Monday, December 13, 2010

Demon in the CR Classroom and Drama Class

Okay so my first story are both true, I have no reason to make this up.I'm currently in 11th grade, and these accorded back in 9th grade. Okay so me and my friends who I will call BJ, Amanda, Amber, Troy, Berry, and Don. We were all in our creative writing class, it was the end of the semester. We all felt like having some fun, Amanda thought of making a Ouija board. We all agree cause we pretty much thought it would be b/s cause we were in a high school. So we played along and used a ring for the pointer. We started asking if there was anything there, all of a sudden the ring moved to yes, we kinda laughed it off cause we thought Amanda had moved it herself. so we asked are you a ghost? the response we got back was yes, then it spelled out g-a-t-e-k-e-e-p-e-r. I was freaked out so I stopped and sat in a chair near them cause I wanted to watch, so we asked for a sign to show they were their. All of a sudden don fell out of the chair to the floor. I ran over to him and asked him what was wrong, he was so freaked out he could barely breath, his mom was the teacher so she laughed it off and went on with whatever she did. He grabbed on to me like a scared child and whispered it hit me it hit me, he just kept saying it over and over. I really freaked out then. I started to make them stop but I was stopped when I felt a sharp pain on my shoulder when we moved my shirt there was a huge print on my shoulder that looked like a hand with claws. Everyone had something happen to them but my friend Troy got the worst, the demon, we have no idea how he did this but, Troy ended up with about five huge puncture wounds on his chest near his heart. I can remember how scared we were, after that we did everything to get rid of it. Amanda never really seemed upset. but I cant tell you one thing, I still shake uncontrollably when I think of it.

Well after that whole thing I got them in my drama class in the next term.We all were happy to be together, and stuff. Amanda had kept the paper Ouija board, as a joke I guess. But she wasn't joking about using it on stage. We had a project for class to think of scary stories, so we were going to reenact the classroom thing. well Amanda wanted to really use the board again, everyone said yes other than me and don. Who wanted nothing to do with it but just sat there, Well we started acting we asked if anyone was there, the ring from before went to yes, then we asked who are you it spelled j-a-s-o-n we asked him what happened to you I-w-a-s-h-you-n-g. we looked around and said in here? it went to yes. We started asking him stuff like why and such he told us he was bullied and never wanted to deal with it anymore. Right before we ended our "play" which the teacher thought we weren't really using it. We said ok we're going to close this he spelled out g-a-t-e-k-e-e-p-e-r-s-b-a-c-k. then we all freaked out and looked around we heard this loud scream and the desk we were using was thrown from the stage and into the floor about ten feet away. We closed it and we all sat down and shook with fear. nothing has every been so scary!

Sent in by Arabella, Copyright 2010

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