Friday, May 13, 2011

The Vampire Truth or Imagination?

Death is a difficult thing to deal with (Dealing With Personal Death Experiences), especially someone I loved. The pain I suffered was terrible, It even affected my grades. I did what I could to escape, but it was hopeless. I tried to shut everything out, but to no avail.

That was four years ago. It may seem like a petty sob story, but it played a vital role in my current search for truth.

Lets move on to two years later, after I saw the death of a beloved member. It was nearing the end of 2009. That's where I kept a detail of events. it started in the morning, I woke up, unable to move, or open my eyes, most of my senses, dulled. Most, but not all, as I heard two words, that sparked a confusion in my life.

"Good morning."

For the life of day, I knew I was not dreaming. I heard it. I heard the voice with my own ears. I knew it was real. My senses eventually returned to me, and I could move, but not a whole lot. Everything was heavy. It took effort, but I got out of bed, and questioned one of my "vampire" buddies. They were hesitant in their response, but they said it was them. But something, deep in my mind, said they were lying. Of course, my mental stability was weak, so I had no other proof. I believed them for another two years. But,during those two years, I knew something was different. Several dreams I had were odd. Only a mysterious woman, in black robes, would sometimes appear in a void of darkness. She called herself, "Atoli" perhaps because the game character I knew of, was unstable in a way. She appeared to me once, and traced a cross on my left arm.

Since then, I vowed never to tell anyone. But, then, several months later, I had a violent dream. This time, I was another woman, different from Atoli, as she carried a Death Scythe, and on her left arm, was the same cross on my left arm. She stood, at the gate of my school, waiting, till I saw Atoli. The two fought, but to my dismay, Atoli lost, both the fight, and her life, but it seemed there was more. before waking up, I saw Atoli's spirit, rise up from her body. her face is what was curious. She had dark rings around her eyes, crimson lipstick, and in an old Victorian era dress. She flew towards "me", saying, "let us do this together, sister.." before waking.

While I drone on about the dream section of my life, it is but, a puzzle piece in this matter. The other, is the life part. The physical events.

Waking up in the morning, sometimes was trouble. My mom would call me to get ready for school, but like before, my body was heavy, my energy, drained. I still was able to get ready for school, but it took effort. That was one problem, another was frequent pain in my body. Several times a day, I felt a terrible pain in my body, like someone had a bladed weapon, and used it against me. the pain was unbearable, especially in my left eye, where it would sometimes spark the other pains. But what really struck me, was the pain in my neck. While there was no wound there, I felt it, the pain of someone biting my neck. This occurred several times a day, sometimes on a daily basis. but at the same time, I felt some bit stronger, lighter, even. I could run faster than before, and still carry a backpack full of textbooks, but it was not enough to be considered a vampire change. I grew tired relatively quickly, heavy load or not. this remained constant throughout middle school.

Most of the pain subsided by now, but there's still a lot to say, it's not over. As with my pain, the story continues.

There are four more accounts of hearing voices. One, was of a guy, complaining that someone should have helped them. Not much, but an interesting case to point out. The other, was up on my roof. I heard them, two girls,talking about the cross. I tried to sleep, but their voices were kind of loud, and could not be muffled well. When I got up, their voices stopped for a bit, then, in a whisper, but still, loud enough, for me to make it out a little, I heard, "We should leave." Indeed, the voices left without a sound. Those occurred a few months at a time. the third, isn't much of talking, but I do know, while getting ready for bed, I heard footsteps on my roof. The fourth, and most traumatizing one, was while I was playing Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition. I was watching some videos,on there. While switching to another cut scene, I heard either a dog, or a wolf growl, coming from my room. I was scared, I froze up. I played a little, then went to bed. There was little to no traces of anyone in my room. I went to bed, in fear.

At this time, we are pretty much caught up with the present, but, there is one event that led me to start a small-scale Paranormal Investigation. Remember those "Vampire" buddies I told you about? they made the whole story up about the vampires, and I was devastated, and I told them about the voices, and the knowledge that I DID hear them, but they tried to tell me otherwise.

That's it, My entire story of a possible encounter with vampires. The pain I feel still comes, and goes, but are less frequent. Except maybe the neck pains, they still show up a lot. The voices, they were all clear as day, no imagining.

As for my current situation, I intend to find a truth to these events, help, or no help.

Sent in by Zach N., Copyright 2011

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