Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bloody Mirror in Abandoned House

Hi, my name is Dale and when I was four I moved into a friendly quiet neighborhood with a lot of original people who lived there and kids. When we bought it the Realtor said it was 200k then my parents got it. We went around (me and my two brothers) greeting and everyone asked what house we moved into. When we told them they got a strange look on their faces and said oh, be safe. Then we were concerned about that.

After a month we made friends with my neighbors and one asked if we knew why there was a bloody mirror. Then they said that the people who lived here got in a fight around Christmas and the wife said "We'll be back on Christmas eve!" And took the two kids. So, on that day we was up all day... they did not show. On Christmas still no show so he blew his brains out in the room I stayed in and my brother slept in the bloody mirror room. Then it was like that gave the spirit of the husband the key to haunt us. My brother heard whispers saying "why did you leave me I'm sorry come back," and I heard gunshots and saw the foot of my bed push down." Of course I was freaked out.

Now, I am 13 and I still experience paranormal activity. One morning I was making my famous breakfast omelet with a lot of cheese sausage and bacon. And my dad was in the shower bro just left other one was a sleep then I saw a thick man about 6 feet tall with boots and faded work jeans on (just like my dad wears)walk in the dining room but never comes out. but by now I'm love seeing him I even talk to him.

We got a cat named cheddarbob and he started acting weird and it is only in the 3 spots we witness activity so we infer he sees it to but our other cat marbles does not. She stays calm and acts like normal cats do.

Another one is in '98 my gramma lived In Oklahoma and died when she was 50 yrs old. When we moved in my dad was at work bros at school mom and Realtor talking I'm laughing at the other end of my house in my room and saying you are cool too bad you died my dad tells me cool stories about you all the time. She said that is your father. Then my mom asked how I was talking to. I told her Grandma Ce-Ce. She freaked out and called my dad and both of them started crying.Now every time we mention our name she signals in an intelligent activity that she loves and misses us and wish she could of met me.

Everyday day I talk to her and we sit down and I tell her that my parents say hi and I tell them her response. I was in our county paper for being "psychic".

This is true people who interacted with these things no it is not freaky after a while and first time people remain calm if the are friendly.


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