Monday, December 13, 2010

Ghost Girl at My Party

One night I had a sleepover. I told all my friends to come. It was going to be a fun night, because everybody I invited came.

It wasn't too long before things started getting out of hand. We were watching some videos on the internet, when suddenly we hear a smash in the kitchen. We all ran upstairs and we saw mom's 1,000 dollar jewelry set knocked on the floor. The shattered diamonds lost its sparkle. I heard someone coming downstairs, and it was my mom. She said, "Oh my gosh, how did they get knocked off onto the floor?" Then my little sister came down and said,"What was that?" Mom said, "Nothing, just go to bed honey."

So my mom went to bed then we went back downstairs. We were walking to the computer, then stopped, when we all felt this uneasy stalking feeling. Emma, my friend, was like, "Hey, Cynth, is someone following us?" We all turned around and got the chills. All we saw is the dark staircase with the echo of metal.

Suddenly, my sister came running down the steps, crying. She went over to me and said, "Where's mommy!!!" I told her she went to bed. She jumped into my arms and I said, "What is going on, what happened?" She told me she was brushing her teeth in the bathroom and in the mirror she saw a ghost girl. She described her, and said she had long black hair, and she was holding a doll, she was wearing a white nightgown. She motioned her to come to her. She asked if she could sleep with us. I said sure.

So we went upstairs to my bedroom, my friends slept in their sleeping bags and my sister slept in my bed with me.

We were in our beds, and we hear someone coming up the steps. And we hear the footsteps getting closer to my room. My sister was getting under the covers and I said, don't worry it's probably just mom. My doorknob was jiggling back and forth for a while when it finally opened. My sister, hoping it was mom, jumped out of the bed. But no one was there.

I got up and shut the door, and turned on cartoons for my sister because she was terrified. We were watching TV, when suddenly we heard the sound of someone running their fingers down a mirror.

I went into the bathroom and saw a bloody handprint on the mirror. I told my friends and my sister to come downstairs. So we went to the basement when suddenly we heard a wood noise. I was like, oh my gosh now what?! I went into the back room and I couldn't believe what I just saw. In fact, EVERYONE saw it. It was the ghost girl that my sister described. She was behind the boarded up room, shaking the wood, like she was in jail rattling the bars or something. That was it. My sister screamed as loud as she could. We were all scared, so we moved the party to Emmy's house.

But a rumor at our house says that a girl got stuck in the house in a fire, and died in there. It could be the spirit of the little girl.

Sent in by Cynthia, Copyright 2010

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