Sunday, April 19, 2009

Faces in the Clouds

This story has nothing to do with ghosts so if it's that kind of story you are looking for then you are gravely mistaken. The names in this story have been changed so that some stuff I have stated would not be able to get us in trouble. My story starts out like this I live in a city in Northern Virginia, at the time I was a senior in high-school.

I don't remember exactly what day it was but I do remember it was before Christmas and very cold outside. It was me James, My younger brother Sam, and my friends Carlos, Levi, Collin. We had just gotten a ride down to the bowling alley (about a 5 minute drive) so we could meet up with Collins girlfriend and some of her friends.

We arrived about an hour early just because my mom couldn't give us a ride any earlier so we agreed to take it as opposed to walking that way. the time was about 7pm and it was dark outside, since we got there an hour early we decided to walk to Carlos's girlfriend Nyra's house since she lived close by and that he had to console her as much as he could being because her little boy cousin had died that day from health related causes.

On the way there we had to walk a wide open path on tope of a hill bordering a small lake. We weren't really scared of anything just because we were 5 pretty big adult males and me and Carlos both had pocket knives on us. While we were walking my brother Sam, Levi, and Collin all decided to smoke some weed that Collin had on him. I know what your saying how could I an older brother let my younger brother smoke, well what you don't understand is that my brother can make his own decisions and I had long stopped acting like the strict older brother.

So me and Carlos were waling about 20 feet in front of them because we both aren't smokers. So we were talking on our own when we both just decided to look up at the somewhat close to full moon. We looked up and say a cloud apart from other clouds, and this day wasn't very cloudy so we could tell them apart. The shape of the cloud seemed to resemble a manly face with a long beard.

When I first saw it I immediately thought of the old Zeus pictures, because it really looked like it. Carlos pointed it out to me while I was staring at it and noted that I had already seen it. Carlos an avid catholic immediately thought that it was gods face, and I an avid Muslim said the same thing.

Your probably thinking why we just didn't assume that it was just a cloud, well because we both are very superstitious and religious people, but at the same time we were just thinking it was a cloud. So we stopped staring at it and followed with our conversation. Until I said "Carlos look up at the cloud again." This time it was completely different in shape and looked more like a serpentine-like human face.

The best way I can describe it, is that it kind of look like lord Voldemorts face from Harry potter. When we say this we both were getting freaked out and we just stared down. But we both are curious in nature and when we looked back up it was the Zeus like face but in a different position as the first and somewhat different in the length of the beard but we could tell that it was suppose to resemble the first cloud-face we say.

This is when we decided to inform the others, so while we were still looking up at the cloud we yelled back to the others. We didn't even have to point it out to them because as soon as the looked up they all noticed it to. They were more astonished and brushed it off as a cloud, I don't know if that was them or the weed that brushed it off but that's what they did.

And right now is where I explain why we didn't just stare at the cloud the whole time to see it change is because me and Carlos were to scared. We finally mustered up the courage to look up again we say the serpentine-face again, but like the first and third clouds there was a difference in the little things such as which way it was facing and stuff like that.

We pointed it back out to the three behind us and that's when they knew that there was something weird going on. After we stared at it for a while we were all compelled to look away, when we finally looked up again at the cloud it had taken the shape of a bird with its wings spread out.

After a while the cloud changed into a normal circular cloud shape, and we arrived at Nyra's house. We explained the story for the half hour that we stayed there, and then left back to the bowling alley. On the way back we didn't see the cloud again. The next day at school Nyra came up to us in school and told us that her mother and aunt were coming back to her house after making the funeral preparations, when they got a flat tire.

Her aunt looked up and also saw a bird-shape in the clouds ( I don't know if it was the cloud we saw), but she started to cry and told Nyra's mom that her son's favorite animal was an eagle.

Since that day the memory of that night just slid away from our minds, I don't know why because that kind of thing should have stuck for a while. About a year after that night it just popped into my head again and I asked Carlos about it and he said that he had completely forgot about it.

Thanks for spending time reading my story and if you don't believe me then its okay because everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

By Yusaf Ibrahimi, Copyright 2009


  1. That was actually a really good read. Im still not sure what the goal was with this but it was interesting and unusual.

  2. I seen a top portion of a cloud man flying about 12ft. off the ground down a street. It looked at me but kept going. Another time I was very overwhelmed while looking at a large cloud embankment far up and away, I noticed a large penis shaped cloud. I was pretty dumbfounded and dazed around but looked up again it'd become unrecognizable.

    I also seen them both around heavy pot-smokers.

  3. Well, I beleive these boys saw what they say they saw, but it's just meaningless. Our brains are "hard-wired" to find something recognizable in the shapeless, and we are especially good at finding faces. The fact that the "object" in the sky kept changing direction, shape and appearance is reasonable, because that's what clouds do. This coincidental event occuring around the time of the unfortunate passing of the girl's cousin is just that, a coincidence. Let's try to keep this a bit more relevant, and stay away from cloud shapes, mashed potato images, and penises some guy thinks he "seen".



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