Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Was this Terrifying Experience Just Sleep Paralysis?

About 12 years ago I had an experience with sleep paralysis. As far as I can recall it is the one and only time I have ever went through it.

I was in bed asleep and I woke up feeling a very heavy sense of terror. I mean I was freaked out, I felt so scared. I felt as though I had had a really bad nightmare but I could not remember anything about it. I know without any doubts whatsoever that I was completely awake. I lay there thinking, trying to figure out what my dream had been about when I noticed that some ‘thing’ was in the room with me. I somehow knew that it was over in the corner of the room but I couldn’t make it out. There was some light coming in form the window so I could see around the room but I couldn’t see what “it” was, all I could really see was a darkness. It wasn’t like a shadow with a certain shape, it was just darkness. When I say that I felt a very evil presence in that darkness I cannot exaggerate, it was bad.

Up until this time I was just laying there. I hadn’t tried to get up or move. But when I tried to raise my head up to look closer at the corner of the room I discovered that I could not move anything except for my eyes! There was a huge weight that started pressing down on me and it was getting difficult to even breathe. At that moment I became even more terrified. I struggled and pushed and then I thought if I could just speak the name of Jesus it would all go away. It took a lot of effort to get the word out. At first it was like I was yelling as loud as I could but no sound would come out. Finally I stuttered the name “Jesus” aloud and instantly the weight vanished and the entire room felt lighter. Just like that the ‘thing’ was over.

A strange thing about all this, and it could very well just be a coincidence, is that just a few days (or maybe it was a couple weeks I can recall for certain but it was definitely no longer than that) before this I was involved in the digging of a grave and we accidentally dug into an old grave that was unmarked.

I posted more about this experience here – We Accidentally Dug Into Someone’s Grave!

As odd as it may seem I never really made the connection that my bout with sleep paralysis happened so soon after the cemetery thing until just recently. As I have said it could just be a coincidence, but I think it was more.

Written by David Slone, Copyright 2009


  1. My mum has had the exact same exoerience quite a number of times in the past...
    i can remember on quite a few occasions my mum asking if i heard her screaming in the night; i never did but she swears she was screaming at the top of her voice for someone to help her becuase she was being pinned down to the bed. She gets woken by something heavy resting on her feet that slowly makes its way up her entire body until shes pinned to the bed by a dark shaddow that doesnt go away until she asks for god to help her.
    I never believed her until my partners cousin was speaking of the same sort of experience but in his experience, he leaves his body and is able to look down on himself. Im not sure what it is, exactly, a medium known as sylivia brown describes it in one of her books as astral travel where the spirit is able to leave the body but the heavy weight and dark shaddow? that sounds a bit evil to me, like something is trying to posses or take the soul from the body if thats even possible? maybe ive been watching too much incedious lol

  2. I have had sleep paralysis since i was about 16 i know how scary it can be. i believe we slip in between the line of our reality and the spirit world. I remember certain at certain times i could feel angels and demons fighting around me, and i too declared the name of Jesus to the phantoms surrounding me, and just like your experience it would end.



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