Friday, December 17, 2010

Doll Comes to Life at Night

My little sister's 7th birthday is today and we went to Wal-Mart to go shopping for her. My parents were doing something else so they gave me money and I went to buy a present. I was strolling through the girl toys when I found this baby doll. She had a white bonnet on with pink pajamas. It was a special sales day, so I decided to buy it. There were a lot of other girl things but my sister is really into dolls. So I bought the doll and I took it home and wrapped it. My parents were home because they were planning a special surprise party for her.

So my sister came home from her friends house at around 6:00 and we had cake and ice cream then we opened presents. Her last present was mine. She opened it and gasped, and she hugged me and said she will take good care of it. Well, she never departed from it. She carried it wherever she went. She even took it to school and let it sit on her desk. Every night I hear her talking to it, like she has a special relationship with it that she made up. She falls asleep at about 10:00 every night. This is when the weird stuff starts happening.

My sister put the doll in her doll's crib, but when she woke up, the doll wasn't in the crib and she was on her desk. She got mad at ME because she thought I moved her. But I said I never went into her room. So she just took the doll and went downstairs.

The next night, I heard her in her room moaning and groaning because she was uncomfy. (Our rooms are right next door) when she woke up, she was IN the doll crib and the doll was on the desk again. She hopped out and put the doll in her crib and said, "You have to stay in there for the night!" That was the first time she left her doll there. The next night we all woke up to a beeping sound. There was smoke EVERYWHERE. Me and my sister ran downstairs and my dad was putting out a stove fire. We were cleaning up when we found, the doll in the remains of the fire. It had lost its paint, its eyes, and its arm melted off. My sister started crying because she really loved her doll and it was like a sister to her. So we threw the doll out. My sister then bought a new doll. She named it Emily again. She made up an even better relationship with her new doll then the other one. Well, the other doll must have gotten mad, because when she woke up, the burned doll was in the crib, and her good new one was missing.

So after this weirdness, my sister lost interest in dolls. She is now 14. But in the attic there is still the burnt doll. Every night upstairs we hear like light footsteps and voices. We rarely go up in the attic anymore but she will never forget her 7th birthday.

Sent in by Danny (Storm), Copyright 2010

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