Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Visited By Demons

I hope everyone's doing good... but I just feel I have to start telling about my experiences with the supernatural, There are only few people that I have ever told about it because they are the only people who understand what's going on. I'm only going to tell one thing that has happen recently for now because I have a lot that I could tell and you don't wanna read all that.

Well everything started when I was 13, I am 19 now. I started having dreams that seemed to turn into reality, or sleep paralysis. Now they say in scientific BS that sleep paralysis comes from lack of sleep but I disagree strongly because somehow the demons that attack me can actually hurt me if they are trying to do more than choke me.

Three nights ago (from me writing this) I was sleep in my dorms and I felt this presence enter my room suddenly and it was standing at the end of my bed. So I learned to deal with that problem. I turned over on my stomach because they usually attack you when you are sleeping on your back. But this demon was different, it did something completely new. Instead on leaving after a while it immediately crawled onto my bed and put its knee in my back. It was such a sharp pain I stopped breathing for about 10 seconds. It grabbed my forehead and leaned me back and whispered in my ear and excuse my 'French' said, "your ass is mine... God cannot save you now". At that moment I could not focus because I was in such pain and all kinds of thoughts went through my head, I couldn't even think to pray and get this demon off me.

But somewhere through all of that the Lord gave a sign in all my thoughts that he was there. I immediately began to pray to him. The demon was angered by me calling god in to stop him... so before the demon departed it screamed in my ear and said, "I will because back for you soon so don't worry" then it hopped off me and went away.

I now have gotten a kanji symbol tattoo on my arm which stands for "faith in god" with angel wings attached because he has saved me and looked after me no matter what I was going through. I am beginning to understand that what he has given me (I guess you could call it a spiritual power) has its advantages and disadvantages.

What I meant by that is that I have something like a sixth sense. I can tell when bad things are going to happen sometimes. I can read how some people are without even knowing them. Dreams are a major part in it also... and being able to pick up on spirits being around without a problem. Well that's just a little bit of me but I'm pretty sure that some people will think I'm a liar. Honestly it doesn't matter I am dealing with this. If something like this goes on in anyone else's life like this, then I have a believer.

If anyone wants feel free to comment or ask me a question if you have something you might wanna know (I am not a psychic so please don't ask a question like that because I wont be able to help). But thanks for reading, maybe I will post more if anyone tells me they are interested in more of my experiences.

By Deon Colvin, Copyright 2009

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