Friday, December 17, 2010

Interview With Immortal Vampire

1. Are you immortal or do you only live for a long time? Example: 200-300 years?

After I was turned, over my lifeless body and as I awoke to a craving – it seemed as if hours turn into days into weeks into years… into even centuries… For me its seems like I’ve lived forevermore rather than a “long time”. But it varies. Not all of my kind are immortal.

2. Is it painful to get turned into a vampire?

For me, I felt the sharpness yes… But it was like a numbing sensation that had almost left me lifeless.

3. Do all vampires have fangs? Or get fangs when they feed?

Not all vampires have fangs, because not all require blood. There are vampires who also feed off of energy. As for those who do require blood, such as myself, our fangs are rarely seen… unless you’re a donor.

4. Does sunlight hurt you or are you just more sensitive to sunlight then humans?

No, sunlight does not hurt us… nor does it result in us bursting into flames or dust. For me at least, it is simply bothersome to my vision and aura. Therefore, I feed mostly at night.

5. Do you kill humans to feed or do you have donors?

Yes, we may be heartless beings… but that doesn’t mean we’re killers. A majority of us find ways to lure in donors.

6. Do vampires have pale and cold skin?

For me, I’m not as pale as death… though I do have fairly light skin. Slightly colder than others, yes.

7. Do all vampires look attractive to humans?

We tend to look “younger” and mysterious yes… but only because it is a partial mechanism towards luring in donors.

8. Are all vampires slim or look well trained?

Slim or well trained yes–referring back to the last question, again, it is a partial mechanism towards luring in donors.

9. Does the body or appearance of a vampire change over the years?

Well, depending on how young we are when we are changed–that is our eternal limit. In other words, we stay the same age we are the same time and day we are changed.

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  1. now that im here i dont know where to start....well, do all vampires live up north? i really dont see or hear to many of yall around ga...or futher south but i guss its the does get hot around here..

  2. Wow I really want to meet a real one I don't want to die but changed would be awesome. I think if ur real how does existance feel

  3. Someone come bite me. I want to be an immortal vampire.



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