Monday, December 13, 2010

Message from the Other Side of Heaven

Ok me and my friends were home alone. We were bored senseless and we had nothing to do. I looked for something to do on a big bookshelf sitting next to the TV whilst Janna was watching it. I found a Ouija Board. "Hey I found something we can do" I said not knowing what it is. I knew it was some sort of black magic but I really didn't believe it.

We both sat around in a circle with the lights off and candles lit for we can see. Janna went first. Nothing really happened so I gave it a shot. It spelled out the word KILL. We all started laughing then... something bit me! (I still have the bite marks for proof) and then I started getting freaked out. I was worried that we were messing with Satan which is something we should NEVER EVER do. We kept playing it until something threw me across the room and made a dent in the wall with me! We were scared we prayed that we would be ok because we really didn't want to die.

I was praying to God that we don't die and Janna was sitting in the corner senseless and out of space. I went over to her, whispered her name, nothing happened. I tried the same thing minutes later still nothing happened. The third time I tried it she snapped at me like a pit bull. I could tell by the look in her eyes that she was NOT kidding around with me. Her eyes are blue but they had turned black. I started praying some more. I went crazy after about 2 minutes later.

Janna was still sitting in outer space and I looked at her and prayed that she would come out of it. She never did. I dint know what to do mom and dad went home cant call the police cant call any of moms friends they would all think that were joking. I stayed calm. Janna headed towards the Ouija Board and she let it guide her. It spelled out SATAN and then I ran for my life. I took the Ouija Board and though it in the garbage. I ran back to grab Janna. She was still in shock but she was running with me. We had no where to go. We hid underneath our porch while I was thinking of somewhere we could run.

I decided we would run 3 miles to Manson's house. (Manson is a good friend of ours.) We ran as fast as our legs can carry us. When we got there I banged of the door and Manson answered. "What are you doing here this late" I told him and he said we should stay the night at his house that night. That's exactly what we did. We laid Janna down in his bed and me and Manson talked. I told him what was going on. He kind of beloved me. I had proof that something bit me. He believed me now. It was a long cold night for me, Janna and Manson.

We were all scared now because Manson dint want us or himself to die. Me and Manson stayed up all night talking about what we were going to do. We cant kill the demon or whatever it was because its all ready dead. We cant call the police because they will thinks its a prank call and non of our parents were home. We were all out of ideas. Me and Manson sat across from each other legs crossed thinking of what to do. Nothing seemed to work when all of a sudden we hear this big BOOM! sound. It scared me and Manson out of our pants. We got up in a hurry and looked around to see what was there. We found nothing. I went in the bedroom to check on Janna she was fine. Now something wasn't right. We just crashed on the couch since we were REALLY tired and in the morning nothing was wrong. Nothing went BOOM! and Janna was fine but we since we did the Ouija Board nothing was the same since...

Sent in by Jasmine, Copyright 2010


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