Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Myth of Vampires and it's Impact on Sociology

If you study closely the mythology of vampires, Vampires were before the 18th century corpses which crawled out of their graves at night to drink the blood or the living fluid from peoples, usually members of their own family or close acquaintances to return after to their graves, they were living dead who could not have any of the living actions, they only rise, feed and die to return again and again.
Of course, if you study vampirism all over the world some details change but they remain living dead.

Contrary to most belief, Bram Stoker was not the creator of the modern romantic (sexual) noble blood sucker, the ones that seduces women to become their victims.
The modern vampire image came out of a boudoir discussion in 1816.
Here’s the story, a group of writers were together on a vacation near Geneva in 1816,
There was George Gordon, Lord Byron, Dr John Polidori, Percy Bysshe Shelley and his to be famous wife, none other than Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (the mother of Frankenstein).
From this discussion everyone decided to write an horror story, Mary Shelley Wrote Frankenstein or the modern promethus and Lord Byron started a novel named The Vampyre but never finished it, it was eventually finished and published by Dr John Polidori in 1819.
Thirty years later Edward Lloyd Publication published Varney the Vampyre Feast of blood.
It was written by many different writers and published in 1847, and like everyone knows Stoker wrote Dracula which was published for the first time  in 1897.

I was first interested in Vampires in the 1960’s, I have seen every movies about them, read every book about them.

Before the 80’s, the only peoples claiming to be vampires were serial killers, because in those days vampires were perceived has Blood Drinking Monsters.

Then in 1976 and later came Anne Rice’s Vampires chronicles, and bang!!!...

Vampires appeared out of nowhere, in Late 90’s and all through the years 2000/2011 the population of alleged REAL Vampires grew faster than the grass on my lawn (this is fast, believe me)

At that point if everyone whom said they were vampires had drank a glass of human blood a day, the population of humans would have been eradicated in 20 years.

In the 90’s and early 2000’s they were the exact descriptions of Anne Rice Vampires, then those (real) vampires changed, most of them moved on as they grew older, but a new breed  was born, now they are the exact description of the Twilight Vampires.

Since 1995, on the web I have met ;
1 time traveller
135 werewolves
1000 Aliens from outer space
3098 Ghosts
10,000 Witches
And about 100,000 Vampires of all kind.
And all of them said they were real and did not care if they were not believed.
They all said they did not care about us humans, (They should, after all we are their lunches)
They all said they were tired of hiding.


Everyone should know that blood cause vomiting when drank in large amount, and has no regenerator properties.

(Serial Killer John George Haigh the acid bath Vampire used to vomit when he drank blood, it was one of the reasons he got caught)

If you say you are an immortal, a person who stay’s young without the use of any regenerator, then we could have a discussion.

But a Vampire,

No way..

I already met one of 2000 years old.

The only creatures in Mythology that drink blood and remain young to live a normal life without anyone knowing it, are the werewolves and their cousins the Priccolitch, a human changing itself into a dog at night to kill and drink the blood of animals.

So kids, keep playing your games but stop trying to convince others that your fantasies are real, it’s not only annoying, it can be dangerous as the internationals news shows us once in a while.



  1. Hello,

    May I know What are Priccolitch?

  2. Are vampires really real and can u turn into one

  3. yes,very my best friend is one
    im a succubus and actually were not all bad we can take the form of humans and walk around actually there are alot of us and only an incubus or another succubus can tell what we truelly are

  4. I dont think so...

    I believe these viruses still exists some where but only in a few poor countries.

    I heard some old virsues which made by scientists for old people to be alive just for a moment or a bit longer it was 6 years ago.
    This year 2011 russian scientists revealed virus taht can give eternal life but with no better immunity to diseases and others.

    But I believe in south of the romania has unbelievable extremelly powerfull virsues better than 2011 virus. Sadly, its not safe there because people still have legally action (civils) that can kill you but this things... they cut out your heart and impale it, later that they throw heart in fire.

    One women is daughter of immortal father was killed by them. Yet, this women is still alive as normal people. Also his brother is still alive, indeed a uncle of this daughter of father.

    Their blood and salive might be usefull for laboratory.

  5. guys please open your mind... vampires do not exist, come on.



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