Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Looking at the Clouds Above

I would not really call this a ghost story. Honestly I do not know what to call it. Lets just say I will let you be the judge... My name is Nicole, I live in Sumter, South Carolina with many of my relatives. For the most part I have had a pretty normal childhood. I have seen ghosts before but always thought to myself as it being a childhood thing. This was just a normal day.

It just finished raining and my dad always walked around. So the rest of the family for some reason decided to join him that is when we noticed him staring off into the sky... we drew our attention to whatever it was that he too was looking at and there it was... an image of a smiley face. I know you are thinking of an abnormal cloud.. No... this was a perfect smiley face with a crown on its head... everyone of us were in complete shock. It was as if somebody pasted it there... astonished and in silence we regrouped and headed home... right there beside our house above in the sky was an image of a perfect drawn angel with the fairest skin I have ever seen. It had one leg up and had an arrow drawn with tight curls... my sister quickly ran into the house to get a camera../ that when it all started is seemed as if someone started a slide show... images one after the other begin to appear... it was a man that came up and he was laying down leaning on his arm for support looking down at us his eyes moved looking each of us up and down he begin to speak but his words were unheard a white dove flew across his face and this bright light shown a above and the words LR appeared then thunder roared and the clouds turned a misty grey and dark purple clouds arose a ship sailing on clouds approached with black shadowy figures and off in the distance bright lights shown as another ship approached with angels on it then a lady appeared wearing biblical clothing she was holding a hymn book form which she was singing... at least that what she reenacted a hole appeared under her which she was snatched through the skin for a moment turned pitch black and satans face covered that portion of the sky our family begun to pray as I cried along with my nephew... then Noah's ark appeared and you could see animals literally entering the ship and you could hear the animal noises like the lion roaring off in a distance... not one car moved down our street nor was anybody on the street home... our neighborhood seemed vacant... just us... the images stopped and we all entered my home shaken up I mean what did this all mean... I was fifteen then... and I am eighteen now near graduating and getting married to my high school sweetheart.... and I still have not found answers to what me and my family saw why were we the only ones to encounter this and as for those pictures just complete blanks... from now til the day I close my eyes permanently I will remember the day I decided never to look up again.

If any of you reading this have ever encountered this or knows someone who has please feel free to comment. It will be greatly appreciated.

Sent in by Nicole

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