Saturday, December 12, 2009

I Was Fined for Hopping on a Cow

My name is Laquisha and the following story is one of my past experiences. On a cool night back in California, I was sitting on a beach. As I looked out into the ocean, a thick cloud of fog rolled in, blocking my vision from anything near me. Then I heard the voice of a child whispering my name.

I looked everywhere trying to find the child who was lost in the fog. Then, the fog thinned enough for me to see a pale, sickly child crawling towards me. He lifted his head and stared at me for a moment before getting to his feet. He slowly stepped closer to me with his hand stretched toward me calling my name once again.

I quickly turned the other way and made a mad dash toward the city. But then, my asthma kicked in and I could run no further. Then I realized I was suddenly near a bunch of cattle. I sighed, "Wheeeoooww. I think I lost him." So I hopped on a cow and dashed towards the city because I couldn't breath.

I went to the nearest police station and told them of my experience. They thought I was on drugs and kept me there for testing. Turns out I wasn't on any drugs so they couldn't keep me there, but they gave me a big fine for taking a cow.

To this day, I still don't know what I saw on that beach: Was it really a ghost, or was is just some creepy kid that needed my help in the fog? The world may never know...

Written by Laquisha, Copyright 2009


  1. Now that one was some thing else I was all the way with it till the cow part. I mean come on now really.

  2. Hahah ohh that's funny, hahah. But the seeing a ghost boy is pretty scary. At lease you didn't have an asthma attack, lol.



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