Sunday, December 6, 2009

Was I Bitten by a Vampire?

I was sleeping with my ex a couple months ago, and we just got done making out. He bit my neck hard and I thought he was just being sexy but it hurt a lot. So I pushed him off and told him to stop. But my neck was bleeding just a little bit. So I went to sleep.

The next morning I had to go home. I walked home and I had a horrible migraine. And I didn't even want to keep my eyes open because it hurt really bad. Like needles in the back of my eyes.

When I got home I went to look in the mirror at the scratch over my neck. It wasn't like 2 bite marks it was just a scratch from where his tooth scratched deep over my skin. I was pale, and I didn't feel good at all. So I laid down. My mom walked in and noticed I didn't look well and she tried to give me some medicine but I didn't even feel like swallowing it, so I didn't even bother trying to.

I got up the next night actually and I went to the bathroom. (I always sing when I'm walking around my house) but when I tried to talk it was like a different voice. I glanced in the mirror and I was way pale, and my eyes were blood shot. I called my ex the next morning and asked him if he was sick or anything or if he had something I should know about. He said he was a vampire. Which I thought was a joke so I hung up on him not finding that funny. I thought I was deathly ill. But then I kept remembering how he hated light, always nibbled, he was fast, and he was strong. I passed those things over though.

I didn't know if I should believe him until he showed up at my house that night. He told me he was a vampire, and he wasn't joking but I still told him it wasn't funny. He told me that night he was glad I pushed him off before he actually bit me. Little did he know it was too late.

Later that month I started changing more. Paler, faster, craving blood. I never could run during the day because my ankle would sprain, but at night I run faster than usual.

I broke up with him just not too long ago. I can't forgive what he's done.

Being a vampire isn't what it's played up to be. You can't go in light for very long, it's hard to keep friends, and it's hard to do anything really.

I know it sounds hard to believe me. I didn't believe myself. I'm not 100% sure I am a vampire. That's why I posted this. I can tell you I'm fast, pale, I have a white ring around my iris, and I hate the light.

Sent in by Summer, Copyright 2009


  1. This story is so crazy!! Are you sure your boyfriend isnt strung out? Or are you? Seriously. And how old are you, you walked home the next day, and your mom gave u medicine?? I am a expert on vampires, and I dont believe you are truly a vamp. Vampires dont have time to post crazy stories. They are to blood lusty to be on the internet telling stories. Oh, and btw..vamps dont sleep @ nite! lol PS How fast are you running @ nite? A true Vamp runs 40-50mph, so I need to know. They sell speedometers at SportMart.

    Or just ask your mom to drive beside you while you run while your on your way to the psychiatrist... And tell her to stop giving you meds. Im a little concerned about the meds your taking.

  2. I agree with the idea of Deeanabroke and don't think the story is true.

  3. if your really a vampier,then why do u want to tell people,dont u want to keep it a secert?

  4. there are so many people claming to be a vampire or half vampire, it must be some kind of trend. if vampire's did exist there would not be advertising it on the internet. lisa x

  5. Just because you havent seen it doesnt make it fake. Yeah some people have to see it too believe but sometimes people don't always make stuff up to get someone's attention. I do believe this world is turning out to be what we did not exspect. But i do believe there is some form of biting creatures out in the world and some day we will actually see what we never really believed. I do agree Summer that things are not good when being a vamp. when people think its alsome. But i do agree with you. Maybe your just not quiet sure but i am not saying your making it up cause i do not judge a book by its cover!!!

  6. i agree! maybe she is a vampire! and she's trying to express her feelings towards this!

  7. Thnxx. && yeah i am. The whole reason to post this was to get help finding out if I really am ..

  8. Vampires are real, yet i dont think you were turned into one. just your mind playing tricks.

    i wish though haha.

  9. To be honest. I once experienced almost the same. I was sleeping all alone with a horrible nightmare. When i woke upp my neck was bleeding. I remember the pain and the sickness... I despise the sun and my athletic skills is somewhat increased. Girls seems to be liking me more to. I belive that this may be Porphyria (vampirism)

  10. I'm sorry that something like happened to you, but I do believe you, but I'm not sure if him being a leach is true or not. I think that my friends are crazy when ever they say that they see my eyes change to red or say that I might be a vampire just because I age slowly, or have pail skin, or have a hard time being in bright lights, or when I mention that I smell blood whenever someone gets hurt, or, um, never mined. I'm starting to believe them a little bit...

  11. I believe this story and consider her to express her feelings of becoming a vampire. In addition, she also wanted assurance from us about the existence of the vampire and a vampire markers.

  12. Well, THIS is awesome! I do agree that certain things that are not as they seem, and you never what'll come 'till it comes! You never know1 Maybe in the future, humans will evolve as vampires, or any other mythical creatures. (This is from a preteen)

  13. my best freind might be a vampire but you are deffenitly lol different then him

  14. Has anyone read the manga Chibi vampire? If you have, you'll know what I mean. Anyway, I get lots of nosebleeds_ more than any preteen should. I'm starting to appeal to the taste of
    blood. I think I'm a vampire in reverse!

  15. OMG this story's so funny- I will tell you what happened you went out got crazy drunk with your EX, He was possibly drunker than you- Then during your sexy times he got a bit wild bit you . Then you pushed him off & Passed out, sleeping like a drunk you breathing airways weren't open - Mix lack of oxygen and all the booze-perhaps alcohol poisoning & that is why you had a headache in the morning and felt deathly... Bad hang over = very pale and bloodshot eyes! The rest of your Symptoms I think you have an underlying medical condition - that should be checked.. Good for you , you broke up with that guy he sounds as though he'd be taking crazy pills. Because if he's a vampire that as turned you into a vampire ... Then I am Father Christmas!!!

  16. I dont think that half of you are even being that fair. I have never seen a vampire so this doesnt have to be true but you say you know all of this when i you think about you are being very stereotypical. I think that vampires are similar to humans in the way that they are all differnent to eachother. Think about it, we dont all run at the same speed and we dont all go on the internet but some of us do. Just because she had posted a story doesnt mean its a silly little story on the internet. She needs advice and telling her that she is making up stories isnt going to help. I do think you should stop taking the medicine though. I dont think that if you feel like that that it is even going to help. You could go and see a doctor , but dont go in and say 'I think Im a vampire' because I dont think that the doctor will take it seriuosly. Just say what has happened an see if they can relate it to an illness. If not then maybe you truly are a vampire and you are just going to have to live with it. Im sorry that it has happened to you but Im sure it will get better. x

    Dont worry x

  17. You were very sick, and you didnt go to the doctor? Thats odd!! Maybe he could have done some test or something on you and say hey, you are human. But if you did that, then this made up story wouldnt be worth it, because there would be actual documentation that you were fine, and not a vampire. I bet Halloween must be hard for you.

  18. Not everyone goes to the doctor everytime they are sick :) I have been very very sick for days and I just laid around and fought my way through it. I rarely go to a doctor. Just because someone doesnt experience or react in the same way that you would you think it is odd?

  19. Vampires do exist, but I'm not sure that you are one.
    you should probably go to the doctors as the are a number of diseases you could have caught from your ex biting you.
    PantyCricket please stop being so unfair and mean to people.

    I believe your telling the truth about what happened, but I'm not 100% sure turning is possible.

  20. To Vampire Truth, I guess you are right about the doctor thing. But one would think the changes that are going on in ones body that they have never felt before. I mean I've heard it hurts like hell, and so it does in the movies. Or is the movies totally fake about the whole thing? I mean it is absolutely 100% correct that vampires do exist anyway, right? So who would beleive the movie versions of changing from human to vampire? If you all of a sudden couldnt go in the sun, were faster, had a thirst for blood, and what ever else happens. I mean, why would you go to the doctor. All that stuff is pretty normal, right? I guess Im the dumb one here. No wonder vampires are top of the food chain.

  21. To Victoria- I'm not being mean. All I want is for one of these "vampires" to do is go to the doctor and see if they have all the signs of a human being. If anyone refuses to do that, that means they know they are lieing bout the whole thing. Alot of people here THINK they are vampires, but they are not 100% sure. If I thought I was one, I would want the correct answer. If the doctor says you are one, then fine. Ill beleive in them then, along with the rest of the world. Because if one was a vampire, I think that would be all over the news to prove people like me wrong. And I would admit I was. But until someone is brave enough, no one cares.

  22. PantyCricket - Reality often bears little resemblance to "movies" I have never stated that vampires are "real" nor have I said the opposite.

    The purpose of this site is not to tell you the answers but instead is to allow all the readers (you dont even have to login to comment) to share their own thoughts and opinions. Nearly every story on the site was written and submitted by one of our readers out 'there'.

  23. PantyCricket

    I don't think they would be that much different to humans, as they were human before, so the doctor might not be able to tell the difference if they don't already know of the existence of vampires.
    however if a doctor could tell, do you really think anyone would go?
    the government would be all over them, doing experiments ect...

    1. again i ask if vampires are stronger than humans how could us weak little beneath u beings be able to ha e the strength to capture and expirment on you

  24. My favourite type is one of Vincet, because he is immortal and oldest.

  25. Hi,
    I believe that in some instances it is actually possible to have some sort of semi-vampire like abilities. It's weird. I had some contact with a vampire back in 1991, I posted my story in "vampire encounters in new york" .

    I was diagnosed with glaucoma, which is basically nerve damage and is medically and scientifically considered irreversable, well, mine actually reversed itself. I was given tetracycline for acne, and I never knew that I was allergic to it since I never took it before. It only took one capsule for me to get acute liver poisoning and an inflammed liver. I was basically told that I had about 6-months left in the ER. I went for a special scan of the liver about 2 weeks after and all liver damage was actually reversed, there is at this time no indication that there was anything wrong with my liver. Another time I was electrocuted trying to unplug a toaster. I was thrown about 10 feet and my heart stopped. I'm just standing there waiting to black out and collapse and my heart beat came back on it's own without any outside intervention. The MD's told me that my vagus nerve (which controls the electricity to the heart) was hit, and I was put on medicaton to control my symptoms, which were supposed to be lifelong, but less than two years later I was taken off the med and told that no longer had a problem with the vagus nerve. What's even weirder is that if I ever undergo surgery, I would go through about 3 days of Extreme pain, usually uncontrolled by pain meds, (almost like if my body goes through a deep statis) and then go through a period of accelerated healing. I even get this with colds, which would last about 5 days, instead of 10. By the way, No, I'm not a vamp, nor do I enjoy the vamp lifestyle, I just thought that there might be a link between have a close contact and having accelerated healing abilities. I keep this secret my everyone.

  26. If all vampires wanted or had to keep there sacrets, about 75% of these stories would not be here. Like any "person", someone who has a deep, personal, or abnormal secret, they want to share it to get it out. In my opinion, this is the best place to share it. no one knows who you are. I say stuff on here that I would never tell even a friend at school. It would be awkward and ruin my already "bad" (hated) "reputation". And I think your "boyfriend" was insane either as a human and it stuck or as a vampire and he never got over it. Don't ever hang out wiht him again. I wouldn't forgive someone who did that to me. but that's just me and my too-trustyish ways.....^,.,^

  27. Um.. I do not know what to say to you cause i haven't experience anything like that. But just a piece of advice, i know that being a vampire isn't really that wonderful but make the best of it. If you start hating yourself or your ex-boyfriend or your new life, you'll never be happy. Don't regret what happened to you and start wishing that you had your old life back cause its not going to help. You're just going to be depressed. Make the best of your abilities and I know that it has its disadvantages but there is always something nice about it. besides I doubt if a person who was a vampire his whole life got turned into human, would like it also :) You don't have to take my advice just saying. Take care!!


  28. it sounds crazy but i believe you i truley do there are some people that may not believe some of these stories but i do

  29. thats crazy i hope you 2 work things out your going to need him to help you out with every thing ..

  30. @Summer:
    No you are not a vampire because you did not taste any of his blood! It could very much be that your ex is psychic and tries to induce you to believe you to be a vampire. Whatever he has done to you is wrong.
    Here is my advice: tell yourself that you are human and can do all things humans do. Say this inside your heart and so shall it be.
    Take care,



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