Friday, December 16, 2011

Befriending a Demon?

I'm really afraid to put this out there, but I really do need help. I guess I should start by telling you all about myself. I'm a witch and its been in my family for a while. I started to be interested in my family's religion and soon got into it. This year I did my dedication ritual and changed my name (which for my safety I will not put down) and everything seemed alright... I guess.

I'm psychic and have had many experiences throughout my short life (I'm 14) with spirits and although they were weird, they have never been THIS weird or creepy.

Before I go on, I want to tell you all that I have had vivid dreams of shadow people... and its like... they are reaching out to me... calling me. "you are us and we are you" they repeat... weird I know. I won't go into full detail about this, but something had happened with my friend Cam and me and my friend Sam (who is a psychic and a therian) were trying to figure out what to do. She then came to me and said that an outside force had part in what was going on. I myself had felt like that as well.

I began having weird dreams of a man visiting me and when I told Sam this she admitted that she had a spirit of a man following her as well. When he was around, I felt scared. But not because I was afraid of him, but of what he made me feel, like an urge of needing to go somewhere and all he had said to me was "in due time".

(I'm really sorry if some of you don't believe me.. I just need at least ONE person too at least try and help)

Anyways... the visits got a lot more frequent... and then something happened. You know how you have thoughts right? Well have you ever felt like they weren't your own thoughts? But someone else's? Well that's what happened. I ended up writing it all down and showed it to Sam. She freaked because there were things in there that I had no clue of knowing about her. Then it happened to her. What scared me was what they had told her... we are you... and you are us... She (they were talking about me) is us... and us is she...

I wanted to get to the bottom of this so I went to her house and tried to see what was going on... who and what was messing with us. (she also has other spirits at her house). Anyway, I don't want to go into full detail... but the info I got from it was that he was a demon... and had been fallowing us for years... I thought Sam was playing around so I asked it to spell out my witch name that I had claimed as mine. I hardly even touched the stone (my hands were ice cold and shaking) and it spelled out my full name and I began to cry. Sam at that moment had blacked out and was whispering the first part of my name (I had never told her this)

Same with Sam... and it was so freaky... The night that I had done my dedication ritual I had felt a dark presence just beyond my circle I had casted... again that same feeling of fear of what it made me feel had washed over me. I had asked it if he was the one there that night and he had told me yes... all of my dreams... all of those times I had seen them... he was there. This scared me half to death and now I just don't know what to do. He talks to me and its so weird... its like he's been knowing me for a long time... knowing things about me that I wouldn't dare tell anyone else.

Even Sam is scared and now my friend Cam said that she feels different and she doesn't know who she is anymore. I know what your thinking... I know... but I just just need some help. Someone's thoughts about this. Anyone... even if its just one would help me out like crazy.

He keeps telling us that everything we know is a lie... that our lives are going to change... I'm so confused...

Help? Thanks for reading (sorry if its too long)

P.S. I don't know if this helps or anything... but I had decided to walk the path of an nocturnal practitioner... and also if there is any info that I might have left out that you want to know I will try to respond as soon as I can.

thanks again

~many blessings~
Sent in by Panther


  1. I don't think this is weird.. I guess he wants you to do some of his work which was left...
    You just ask him what he wants from you....just accomplish his work and tell him to go...and you are a witch so you shouldn't be afraid. Don't worry.

    1. I wish I could help but I can't but if this is true try to ask questions about this "demon" if he answers you'll get more information if he doesnt he's a stubborn ghost that needs to be dealt with immedieatly.

  2. Hello Panther. What you describe is a familiar spirit, which are demons that run in the family and since your ancestors practice whitchcraft, they know you from the moment you are born. Your friend who spoke in a whisper has whether she knows it or not, a spirit of power whitch is also called a spirit guide. In other words, she is demon possesed. You being so young makes it hard to seek freedom from that right now, since you'll have to renounce that faith and probably even your family. When you are ready, ask Jesus to be your Lord and Savior and ask Him to forgive you of all your sins.

    1. Don't listen to all these Christians and Catholics and whatnot. Seek out a answer through your family's past, and if that fails what i do when i have supernatural experiences and wing it. Be kind to the spirit and don't try to get rid of it cause if you fail....well you got a mad demon.

    2. real talk the bible was written by man in an age b4 science and there lack of knowledge of history and the universe has created too many mistakes in their lies

  3. There are in fact several types of spirits: angels of God, demons of satan, and the Holy SPirit of God through which God created the universe. There are also human spirits (we each have our own human spirit inside us which is separate from our soul and our physcial body. Our human spirit is made for the purpose of communing with God through prayer and worship and it also gives us our sense of intuition). It is important to know that God does not want us to communicate with any of these spirits except that we may communicate with God directly through THE HOLY SPIRIT. We are not to talk to demons and we are not to pray to angels either. God has commanded this for our own protection.

    The only answer to this situation is in fact Jesus Christ. But it will mean that you must renounce your witchcraft heritage and practices and permanently turn away from it. If your family or other people in the cult threaten you that they will come after you if you leave, then you may have to completely sever contact. Remember this is actually a spiritual battle for your soul. If you are a witch then your soul is currently aligned with the dark kingdom, the spirits from the dark kingdom will not want to let you go. All you need to do to enter into God's Kingdom and go to heaven when you die one day is to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour and repent of your sins (including involvement with witchcraft) and then the Holy Spirit will come and live inside of you. If you need help with the whole process, you must look for a reputable christian deliverance ministry. At the following website you can find people who can help you, you can email or phone then, and maybe they will pray with you or refer you to someone closer to where you live:

    All of the very best. And may you get to know the depth of God's love for you! God sent His Son Jesus Christ to set the captives free and to make a way for us to reconnect with God and become a part of God's family again. God is your Father and He loves you and wants to help you.

    1. A simple prayer:
      "Lord Jesus, I need you. Thank you for dying on the cross for me. Forgive me and cleanse me. At this very moment I trust you as Saviour and Lord. I invite you to live in my heart. Make me the type of person you created me to be. In Christ's name. Amen."

  4. It may not sound good, but the guy above is right... If you want to be saved then you will have to turn away from all these, and Yes Jesus is real, as real as that demon who's stalking you, and He can help you. And im afraid your already IN too deep that it may already be a matter of life and death. That demon wont give up that easily. Seek help from a pastor or a christian community, but be carefull since they are not all what they seemed to be. You can either do that and get rid of this fearfull life or you can try to find a more powerfull spirit guide to defeat this demon. But that would lead to a lot more pain and suffering........ I want to help you but i cant go that deep. Ill include you in my prayers.... God Bless....

  5. If this is real then I suggest bringing the Lord into your soul. No I will not go on and on, like other people will, about how G-d can save you; even though he can. ANYWAY! I was wondering if it was possible to make a story out of your life... A fiction but also reality because honestly... This experience sounds very fascinating to me. It most likely doesn't to you but... Hell who knows maybe you will change your mind! From a person who is very interested in demons and how they work, I would love permission first before I write a story of a person who inspired me. Don't worry the names that you actually mentioned will be changed. Thanks :)
    The Writer

  6. i think u need to ask him wat he needs help wiv

  7. Play the Quran in your home
    Play the Islamic call to prayer read the quran regularly Ask GOD ALMIGHTY TO FORGIVE U AMD PROTECT YOU FROM THE EVIL WOTHON, around and throughout your family. You have power and ability now use it! Protect yourself...don't do his work do Gods work...that demon will try and ruin your life. Seek GOD ALONE AND ASK FOR HIS GUIDANCE ONLY. CALL ON GOD ALONE NOT JESUS moses MUHAMMAD holy spirit Angels none of creation! You can do it! Never stop praying and protecting yourself. Command those spirits to leave!

  8. only god will save you .. only reading the quran will save you and trust me i know what i am talking about !!

  9. man ur stroy sounds so Epic. but yeah i agree with Kiiro. but dam am i jellous. my life iz so boring :P i would kill to have n Epic life of witch craft. but my oppion spirits r so awesome i got visited by my father while i was sleeping it was so Vivid nd awesome cuz i havent seen him in so long. but seriously dont listen to those stupid christians/catholics God never helped any1 he prolly doesnt even exist. just believe in ur hereitage nd dont fear anything nd b a kickass Witch >:D lol

  10. Dear Panther
    I'm not familiar with your particular brand of magick. However, I think I can offer some help, if not much.

    I don't think what you're describing is a familiar spirit, or a demonic possession. I do think it's something that we could classify as a "demon".

    When people get worked up over a spirit, they feed their energy to that spirit. And I don't just mean fear and confusion. Love, hate, sadness, any emotions projects energy and if a spirit is the focus, it will soak it up. This spirit has learned to thrive on fear. It uses confusion to keep you afraid and to prevent you from doing anything about it.

    A spirit doesn't have to follow your family for generations, or you for your whole life to learn about you. It can hear what you say aloud when you think no one is around, and what you say in your spirit, that is the thoughts you focus on and project.

    In order to send this thing packing you'll have to learn how to starve it. Gather your friends together and meditate. Cast the circle and each of you should focus your mind on something from which you can draw strength. This is the reason Christians stand by the whole "In Jesus Name" and reciting scripture thing. It focuses their mind and gives them strength of spirit. In truth, it could be anything, but it has to be personal to each of you. (And that means that it doesn't have to be the same thing.)

    When the demon comes near, take each other's hands and send your strength out into each other, creating a circuit, in through the right hand and out through the left. Deosil. Do not acknowledge the demon. Don't think about it, don't talk to it, don't attack it, don't push it away. Unify your thoughts on something completely different. Call the corners or perform a chant or prayer. It's not enough to ignore it, you have to channel your energy into something else.

    If you want tools, I suggest burning sage and a bowl of water and salt. The sage is for cleansing the spirit, the water and salt are for purity. Sprinkle the water on each other.

    As long as your are afraid and confused, the demon is in power and control. You're feeding it and it will stick around. When you actively pour yourself into something else, you deprive it of energy and it will loose interest.

    Any questions, contact me. Put the name Panther in the subject line, so I know who it is.

  11. you and your family are victims of a black magic ritual done to destroy you years ago by some of your relatives who are your enemies even now.
    From the words you are us and we are you, the negative force is trying to force you to kill yourself. the negative force wants you to commit suicide..
    And at the same time, it will persuade you to take intoxicants , one form or other.
    This has happened to many people wherein they believe that they are gifted and end up in suicide,

    All I have to tell u is to be careful.

    Try to see a good Tantrik and solve the issue.

    Good luck.

  12. Ok ok no worries friend I may or may not have a solution but I am a magi or one of ancient witch craft if u truly need help you must confront the demon and ask one question first. Have you walked the earth in a body like mine. If yes ask why he remands if not get a jar a white bandana and white candles a dried rose a fabric pen and 13 rose tworns and salt. Plus water. Create a magic circle on the white bandana of your chose and repeat hear no evil speak no evil see no evil. Then place the jar filled with salt water on it lit the candles to surround the jar. Take the dried roe and put it into the jar as u crush it in your hand then you drop each tworn and say demon that follows my blood and giants in vain I bind thy demon to thy jar by my name by dawn you are my servant that will not pry or pay.( remeber demons are mental creatures they have feelings of an gust too) do this with each tworn and sit till just before sunrise. Place the bandana on top of open jar and then close the jar. Then it is your chose to train or befriend the demon or burry him on solemn ground to destroy him

  13. Hey, I'm a Christian, and all I can say is that demons can tell the future. But they can also lie. They'll tell you the future, as long as it's dark. Everything you've ever known is a lie, and everything is about to change, because you're life from that point on, that demon will legitimately turn it into a living hell. Things in your house will start flying across the room, you'll notice things that are messed up in your house (like stuff flipped over that wasn't before) and this evil creature will start physically attacking you. I've heard many stories like that before, and this is just some of the stuff that has happened to other people. I'm not going to claim anything, but I also know what you mean by thoughts that just aren't yours, and the terrifying feeling... I know it a little too well. I was in depression for 4 years, and still struggle with it today. I couldn't sleep in my room without light for years because of that presence. It's like you can look at something, and you know it's there, because when you look at that spot it's like your staring into the eyes of something that would just love to watch you die. It's not a good thing. You need to do something to get rid of it, because that thing can, and will, kill you if you let it.

  14. Meditate on this. Reach out with your mind picturing the entity you wish to contact. Then listen. Think one question clearly, then listen. Go along on your day, every now and then think about your question and listen to the world around you. After you think your question you may notice a feeling like its being answered, listen to the people around you. Does anyone say anything remotely close to what could be an answer to your question. Do not speak, listen. Pull truth from the universe, you will be surprised at what you will learn, you will be surprised at what you hear especially when it turns out to be true. Think, then listen.

    ~Visrite the Black Jade~

  15. Dont listen to the Christian nonsense. If it is a being feeding on you then your fear is just going to keep it satisfied. Many practitioners I see post on various sites would suggest : a banishment, cleansing bath, protective measures and perhaps a scying or evocation to a protective spirit of the family or one you're in contact with. Divination for further results. Rather surprised you didn't come to this conclusion. If you let fear eat away at you it will. My experience with Christians is they will guilt you and throw condemnation and fear at you with everything you do. Even the most devout are not pious enough. Those that surrendered to Christ have not given enough. It's a church control game for sheeple like many religions.

    I was scoffed at for putting good works to two laws:

  16. Hello, i am a satanist and i have to say that i am impressed about what you are saying, although the Goetic demons of lord Satan are not dangerous, you can always come in contact with them, try to study some demons, and meditate regulary, when attempting to contact a demon you must never show any sign of fear and you always have to respect a demon, respect the demon and it will respect you, it is of the outmost importance that you know what you are going to say to the demon and not waste it's time, you have to search for the type of demon you want to summon and study various demon types, you cannot just attempt to summon one, so i would recommend to summon a demon and speak to the demon about what is happening, remember that the more respect you show for a demon, the more the demon might like you, oh and one more thing, it is not always this work on attempt 1 so you have to keep trying especially if you are unexperienced! good luck :)

    1. I agree with this completely. Be proud that Lord Satan chose you.

  17. Ok Panther this may seem scary but theres no reason :) all you have to do is find out what it wants and if you deem it reasonable then you make a pact with it, Somewhere along the lines of it leaving you, friends and family alone after this deed. Demons are not pure evil as everyone makes them out to be. Considering it has been friendly so far you should be able to reason with it. If you deem it unreasonable or you are unable to accomplish the task apologize and tell the demon your unable to do it. The demon should understand. Hope this helps cx
    BTW if you listen to those christian/catholic/islamic cretins then the demon will get hostile, but i doubt your naive xD

  18. Ok I've been reading through all this and what I believe is that there is no god or devil in the sence that you think of its more like a whole god is the devil the devil is god you are god there is a part of you that once was a part of everything creation itself. Don't get me wrong though I believe in apperitions or spirits or ghost whatever you wanna call them but you can never know the true ententions of these beings because since they don't have a body to store their information in they are believed to be almost uncomprehencive almost omnipotent if you will ima break this to all firm god believers now that if you do believe in god then you have to believe in the devil and you also have to believe the devil can mimmic any miricle your god produces and god himself says not to be jellous but yet he cast out his right hand angel lucifer the angel of music for what reasons can be twisted weather lucifer wanted equality to god or weather he actually was a horrible entity that only has cruel entintions for humans I would to if the guy that created me chastized me and casted me out of paridise for whatever reason that came with it. So this long onesided arguement between god and lucifer has to be fake. But we as humans have soles and a sole is a form of energy witch can never just dissapear but simply be transfered or dispersed. With that being said there hasta be a afterlife or a transfer or dispersion of our life energy aka our sole. I mean as humans we are so arrigant to say that we could understand god or an entity or anything that doesn't have some type of phisical or emotional form. Then you have the people that say god has to be real bc we can't see air but air is real well your right we can't see air but we can feel the temp of the wind or feel the wind itself. So can you feel your god no but you can feel spirits touch you or bad ancient spirrits aka demons being around you I believe its a contionness and a mind set that you gotta maintain before you can truely start to scenc things but back to the girl who started this I think you should play it safe only react to the demon or spirit talk back to actknowledge it cumminicate with it but don't give in to its wishes if you scence any negativity or cruel outcomes also donot allow it to move inside your body for any porpose. So your trying to passify your demon I hope this hepled and if anyone got commentary let me know also please don't hate me bc I butchared some of these words grammer isn't really my forte

  19. Dear Panther,
    We both have similar stories except mine goes down a completely different path than yours. When I was 4 years old I learned my family consisted of most of the knight templar order. at age 6 I took my oath and swore my soul to god to protect against all evil. I have 3 brothers we are triplets. We took this oath and for 4 years we were tought different combat techniques by my father. I am now 19 going on 20. I have done many things I am not proud of actually ashamed of. You all may judge me as a Catholic bastard. To be honest I wouldn't blame anyone for it. I used to wear my templar talisman with pride and was ready to fight any and all evil even if it were the devil himself. I went on a job with my father in norway 2 years ago so I was 17. It was a swampy area. My father's Intel showed a demonic presence in that area. We searched around and found nothing so we split up to expand our search for this demonic presence. I headed deeper into the woods closer towards the swamp then out of no where a wolf lunges out and sinks it's teeth into my arm and knocked me on the ground with the bastard on top of me. I stabbed it with my blade in the neck and pushed it off of me then I drove it through its heart and it was dead. As I was getting up I noticed there was about 10 more of them. I then noticed a girl about my age out of the corner of my eye and the wolves did too and it's like they were obedient to her because she walked towards me and they all backed off. I then learned she was a witch I was about to tell her to leave and explain and she said "I know who you are templar, and you are brave to come here" she was so beautiful and I could get lost just by looking at her eyes. She saved my life so I saved hers I got her as far away from my father as possibe she kissed me and said she hopes to see me again and started walking off and before I knew it she was gone. When I retured to my father he knew I wasn't being totally honest I never confess to him or anyone in my family about what happened because I would be banished. So since I can not thank her I will thank you because of it was not for her those wolves would have killed me. When I was younger I never would have saw this day coming. Now I walk my own path. I do what I think is right.

  20. As far as I know, I'm normal, save for about 98% (the other 2% are nightmares) of my dreams 100% predicting the near future and random instances of teleportation (I'd be standing in one place and would end up in another). Then I felt a presence enter my personal existence (I'd describe it my soul and my physical body being in touch). The presence had an eerie feel to it I started having thoughts, feelings, action, and urges that weren't mine I knew by the amplified power of my soul this was a powerful entity. It freely admitted to me it was a demon (whom I've deemed Mortem Hound {Latin for Death Hound} because it was a wolf-like humanoid with {for lack of a better term} devil wings. It has deep midnight purple fur {It has a posture of a werewolf} and it has 13 eyes, with purple irises and black spirals merged in as pupils). Anyways, I befriended him and he was willing to as well. It was a few months after this that spirits, ghosts, and other demons started terrorizing me though mortem does defend me, they still scare me and threaten to kill me. I see the, but no one else does. I can only sleep at 4:20 A.M. or suffer through bad nightmares and risk possession. (keep in mind mortem only lives on the same spiritual plane as I and does not possess me even in prime opportunities, nor does he harm my spirit, mind, or body). Rather he releases huge bursts of energy and summons in wolf-like creatures to slay other demons and evil spirits. I do have an inseparable bond with him as he says "Mortals are all born with protectors, but not all protectors are angels or humans". I do want mortem to stay, but I want the evil beings to leave. I want to know whether or not they're after he or I, but he does not respond. Plz help me understand why these things won't leave me at peace. 14 by the way.

  21. satan is my leader. do what the demon wants and satan will not harm you. I am practicing the art of satanism and I have found out that most demons are quite friendly if you do what they want. be proud that lord satan chose you.

    1. Now that IS one of the most ignorant things I have read here. It is obvious that you don't even know what Satanism or demon is.

  22. Once when I was half asleep I heard a strange noise and a deep voice saying in my head that "We are here, and you can't stop us".



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