Sunday, October 14, 2012

Valentine's Day Visitor

This is my first story posted on here and is also the most recent. I shall begin.

My name is Kayla and I am currently engaged to a wonderful man named Dylan. This was our first Valentine's Day together, but unfortunately he had to work. Every night when he gets home, we`ll go out to his car and get high. This is just what we did when he got home, just as any other night. After we had finished, we returned inside the house and retired in the living room to watch TV. Dylan and I sat on the couch by the window (closest to the TV) as my eldest brother was sleeping on the couch next to the kitchen. I can't quite remember what was on but I remember laying on the couch and Dylan was sitting next to me. In my left leg I had the sensation of an oncoming muscle cramp, so I tried to ignore it in hopes that it would go away and avoid any cramping.

At this point I am envisioning scenes for a story I am currently writing, trying to pay no mind to my leg. I believe I was considering a rape scene, so I was playing it out in my head. Now, if I focus long enough on anything sexual, I can get myself a little "worked up"; so when it felt as if I were being sexually stimulated, I thought nothing of it and just suspected that was all it was. Minutes after this started, Dylan mentioned washing his hair. I nodded and continued lying on the couch as he got up and disappeared into the bathroom. The events that occurred next are somewhat difficult to explain, so please bear with me.

Dylan was now in the bathroom and I remember hearing the shower running. I was lying there in silence when I suddenly heard myself talking in my head. I could hear what was being said but it was as if I had no control of what I was saying. In my mind I said "I want you"; that's when it happened. The feeling of being sexually stimulated turned into that of being penetrated. It wasn't like it was another human, it wasn't solid; but the feeling was unmistakable. I was being penetrated by an Entity I didn't even know was there (I've been open to the paranormal ever since I was a small child); I was shocked I hadn't sensed it, but subconsciously I knew it was there. As this is happening, I am still wide awake and came to find that I had full mobility; I had adjusted myself to allow the Entity better access.

In my head, I told the Entity what I wanted and it would comply. I'm going to warn that this story is a little graphic and the details are necessary. When I first felt the penetration, it was as if it were in multiple places at once; my area, my rear, and my mouth. I told it to perform vaginal intercourse, and I felt a great pleasure in my area. As it continued, my breathing was becoming heavier, quicker, and my heart was beginning to pound. Then I said (in my mind) "you can pick up pace, I prefer it rough" and the pleasure intensified; I could feel it thrusting more roughly and quickly. Then, I requested anal intercourse; the sensation left my area and returned in my rear seconds after. My heart was pounding harder as I was overwhelmed with bliss. I told the Entity to thrust harder and it did. The thing that shocked me the most was that as it continued, I could actually feel my hips rocking back and forth with each thrust. Minutes later I asked it to return to vaginal intercourse. It seemed a little reluctant at first, thrusting a few more times, then followed my inquiry. As it continued, I felt my entire body being pushed up and down. I eventually had to tell this Entity to slow down in fear my heart may give out (it was beating incredibly fast and hard). The thrusting became more gentle.

This interaction lasted what felt like 5-7 minutes, but upon discussing it with Dylan, he claims he was only in the bathroom for a couple of minutes. After this took place, I wasn't drained, exhausted, sick, etc. I had no fear as this was happening, and was actually quite open to the experience. I have many other stories I am willing to share that I will post shortly. I am not seeking help in getting rid of this Entity, but I would like some insight on what it may have been. Thanks, and I hope you've enjoyed my story.

Sent in by Adaleiss Rose


  1. Hello Adaleiss. You seem to have enjoyed this encounter. You should be careful since you don't know what you are dealing with. This entities called incubi (for plural)are known for scratching, strangling, even throwing people across rooms. The reason why they feel so real and yet nothing is there is because they rape your soul. Nevertheless they can manifest physically too. Don't make no deals with them. There are far too many people whose curiosity led them deep into them and are sorry, since is very difficult to get rid of them once you release them into your life

  2. Wow this would be a sukubis I think that's how its spell just be very careful.Kim



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