Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Ghoul in the Graveyard

This may be a little hard to believe to some of you, but it's something that I just want to forget even happened. Every summer me and my brother Devan would go to our uncle Mal's house and it would be a blast! Our cousins Camron, Chris, Calvin and Corey (our uncle loves names that start with C) would be there and we would all hang out together with two twin girls that lived in the neighborhood, Gina and Tina.

There was a creepy old man that lived next door who would just sit out side in a rocking chair and rock back and forth wiping his shot gun with a rag and smiling widely at anyone that passed by his house. The old man's house was built in front of a cemetery, where a lot of children had gone missing in the past year. And of course the old man was a suspect.

Anyway, one night when our uncle Mal was out with some friends me, my brother, our cousins and the twins were in the house sitting around bored out of our minds, when Chris made the suggestion that we play "ghost in the cemetery" in the old man's cemetery (and let me just say we had a lot of weird experiences and have gotten in tons of trouble because of his crazy ideas). Of course we cheered at the idea because it was dark and scary out, and we just love being scared, we love the adrenalin rush you get.

Oh, and for those who don't know the game "ghost in the cemetery", it's like a mix of hide and seek and tag, one person is the ghost and has to find someone and chase them until they tag them, then that person is a ghost and so on.

To get into the cemetery we had to climb over the old man's gate fence, and then over the other gate fence that leads to the cemetery. When we got inside we voted my brother to be the ghost and the rest of us went to hide. I hid in the corner of a crypt (not actually going inside, I hid in the little corner by the door) and stayed in the shadows. Once the adrenalin wore off and I realized just how dark out and creepy it was, the only light out being the full moon, I didn't think it was so fun anymore.

I started to hear a dripping sound, like a drop of water falling onto concrete. I ignored it, but then it got louder, like someone walking in a puddle. And it got louder and louder until I ran away from the crypt and hid behind a tombstone. I watched the door but nothing came out, then I heard a dragging sound coming from behind me. Then I saw my brother, cousins and the twins in front of me, and they had looks of terror on their faces. I turned around to see what they were looking at and I immediately regretted it.

There was a man wearing a tattered brown suit, with gray skin hanging in chunks, covered in blood and his jaw was missing so his tongue was hanging out. He was dragging his leg and he was holding something but I didn't look long enough to see what it was. Devan screamed at me to run and that's what I did. We ran for the gate and didn't look back, we climbed over the cemetery gate and then the old man's fence.

When we were sure we were safe Calvin screamed "what was that?" then my brother replied "I bet it was the old man, I knew that guy was crazy!" but then when we went around the man's house, there he was in his rocking chair, fast asleep.

The next morning we all vowed to never speak of what happened the previous night again. We also told each other that we would never tell anybody.

I really don't know what it is that we saw that night and to be honest, I really don't want to. If any of you don't believe me then that's fine and dandy, it's just nice to finally to get this off my chest

Sent in by Alexis, Copyright 2011


Does this sound like a zombie sighting? If you know of any true cases of zombies or have actually encountered a zombie please report it to the World Zombie Defense


  1. Could have been a zombie, or as i believe, a ghoul under the control of a vampire, maybe the old man.

  2. i've seen alot of strange things......

  3. That must've been horrible, you had to have been petrified! I still think it was the old man!

    1. I was! I'd never seen anything like that in my life! I didn't even think stuff like that was real, just in the movies you know? I constantly tell myself that it was just the old guy playing a joke, to scare kids away so they'd stay out of the graveyard. But... I don't know. - Alexis

    2. That is exactly how I felt, and I'm Alexis. Nice try.



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