Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ghost in an Eastern Kentucky Mountain Cemetery

A long while back me and a good friend were out riding around in my 1974 VW Beetle. It was sometime around 2 or 3 AM when we drove up this dirt road which went up to the top of the hill where there was an old cemetery.

We parked just below the main entrance to the cemetery and I was rolling a cigarette. I saw movement out of the corner of my eye and I raised my head and looked to my right. Outside the window on the passenger side there was a man standing there, bent over and peering into the car. At about the same time my friend looked too and then suddenly there was no one there. Both of us were looking all around but we could see no one anywhere. There just wasn’t any way that a person could have moved that fast.

I asked my buddy if he had seen “that” and he nodded and said that he did. I asked him what he saw and he described a man with long red hair and a mustache and beard wearing a cap and cover-alls. That was exactly the same thing I had seen! I started up the car and we headed down off that hill really quickly. We talked about going back up there and looking around but we were too freaked out.

This happened in a cemetery in Auxier, Kentucky around 1980 or 81 (I don’t recall the exact date). An interesting point about the cemetery is that it contains a lot of graves that were moved from another cemetery.

NOTE: The relocation project was started in the 1940s but the cemetery itself has been there much longer, since the 1800s. There are a lot of stones that are not readable and some very old graves had no stones; you could discern them by the depressions in the ground.

Auxier Cemetery Stone dated 1902
Auxier Relocation Cemetery in Auxier Ky
The photo on the right is of a stone that was laying flat on the ground -with the date of death being 1902

These photos were taken by me in August of 2009. I was in the area and went up to take a look at the old place.

This was an experience where I was not alone and I was not the only one to see it. People try to tell me that we saw a “regular” human being who just happened to be walking through the cemetery that night. The people who say that were not there and do not understand that it was impossible for a “regular” person to just vanish into thin air like that.

Written by David Slone, Copyright 2012


  1. Like all storys david..

  2. Or maybe it was the "cigarette" you were rolling. LOL

  3. Ridiculous, a cigarette causing hallucinations in two people at the same time? I rolled my own cigarettes for many years (but fortunately I gave up tobacco over 3 years ago now) and have never heard of anyone seeing a ghost because they were rolling one. LOL indeed.



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