Friday, December 10, 2010

Ghostly Murder in 130 Year Old House

Just to start off, I wanted to say that I have lived in old houses all my life. My dad's house is 130 years old and the wood to make it was carted up the hill by oxen. But back to the story. My mom moved into this house last May. It was a recent divorce and tempers were running high, I could barely sleep at night. Now, Mom's house was built in 1750. It stood through the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and both World Wars. It's been a gas station, an inn.. and this, I think, is where the ghost comes from.

I remember Mom getting really angry because my dad wanted to take me and my little brother to Vermont on Mom's time. She started getting really upset and I knew she didn't want me and Charlie to hear her yelling at my dad. So she went into the guest bedroom and closed the door, and when she was talking on the phone, me and Charlie eavesdropped (Shhh). She was yelling and then she stopped, and we could hear her say "What the . . ." and then she came pelting out of the room and hurried us upstairs into my room, where we huddled on my bed. I had to hold onto my rat Percy to keep him from shooting under the covers of my bed. Mom's eyes were huge and wild and I could see she was breathing hard. Then Charlie realized "Mom? You left Lucy and Remus downstairs" and she started hyperventilating "I can't go down there again, he'll hurt me" and stuff like that.

I handed Percy to Charlie, and I walked resolutely down the stairs, through the hall, across the living room, and to the guest bedroom. Lucy and Remus, our German Shepherds, were standing at the door whining. I looked past them and quickly realized why Mom had freaked out. There was a guy lying on the floor with a gash on his face bleeding. He had a drink in his hand and a knife in the other one, his clothes were too old-fashioned to be from around here. Do you remember what I said about the inn? Well, it had a bar and I'm guessing this guy got in a barfight where he and his opponent were drunk.

I screamed as hard as I could and as though my scream triggered something, another guy appeared with a long knife in his left hand. He stood above the guy on the floor and I gasped. He looked at me and his eyes were not human, they were yellow and had slit white pupils. I ran, dragging Lucy and Remus with me. But I remember that the white dress I had on that day has never been the same, it's now a pale, sickly yellow with a white slash down the front. I will always remember when that happened, it terrified me and it terrified my mother.

Sent in by Grace, Copyright 2010

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