Friday, December 11, 2009

Bizzare Object in the Grass

I was the age of about fourteen when mowing the grass one Summer day. When I came upon this one spot in the yard that the lawn mower stalled. So thinking the grass being a bit tall caused it I pulled the mower back a bit, pulled the rope and proceeded over the same spot when it stalled again. So I tried one more time only to get the same result.

I thought it to be kind of odd for the mower to keep stalling in the same identical spot since the grass around this area had already been knocked down. So I started examining the ground I was trying to mow.

I noticed something white was showing so I reached down and pulled this strange object from the ground. It had the texture of a mushroom, and was about the diameter of a 33 rpm record. It was flat on the bottom and approximately a inch and half thick through the center and narrowed outward to the edge. It had these strange antennas that was kind of the texture of a thin vine that made a circle at the end very much like a vine when it grows around something. The best I can recollect it had four of these. I assumed it was a flying object but thought it was kind of odd being so small and made of such natural earthly material.

I don't know how it kept causing the lawn mower to stall but that is what brought it to my attention. I showed it to my mother and tossed into the woods next to our house.

A few weeks later we were telling my father about it and he said that he would like to see it. His reply was I don't know what it is but it looks like you've killed it.

I suppose I could probably go back and pull it out of the woods again I don't Know. But I've never seen nor heard of anything like that since.

Sent in by ejd, Copyright 2009

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