Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Terrifying Deadly Sleepover

Right, This is How it Starts...

There were two girls and they were best friends there names were Emily and Katrina they always had sleepovers and sat together in school.

One Time at there Sleepover Emily Asked her mum if they could sleep in the tent outside her mum said yes and they were really excited! Emily's dad put up the tent while Katrina And Emily got everything ready, food, games, drinks ETC. When the tent was up, they took all the stuff in and snuggled down to go to sleep. But they weren't tired, they played some board games and talked but then they decided to tell ghost stories, Katrina told the most scariest one. Soon enough Emily needed the lavatory, she told Katrina she would be like two seconds, not literally. While Emily was gone Katrina thought about the story she had told Emily, she had scared herself, as it was about a weird mental person who escaped from the hospital,from the psycho ward, his name was Johnny, when he escaped he murdered twelve women 5 children and 3 babies, with his sledge hammer and knife he stored under his bed in the hospital, the nurses never found it, he was lucky. Katrina soon drifted off to sleep thinking about this story, as Emily was taking a while...

the next morning Katrina woke up in disbelief Because Emily wasn't in the tent, there were two compartments so she zipped hers down and went too look in the other, but Emily was not in that one either, had she not returned to the tent last night? did she get scared? Katrina Thought. She quickly got dressed and had a sip of the lemonade that was under the covers! After she stumbled outside to see if Emily was inside the house. She checked downstairs but Emily was no where to be seen, she clambered up the stairs and went into Emily's room but Emily wasn't there, she checked in the bathroom but she wasn't there either. She knocked on her mum and dads bedroom door and asked if she was sleeping in bed with her mum or if her mum had seen her last night! but her mum replied ''wasn't she in the tent with you?'' Katrina said ''she was in the tent but then she said she needed the toilet! I fell asleep then woke up this morning and she wasn't there, I've checked all the room's and the compartments in the tent but she is not there!''

they searched and searched but they couldn't find Emily anywhere, 'she must have ran off somewhere! ill call the police' said her mum! her dad checked the tent again then stated taking it down , Katrina and Emily's mum were talking about Emily, when they heard a scream coming from the back garden they both ran out and Emily's dad was standing there crying and screaming as they all stared in disbelief at Emily's Tore, Smashed and Cut up body behind the tent. The police arrived and they showed him the dissembled body, the police replied ' I think I know who it was, a man from a hospital escaped from a mental ward last night, He was carrying a sledge hammer and a knife, we didn't track him down, it was only from the hospital across the road though, I think it was him, I'm sorry, he is going to be killed when we find him! don't worry.' Emily's Mum had a heart attack a few days later and died, being buried next to her daughter, while Katrina lay at night thinking about that night that Emily Was smashed up and put behind the tent, Lying Right next to her head.

So, did Katrina's made up ghost story come true? Well we don't know, we never got to question Katrina as she died a year later being slashed, smashed and hung on the washing line of her house, by the same man! So he didn't die... or did he?

Sent in by LauraNSoph, Copyright 2010

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