Sunday, April 19, 2009

Products Of Human Technology

For years I have delighted in hearing and reading your kinds stories. What I do not like is why you ponder over things that can be explained in one simple term, technology. Not manifestations of beings from another world or whatever your spiritual guides or guardians have supposed to have told you. What I mean is think about our polluted world we live in. We breath it, drink it, eat it, and make things we use with these toxic chemicals in them. We have done this for years and lets not for get all the under ground radioactive bomb containers. Are still wondering why mutants run loose in the woods and create disasters? Or why certain people see and feel things others may not? Come on people get it together for Gods sake already! Lets think logically not supernaturally, just for once.

Did you ever think about this in depth or did you just think of it as paranormal? How many Nuclear Power plants do we have around the world? This is not counting the numerous chemical plants of all kinds. Then once the land is full of buildings and trash where do you think we start dumping the rest of it. Into the depths of your bodies of water as if the ground wasn't bad enough. People, people, people are the ones to blame, not some higher power. God isn't picking on us, we are doing to ourselves.

We drink the water eventually and eat the seafood. Mmmmmmmmm, all that recycled toxins huh!? Then you wonder why years later a mutant animal or creature is spotted somewhere or why you are a transmitter to ghosts or spirits rather? I would quicker to point the finger at the dammed human race than from beyond. You say it is caused by energy well not kidding. Look at all the radio towers, cell phone towers, hell do you know what's really in them satellites in space? Yeah they say information waves that are so advanced they go from way up there into the layered atmosphere into a receiver and produces an image! Has a bell went off in your heads yet because if it ain't I still have more!

Mutants are something normal that has had its genetic make up seriously screwed up but they don't have to always die soon afterwards. Look at all the new species of animals and insects coming up every year. Do you mean to tell me a ghost put them here, huh? Oh wait here's one aliens or another dimension, yeah right! You wanna know the only alien I've seen so far is mankind and all their stupid technology!

Well you got a scratch so you got to rub all kinds or skin lotion on it! Well their went another species extinct because you had to buy some crap that a factory makes to make you look younger when all it does is put pollution into the air and in 60 years you don't look any different than you would of just softer and more frail! Get real with reality folks and stop all this booghostbullcrap!

To anyone who wants to read here you might find your answer to all the mysteries. Its logical and makes you feel a whole lot better about your sanity that you may think your losing.

By I K, Copyright 2009 Willard E Hughes Jr.


  1. OK, this was really weird, but in some ways I can agree with your ideas

  2. It is unfortunate that you didnt include any reall facts, statistics and "figures" with your article.

    You make a statement like another species going extinct because people use lotion. What? That would have been a good place to put in some stats to attempt to prove your point.

  3. where are the facts SWEETIE???????



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