Sunday, December 6, 2009

Chased by an Evil Ghost

I was thirteen at the time. I was at my best friends house. It was Me, (I am not going to use my friends real names because they really don't want me to so I am sorry!) Rose, Becca,and Alice. Well we were all hanging out at Alice's house we were going to stay the night.

Well Alice lives next to this old house where a man went insane. Thinking that the walls of the house were breathing and that voices were coming from furniture. One night he was taking a bath and he thought the water turned into blood. Well he couldn't take it anymore so he ran and jumped off a bridge and killed himself. No one ever moved back into the house.

Well me and my friends were bored out of our minds. Alice's mother and brother weren't supposed to be back until eight o'clock that night. So we decided to play hide and seek. Me and Alice were counting and our rules are you can hide anywhere. No sooner than me and Alice were done counting than Rose and Becca come bursting in the back door screaming! Then an overwhelming feeling of sorrow and pain came over the house. "What did you do?" Alice and I screamed. "W...We went into that haunted house. The back door was open so we went in. And someone yelled "GET OUT" so we ran," said Rose.

Well Me, Alice and Rose had always been a little more sensitive to ghosts and spirits (I live next to a graveyard and we have all seen ghosts and spirits). We could feel something evil in the house. It was down stairs in her brothers room. We all went down there to try to get it out of the house. We all prayed well that just made it mad. It chased us so we ran outside. It was still after us so we ran back inside to get some salt and make a protective circle. Only before we could the ghost over took Alice. Alice dropped to the floor. Rose and Becca dragged her into the bathroom while I grabbed the salt. I took off my silver necklace (Silver and salt can keep ghosts away and protect you) and put it on Alice. I spread salt every where in the bathroom (That was the smallest room and would be the fastest room to clean up before her mom got home!) Then I put the salt all over Alice and we prayed. Then there was a calm feeling around the house and Alice woke up. She was fine and so were we. We cleaned up every thing before her mom or brother got home. We never told anyone not even Alice's mom. That spirit has never bothered us again.

Thanks for reading and comments appreciated!

Sent in by Kat, Copyright 2009

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