it.

We sat around and held hands. Carl let out a big laugh and I said, "This is a joke isn't it?" He said, "No, honestly just sit down and play." David said these words in a different language and I looked at him in a sarcastic way laughing at him thinking, they are just messing around. But then pointer flew to hello. I jumped to fright and I tried to leave. Carl jumped up and tried to calm me down but I wouldn't accept it. I tried to walk up the basement stairs and I remember he was saying we have only just started just see how it goes.

I sat back down, all I felt was a drift of cold go across my back since I had only my little flower top on. Carl asked a question saying 'What's your name?', the pointer flew to the letters D-L-K-E-R. We all froze staring at each other. I said, "What a name, dlker." Joking, Stacey asked 'How old are you?' it flew to the words I-H-A-T-E-Y-O-U-B-I-T-C-H. I laughed and said now you's are joking around now everyone.

Stacey asked 'are you going to hurt anyone?' It said Y-E-S-Y-O-U. She asked 'is anyone going to die here?' It said Y-E-S-Y-O-U. Stacey laughed and we got bored so we closed the game by saying a prayer but that's when everything went wrong...

A candle got thrown at me when I was walking up the stairs and I was last. I ran and Carl grabbed me and said, "It's alright, everything is fine. It will wear off soon." I sat down with fright on the bench and he lit the fire with some coal. I was so shocked I went white. I felt a big draft over my back and I felt like someone was watching me from every corner of the room. I cuddled into Carl and Stacey was making out with David on the sofa, she wasn't bothered one bit even though it said she was going to die.

Later on it was about 10:00 pm that night and we had to be home by midnight. Everyone decided to play again apart from me. I sat out watching them. They all closed their eyes and I felt so scared for them. Carl asked 'Are you a human?' It replied N-O. Stacey replied 'So what are you then?' It replied I-H-A-T-E-Y-O-U-B-I-T-C-H-I-M-G-O-I-N-G-T-O-K-I-L-L-Y-O-U. Stacey screamed and I jumped up. What? Her nose was bleeding! She was crying and she ran up the basement stairs. I ran after her and the basement door shut. We both screamed and fell. Carl and David got a fright too. We managed to kick the door through and run, we both were so scared. Carl and David ran with us and gave us a lift to my place. We kept our mouths shut. I had to clean up Stacey at my house and Carl said he wouldn't go back to his home he was going to stay at David's for a while until he found a house. We thought it was best to end our relationship as it wasn't the best date I have had.

A couple of days later I kept having a dream every night of a black figure standing at the bottom of my bed, it kept saying 'Stacey.' I don't know why Stacey, but a month later I told Stacey about this dream I was having every night of a black figure. She said, "Well that's weird." I went back to sleep that night and woke up with someone saying my name this time in a loud whisper. I look to the bottom of my bed and saw a black figure looking at me. I couldn't see its face. I just saw the outline but the body colored in black. I screamed so loud and I ran into my moms bed. I went back to sleep with a whisper in my dream and I saw Stacey get killed by this black figure with a long sword. I woke up again crying in my mothers bed. Later that morning I went to meet Stacey at the field were I normally met her but she wasn't there.

I Got to the road and then I froze with shock. I couldn't move! I stood there for a whole five minutes somebody said just staring with shock. My best friend who I knew since I was five years old was lying there on the road dead. She got knocked over. I still cry to this day, I suffer depression and I take a lot of medication and still have nightmares, its the most horrible thing ever!

All I have to say to children and adults is please don't play with an Ouija board, nobody knows how dangerous it is until they try it that's why I suggest you don't play it. I lost my best friend through it and if I hadn't played it she would probably still be here to this day. Please be careful what you do, it doesn't matter if someone calls you a wimp at least your not the one who's going to suffer. Please take my advise thank you for listening to my story, it is true, believe what you want.

R.I.P. Stacey your in a better place now you will always still be my best friend for life you were too good for Earth, God only takes the best. I love you.

Sent in by Elisha, Copyright 2009

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  1. I just wonder what ever happened to those & if they had anything to do with her death. They seemed to be the possessed ones. I would have said something to a priest to get this Demon vanished from both of your lives and those boys.

  2. i have never heard about those boys and never seen them since , speaking of it i seen this black figure again but not at the grave were i seen stacey and i went to see a spirtualist and she said it means a warning of something in your life are something that happend a long while ago but i have never seen it since i was young , strange things have been happening lately and when i went to vist my mum in a country side were she moved i seen a dead crow on the road but its wing was moving , i dont like sitting in my car so i decided to stop and have a cigerette and i looked at the crowe and then i looked back at it and it diserpeard in thin air things like this have been happening and when i make a joke about things they happen like a year ago i was coming back from a club and my friend dropped me off and she said watch what your doing with your self and i said being sarcastic ," its not like my house is going to burn down " then in the middle of the night i woke up smelling smoke i opend my bedroom and there was alot of smoke rushing in my bedroom , so i jumped out the window and broke my leg but stuff like this has been happening alot , but i think i might take your advice and go and see a priest , thanks alot :)

    1. things like that happen when you are fearful im not scared of anything because I learned how to control the fear itself don't let it take over because it will happen more than you expect so may god be with you in your heart and with you everyday because he is and always will be

  3. Hi guys and girls. The best thing to do when you see these things is ignore them and pray to god saying jesus and god bless, PRAISE THE LORD,GOD BLESS US ALL AND GIVE US STRENGTH. Live life the way you want to live it.

    God says in the bible if your friend was taken at an early age they are definately in heaven wanting the best for you. So live your life and be the best. Word Up AND praise the lord.

    To every one else out there Dont follow the dummies and live life to the max be happy.(God does resolve and forgive and will help if you say hi) Praise the lord. AND YOUR STRENGTH IS WITH YOU ALWAYS.

    Rac Singh indian king

    1. No, not that, you pray your ass, off, just like in silent hill, BRING THE LIGHT ON THEM BITCHES

  4. I am really sorry about your friend. I wish she were here so you wouldnt have to share this horrifying tale with the rest of us... May god be with you if you ever get in the same trouble you did when you were younger.

  5. When will peoples learn that these boards are no game.
    Looks like you called in a evil spirit.
    Or maybe not!!
    Have you ever thought that maybe there was no spirit at all, that you are the one having a paranormal gift.
    Perhaps you read the future, many peoples having premonitions do it through images created by their dreams, and maybe one of these guy's had some powers to.

    Don't misunderstand me, i don't mean you are responsible for your friend death, but that you knew it was about to happen and your mind could'nt take it, so it formed these dreams and hallucinations of a black figure.
    These thoughts were so painfull to you that it could only take the form of a black evil Demon.
    And till that day you live with the gilt, and pain of these event.
    You will find peace the day you will accept that it was'nt your fault, you could'nt do anything about it, and try to control these vision or visit.
    Rely on the souvenir of your friend and let her thoughts and spirit confort you from where she is.
    I think that is what she would want you to do.

  6. Not sure i believe this she was killed i think it just sounds like a bad accident

  7. Rest in peace Stacey :'(

  8. RIP Stacey the one thing interesting to me is i was born onthe same day u mentioned 13th september 1993

  9. Hello Elisha I am a cultist and I read your story, and one when you used that board you opened a portal to another realm witch we call hell and some other people like my self calls it the underworld, will anyway I am sorry for what happened to your friend that night, but there is some error that you and those boys made and that is you made it out as a joke, you was drunk when you did it the first time, and also if your or anyone matterfact is not experinced with it do not try it. but this place you metioned I like to know where it is for I can check it out my self in spirital form.

  10. Ouija board was on a table and then you sat on the floor and played it its bullshit story you didnt play it right to even find a spirit by what you said im experianced and know exactly as they work.. this is a hoax

  11. Hi, I am an outsider and I want to say something. I think - according to what I am reading here - that I must have met a vampire too. At least that was the word I had on my mind when I saw the guy. I just wanna say that I had exactly the same dream with exactly the same content like this girl (!), then I woke up and even the guy said my name and looked the same!!!! I told three people but two did not believe me and the third one was reluctant. And so I decided not to tell anyone else. So I was NOT wrong, it really DID happen! And I originally thought my mind was just playing tricks on me. But the monster, demon, vampire (but my mind screamed "vampire" when it was happening) or whatever it was made me literally FREEZE in my bed. I swear to God that I have never been so scared in my life before or after. And I am 32 now. I was immobilized by ear, and I thought I was going to have a heart attack or die.

  12. Bad spirits and such will mostly prey on those with the lowest psyche. A psyche, for those who don't know is basically your knowledge of how to protect yourselves from these kinds of things.



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