Monday, April 20, 2009

Mannequin Massacre

You know mannequins... those things that stand still like statues and advertise a specific clothing or thing... yeah of course you do! But there are things about mannequins that you should never forget. My name is Samantha and I am the president of Paranormal Literature Organization, and this is my story:

One day I was in RFC mall (only found in my country) when I saw this cute top and shorty shorts on this looked good on the mannequin but the only problem is that the mannequin was bald. All the mannequins were bald. I called my mom and chuckled "hey mom look, bald children! Bald!"

I was now laughing hard and kept teasing the mannequin. "Hey kid," I said to it "you mind if I borrow your beachball? Or better yet may I borrow your head? It's like a beachball anyway!It's so smooth and bald!" I kept laughing and teasing the mannequin. and when it was time to go home I said to the mannequin "Bye kid! Enjoy your bald life! Next time I go here, I want to see hair! Not a beachball for a head" I laughed and followed my mom out and to home.

You gotta admit, I was pretty rude and mean. If the mannequin was a real bald girl, It would have cried and yelled. I was a mean girl. But I just can't help it... that time.... it looked really funny.

That night I was about to sleep when I saw a strange smoky figure out my window. I just ignored it and the next morning, I heard the news that someone robbed the mall and one of the mannequins were gone! Wow!

I went there and saw that the mannequin that was stolen was the one I was teasing the other day. And I saw a girl, a REALLY PRETTY GIRL. With silky hair and hazelnut eyes. Her skin was pale, but in a good way cause it suited her. She was like a doll. She reminded me of someone or something, I just can't place what or who. She wore this cute new yellow top with frilly sleeves and pants with gem designs. My gosh was she pretty.

She asked me the most peculiar question "Do you like my hair?" but I had to answer her "yes! it's pretty! It really is!" then I went to the other aisle and she disappeared. And I whispered to myself "what a peculiar pretty girl!"

The next day I went there again, hoping to find Miss Perfectly Pretty there. But I didn't see her. Instead, I saw the mannequin. The mannequin with her brown nut eyes and pale skin... and wait a minute... something was different about her... she had hair... she looked exactly like that pretty girl who greeted me the other day with a peculiar question... then I grabbed the hair... hoping it was a wig.... it didn't come off... then... I saw this note in the pouch she was holding... a note saying:

"Do You like my hair now?"

PS: You can have the beachball... just don't tease me again.

I ran away from that mannequin and I come back there only when I am in need to shop.... but I keep clear of all the mannequins and I never tease them... even though they really look funny being bald and all.... Sorry miss mannequin.... ever since that day, the mannequin disappears at night and it's hair changes.... freaky.

This really isn't that scary but if you were in my place...and see the mannequin there with different hair everyday...whoah..... that mannequin is FREAKY

By Samantha Jones, Copyright 2009


  1. I see a lot of mannequins with no arms. Maybe next time I will make fun of them and see what happens!

  2. hmmm, I think I'd apoligize. very guilty conscious a times.

  3. At least she wasnt mean about it and went all crazy and tried to kill you. When I was little I always pretended to BE a mannequin, they being perfect and all. And me being slightly over weight at the time. But just today I made fun of a mannequin because of the way its mouth was... NO JOKE.



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