Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Horrific Sequence of Events Surrounding Callies Death

After seeing the recent film 'paranormal activity' I have been inspired to tell you my story about the girl I love. I am going to tell you about the horrific sequence of events that surrounded my girlfriend Callie's death. Callie was beautiful and kind, but a little dim, bless her. We lived together in a small cottage in the outer Hebrides, we were blissfully happy. Planning to wed and to have many children one day.

One day we were eating dinner sausage and mash I was digging in but I noticed that Callie hadn't touched her dinner I asked her what was wrong she shrugged then whispered, 'someone is watching us' I laughed thinking she was joking. She looked hurt I dropped it. later we were on the sofa and heard a crash in the kitchen, the kettle had fallen off the counter Callie screamed. over the next few weeks small things happened my watch went missing, our car keys also were gone, Callie steadily got more anxious one night she asked, 'Graeme, do you believe in ghosts?' I knew this question was coming, I felt it building, I shrugged but secretly I did, damn it I knew. Callie started to cry, 'They are watching me, they are here, oh my God, they'll kill you' I was totally freaked out I told her to calm down she was screaming, I was totally freaked out, Callie was crazy, I knew it I told her to go to bed, she went up and I followed her later that night.

I woke up, Callie wasn't in bed I thought nothing of it, she was probably making tea or something, I tried to get back to sleep but something felt wrong, I got up and went down stairs all the lights were on and Callie was standing in the centre of the room facing me, tears streamed her face her eyes were red and bloodshot, she looked mad, I grabbed the phone, she needed help, psychiatric help, 'PUT IT DOWN GREAME!' I shook my head, she lunged towards me, she had a knife, I leapt out the way WTF! I thought, she ran towards me but tripped over and fell, she drove the knife into herself, she let out a beautiful gasp, and she was gone. This is a difficult story to tell you, I feel I have to tell you this reader. This next part you wont believe, trust me I do not tell a lie.

I ran out of the kitchen sobbing, I needed to get out but I couldn't leave my beautiful Callie I walked back in and she was gone, Callie? Callie? I screamed it until my throat felt raw, she was gone, how could this happen I watched her draw her last breath I saw the blood pouring from her cold cold body, there was no trace of blood on the floor, had I dreamt this? had I dreamt of Callie? was I the mad one and not Callie? I sat on the floor where she had lain and I heard a slow intake of breath behind me a spun around no one was there, then I heard it, I heard Callie, 'they'll come, they'll come and we will be hell' did I dream this? it was the middle of the night. I was tired.

The police never found her body as far as they are concerned she ran away, she never died, but I knew. I knew we would be reunited one day and a pray everyday it wont be in hell, but heaven.

Sent in by Graeme Mc Donald, Copyright 2009

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